Poor internal linking?

Hi guys,

Analyzing a large e-commerce site 10,000 pages on Magento and not getting much organic traffic to level 3 sub-category pages, the URLs are like:

Primary Keyword Target: BODY MOISTURISERS


Primary Keyword Target: LIP MASKS


Plus another 40 other URLs at level 3 with low organic performance.

Authority of the domain is strong, so it’s not an authority issue I believe its internal linking.

Besides linking form the blog and breadcrumbs is there anything we can do to improve internal linking to these level 3 pages?


To schema or not to schema?

My instinct is if you can, and you think it’s relevant, then add schema markup. However, I find the feedback and approaches from people in the same industry can differ.

Take this directory website: https://goo.gl/F7h6pz
It’s a restaurant/venue website for a specific type of dining.

It has regional pages with 15 listings marked up with restaurant schema, including the deals. For example: https://goo.gl/gC3PxL
The same listings marked up with restaurant schema can also be found under different categories: https://goo.gl/tsrVXk
Individual venue pages have a more in-depth schema markup.

Do you think this is correct?

According to: https://developers.google.com/search…ents-on-a-page
Google says:

Don’t mark up a page that describes "10 best ideas for cooking turkey," with links out to each recipe.

Don’t mark up a page that lists all engineering jobs in Mountain View, CA, with links to individual job pages.

Another website in a similar category uses schema differently, labels an item list with 20 localbusiness types within the list.

Do you think this is a better approach?

Duplicate website pages indexed: Ranking dropped. Does Google checks the duplicate do

Hi all,

Our duplicate website which is used for testing new optimisations got indexed and we dropped in rankings. But I am not sure whether this is exact reason as it happened earlier too where I don’t find much drop in rankings. Also I got replies in the past that it’ll not really impact original website but duplicate website. I think this rule applies to the third party websites. But if our own domain has exact duplicate content; will Google knows that we own the website from any other way we are associated like IP addresses and servers, etc..to find the duplicate website is hosted by us? I wonder how Google treats duplicate content from third party domains and own domains.


Best format for a page of videos

I’m updating a website for better SEO and also to make it responsive. I have a page listing youtube videos of the local attractions for the customers who visit my business. (I give them a courtesy car while I work on their vehicle).

At the moment it is a list of links. Should I embed the videos instead of just a list of links? Which will give me the most juice? The videos might be interesting to people besides my customers. What about a page for each video, maybe with a paragraph or two about the attraction in question? Or is that getting a bit ridiculous?

Click on the white button at the top of the page to go to the video page (I know, the meta stuff is pitiful!): ‘before-n-after.co.uk/day_out1.htm’