Help with expiring products

Advice I’ve found pertains best to stores with stock which will be back at some point or is in stock for a long period of time then discontinued…
My issue is a little different…. Large scale items, each individual, high dollar, and gone for good when sold… maybe in a day, maybe in a year.
Currently 8,000 plus in the database..

They are cars at We take datafeeds from 100+ car dealers and upload vehicles ourselves for many others who don’t have websites.
The datafeeds up date each night, and sold cars will be removed, cars they’ve taken in will be added… so my product pages can change every night.
I have Geo-landing pages showing vehicles around a particular town. We are regional, not nationwide.

Here’s the issue – prior to a recent SEO overhaul, Google was indexing many of our vehicle details page. These are now creating 404′s, 500′s or sometimes
soft redirects… whenever the vehicle has been sold and removed from the database. My question is, as I continue SEO improvements, what’s the best way
to deal with these regularly expiring vehicle details pages?

Here are some ideas…. you may have others:
NOINDEX all vehicle details page, and hope some particulars of specific cars and trucks are picked up on my GEO and upcoming MAKE and MODEL pages. PROBLEM
I really want to index as much as possible… giving someone the exact car that shows up in SERPS would be great.

404′s to a custom 404 page saying ‘hey, sorry, that oneps gone, but click below to search again… yada yada. PROBLEM is these detail pages, once indexed,
seem to stay available for a long time…. over time, I’d have far more bad links than good ones out there in the index.

Could we do a dynamically generated Meta Unavailable_after tags on all vehicle details pages with a date a few days after it’s created….
When Googled crawls to index, it would see a date out there few days and at least have those details pages indexed for a while….
Since it would be a short while, some links would still 404 sometimes, but most would be good until the available date. I could resubmit a new
site map daily if it helped.

Clearly, I’m still a newbie here, and only have fuzzy grasp on all this, so forgive the stupid parts of the question. Currently, all vehicle details pages are NOINDEXED.
Any thought appreciated!

TLD .eg vs for Egypt

Hello Folks,
I have an Egyptian project in hand for which I am planning the digital marketing from scratch.
So, I want to have a .eg or domain name as my tld.

Which one do you think is better and why? .eg or
1. Some of the most trusted Egyptian sites are on .eg
2. They are many sites doing well with
3. .eg seems very costly 250 USD / year for a domain registration.
4. is longer by 4 chars and costs about 70 USD / year.

Link to clone content

I have a question, what happens if I:

- Write a good content on a comment on site Y
- I copy the content (written by me) in a post on my website X (adding / changing only a few words)
- I add a link to my post editing the comment (on site Y)

The questions are:

- What will Google do? Who will rank better in your opinion (excluding all the other ranking factors)?
- Can I get penalized for the cloned content or not?

Thanks to all will reply to me :)

why i am losing my rankings and my 7 years success


I am Seo specialist and my website is Non English and for some very competitive keywords i was 1st rank on google
for about 5 years some times my website was on 2nd and 3rd position but my average position during this years was 1.5

my site is not English but my keyword equals in English Are : seo , search engine optimization , webdesign, professional web design and many long tails

but it is about 3 months that i am losing my ranks , for some keywords i on page 2 now and i do not know why!!!

i have more articles from my competitors that are all originally written by me and +1500 words
i have more backlinks from my competitors all related backlinks
my site have more trust rank and authority from them
i am using ssl and my domain is 7 years old
i do on page seo and pages are linked internal and external
w3c and code errors are fixed and schema codes are added to site
site is mobile friendly with good page speed

there is no unusual traffic or backlinks as i check with ahrefs and analytics
i try to build link from high authority websites in my country

but nothing is getting better and i am losing ranks day after day!!!

i cannot find what is the problem with y website and why i am losing everything

please help e if you have any idea that may help me

Link Path Importance

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the importance of link paths. Let’s say I have a page called services that shows eight different service types on that page. EI:

Service 1
Service 2
Service 3
Service 4
Service 5
Service 6
Service 7
Service 8

If someone clicks on a service then I want them to go to that specific service page. Would it be better to have them go to:


I was unsure if either option offered more significant SEO benefits.


Low Quality Backlink Websites

Hi There!
I have a theme submission on envato and facing spam traffic issue, other low quality websites post my theme as nulled/ crack version on their own websites.
the problem with my traffic is, that i’m unable to block that spammy domain directly from webmaster or with robots etc, because i have a theme submission on envato.
with google analytics filter i can only remove traffic from google analytics but how can i block them to my theme link?
please give suggestions
Thank you!

/category/ taxonomies – hurting SEO?


I know Taxonomies can be really beneficial for SEO if structured correctly, but I’ve got an issue that’s a common pattern at the moment conerning /category/service/service-name taxonomies:

The taxonomy /category/services/service-name has no content other than a link to the service page which is

I’m getting duplicate page titles here, and I’m also concerned that these pages are being indexed and could come across as thin content pages.

Current solution I’m thinking of is to noindex the /category/services/service-name version.

Any thoughts on this?

Taxonomies are always a confusing subject area for me as to what helps and what doesn’t.