ranked for unselected keyword, ehat to do?

I setup a page to rank for "Florida Concealed Carry Permit" but the page ranks at 132. Yet google is ranking the page at 11 for "Florida concealed carry reciprocity map" so should I just change the optimization to that keyword?
Google seems to have associated my website with maps as that was the first main article (4000+ words) I wrote. Anyway the keyword the page is ranking for gets far less traffic than the one i wanted to rank for. But rather than fight google should I just optimize for what they want o rank my page for?

Advice to help ranking on a single keyword

Hi there,

Just wondering what efforts can I do to increase the ranking of my website. I am currently number 3 under the keyword "bin collection cork" on google.ie

I understand they have older websites, but they have terrible websites. I have updated the meta descriptions/titles/keywords throughout the website to try compete.

I appreciate any advice.



Multiple websites in the same industry

I have managed to rank my own local business website on page 1 for quite a few location keywords and have a colleague wanting my help to get his own website ranking better.

We both have exactly the same business operating in similar locations offering the same services. There is plenty of work and room for both of us on page one.

How can I create a website for him that is similar to mine and still keep them both unique?

My site has 4 suburb pages and 4 services pages and I intend to do the same for my friend but I’m having difficulty helping him out without duplicating my own site which will not help either of us.

New HTTPS Site


We are currently building a new website to replace our current one. The current site is HTTP and the new site will be HTTPS.
We have been trying to make sure that all the URLs on the new site will be exactly the same as on the old site. But is this actually neccessary? Because we will be redirecting all the old URLs to the new URLs anyway due to the HTTP/HTTPS switch. So if the URls arent exactly the same does it really matter?