AdWords – Account Level Quality Score

Hi guys,

I recently added a new campaign with new keywords and new text ads, to my account. I had these questions; How does Google attribute QS to new keywords in new campaigns with new ads? Does the QS of my older keywords affect the QS of the new ones?

I know that expected CTR, ad relevance and landing landing page experience are part of the algorythm for keywords QS. So, I decided to search for Account Level Quality Score. That’s what I found. The account level quality score was supposed to be an average of your overall keywords quality score (Google denied the existance of such metric). Google reported in their whitepaper on quality score that "There is no such thing as ad group-level, campaign-level or account-level Quality Score.", but also reported that "Instead of measuring new keywords from scratch, we start with info about related ads and landing pages you already have.", which may indicate that your actual performance affect new keywords performance. In 2015, WordStream posted "Sorry, Google, Account-Level Quality Score Still Exists", an article unfortunately without actual research/proof…, saying that the account level quality score exist but is hidden.

I’m still monitoring KWs QS (I’m not deleting KWs based on QS, and if you’re reading this and you’re new to Adwords, I don’t recommend this behavior), but I’m curious. I would like to know if you have recent information on this topic.

Thank you !

HTTPS and Google

I’m sure many of you know this is coming and are planning to act on it:
Google emails warnings to webmasters that Chrome will mark http pages with forms as ‘not secure’

However you have to do more than just go secure.
Google Representative:


When you switch to HTTPS, double check you also switched your tracking and ad scripts to HTTPS, otherwise they’ll be blocked by browsers

Here’s a pretty good guide on all that needs to be done

Good luck!

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I have almost 116.7k traffic on my website. Majority of the traffic is coming from Organic.
I want to know how do I do re-marketing. I have some lists but I believe these lists are not being used effectively.

I would like some expert and serious opinion or a resource material. I want to do it by myself and not want to hire any agency at the moment.

Too much emphasis on page speed?

How much importance should we put on GTMetrix and G Pagespeed results?

My wordpress site usually fully loads on average in about 2 seconds (varies 1.8s to 3s but mostly closer to lower end) and time to first byte is almost always about 1 second.

GTMetrix results PS is ~93% and YS is ~80% without cache plugin (W3TC) and increases to 96% & 97% with W3TC optimised. Loading times hardly change. Ironically the remaining issues with cache plugin installed are JS files from W3TC delaying first contact. This is backed up by G pagespeed results.

Should I be concerned with 2 seconds load time for a small business website on a shared server just to get better G pagespeed scores or is this an acceptable time for a site visitors UX