Can live chat increase conversions?

I’m not talking about a website in specific, it can be a normal websites for an offline business, an affiliate one or an e-commerce shop.

I’ve been reading about it for a while, and I’m curious to see if it is really worth it or not.

I’ve read that internet markets like Neil Patel vouch for it, saying that it can increase your conversion rate by 45% (source).

I’m aware that customer support is essential for any business, be it offline or online, and live chat seems like the perfect fast channel.

I’ve been looking for different options, and so far now I have a top-7: Kayako, Tidio, Olark, PureChat, LiveChat, SnapEngage and Zendesk Chat.

I’m hooked with Kayako right now and I will test it for a while, because I’ve read great reviews. What do you think about it? How well does it compare against the other options I’ve listed?

Your experience will be very valuable for taking the right decision, therefore, don’t hesitate to share it ;)

not getting calls even though got clicks

I am running search network campaign for tourist and business visas.

at first, I tried for call only ads, I couldn’t get calls even though got clicked(Ads)

as per the suggestion of Google customer care, I changed to website traffic and lowered down CPC bid mobile for 70% and increased computer to more.

problem is that even now I am getting more clicks from mobiles rather than a computer… I am not getting any calls…can you suggest me any changes on the website for the betterment.?

till now I got around 35 clicks …but no use for our business

https – Does it make a difference?

We are in the process of a major site update and at the end are considering whether it is worth changing to https rather then just http.

My Question…

Has anyone who has made the change to their website seen any significant impact on rankings? (either positive or negative)

Would really appreciate any feedback

Google my business: How "Listing on Maps" are calculated? They are too high for us!

Hi community,

Our business listing on Google show some unbelievable statistics. According to their insights, we have 21K "Listing on Maps" and 1K "Listing on Search". This is impossible. Have you ever faced this? How these are calculated? There is no way that our business will be searched 20 times more on maps than usual search. Please clarify.