Change host and web site but keep current ranking

Hello everyone,

I am going to create a new website on another hosting but I will keep the domain name and the pages content with small differences.
Is there a way that I don’t lose my current ranking because I am having a good page rank for some of my keywords and pages. I have read somewhere that I should do a redirect for the website.
Should I create the new pages of my website with the same name also?

What would you recommend me to do?

Work for your audience

From the last couple of days, i am chasing a thread that is about PBNs, then certainly Chadders has shared a link at How 16 Companies are Dominating the World’s Google Search Results that tells about how some sites are dominating in Google searches from many years. Even there are many things of these sites that seem to be redflags but still these sites are generating huge organic traffic.

It doen’t means that I am saying we should stop work on our sites those are strugling for ranking organically but we would need to think out of box try to figure out what all are the other plateform where we can influence our audiences. That is totally upto you.

What is your call?

Possible Google Algo Tweak for PBN’s

Been seeing a few threads about ranking losses. Just got a few emails this very day….

Seems that Google has possibly tweaked the Penguin. It appears that they are targeting, finding PBN’s. This would be no surprise to me.

Apparently it’s the Black Hat Community that has labeled this one, lol… seems the pbn creators are a little pissed.

All of you folks asking about pbn’s and how best to take advantage of a site with them.. Read on .. Now you see just one of the many reasons we caution against using PBN’s.
I received the follow via following link. I suggest you go read the article, then also read the bhw link in the article. LOL… some are really pissed !…pbn-23358.html

Do I need to worry about bad links?

So now that Google only ignore spammy links rather than penalise them, do I need to worry about the bad links? We are always getting links from horrible websites. Such as –

Scarlet Red |
URL Shack Web Directory

So can I just ignore these links now, or should I still try to remove them? We have a lot of these sort of links on our link profile and the list grows every week.


Country switcher

Hi guys

In my tool to track Backlinks, I noticed that our website has more than 12k backlinks, but only 85 unique domains referring to it.

The explanation is fairly simple. We provide a country switch to send users to their preferred country. The switch contains 6 other countries, like this:

  • (NL_NL)
  • (FR_FR)
  • (FR_BE)
  • (FR_LU)
  • (DE_DE)
  • (DE_AT)

Now I start seeing that every page on those respective websites generates a backlink to

This does not result in a manual penalty by Google, but I’m sure doesn’t look natural (although it actually is).

Any suggestions on the matter? Leave it like this? rel="nofollow"? Completely different approach?


Don’t go down the rabbit hole: Use room READMEs

If Alice had had a README to reference down in Wonderland, she wouldn’t have had to figure out what “Eat me” and “Drink me” would lead to via trial and error. Same goes in HipChat. Ever entered a room and not known its purpose? Or not known if you’re meant to be there? Room READMEs solve this.

So what are Room READMEs, you ask? And what benefits do they provide in a HipChat room?

A README is a file containing information about other files in an archive, directory, or website. Think of it as a file containing all the information you need to know in order to use the other files (or website, or whatever) correctly—kind of like the list of policies in a library, or perhaps a how-to guide.

Our twist on READMEs gives you the perfect place to explain the room you’re in—what it’s for, what the rules are, contact information, relevant links, whatever you need to make sure its members can get the most out of it.

And accessing it is simple: just click on the button in your right sidebar. To create or edit the README, click the Edit button in the lower right corner. A rich text editor will pop up, allowing you to format it the way you want (it even supports emoticons!):

HipChat readmeThen click Save, and you’re done! From then on, just click on the Room README button in the right sidebar to access it.HipChat readme integration

Information at your fingertips—what’s better than that?

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Huge ranking drop

Hi all,

We experienced huge ranking drops with Le Duc Detail & Styling.
For example with the URL Ramen blinderen | Kwaliteit voor scherpe prijzen.

It happened since some technical activities, like IIS speed module in the website, URL rewrite (without the numbers in URL), meta refresh came into the website instead of 301-redirect…, canonicals we’re wrong.
Because of the ranking drop I asked the programmer to reverse everything back to how it was before the ranking drop.

But it didn’t helped to get the rankings back…
Do you guys see some strange technical SEO-issues in the website?

Thanks in advance!

Is important for SEO???

Hi to all,

When I check Seoquake this is the warning message I receive. Should I resolve this considering it is important for SEO or should I ignore it.

However I would like to know what does this mean….

Error Message
Your page does not utilize markup.
You can validate your markup with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

Thanks in advance


What happens in practice with 410′s?

Recently i corrected an issue in the dispatcher of my website where 410′s were returned for older uri’s that i planned to 301 to the new name.

As an example:

/italy/nice-house/ would need to 301 to /search/italy/nice-house/

My question is how google handles these kind of errors; is there a kind of try-again pattern provided? Or is the index updated immediatly (effectively removing these pages obviously….)


What needs to be done if "Keyword" got stuck in SERP?

Hey Webmasters, Hope you all are good and doing great! As always, I am here for help and like always, hope I will not go empty handed this time around too. Actually, I am working on my client website from 4 months, which sells slimming belt and my main keyword is “sweat slim belt” domain is sweatslimbeltindia(dot)com , and I have to rank this keyword on "Google (dot)Co(dot) in" for this keyword. The problem is that this website is a single product, that’s why it has few number of pages, as far as I think I am trying my best to optimize it for the content in my website and building links for the same.

It was ranking well and its keywords were showing growth in the initial stage, but from the past 1 month my main keyword get stuck in the 14th position for main keyword “sweat slim belt” and showing no sign of improvement as this keyword isn’t that competitive. I am in a bizarre state now and don’t know what needs to be done to turn the table. Should I stop building links from this website for some day? Should I change its content? Or anything else. Please enlighten me on this topic and if possible show me a way to tackle this situation. !! Thanks