Multiple URLs with duplicate content


Here is the issue:
My client has a domain in the format of . This domain was also created in the following format: . The whole ww3 website is a duplication of the www.
All inner pages has the same urls as the primary domain’s pages but with additional parameters.

What is the best action to do:
1) Add <META NAME="Robots" CONTENT="noindex,nofollow"> in HEAD HTML
2) Send 301 – Moved Permanently redirect to the home page and relevant inner pages.
3) In the Robots.txt:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /


Embed in Branded Site or Create New Site?

I have a client who is starting to sell a new product which is related to his other website that has considerable brand identity but no
ecommerce. The new product will target a new customer type (wholesale buyers) with website ordering. The client asks, should I embed
the new product into my current website or should the new product have a standalone website with its own unique domain name?

I have recommended that the new product have a presence on the branded site with a top level menu tab linking to the new product’s
ecommerce site.

Since the new product is related to the products he sells on his branded site, he is asking if his branded site domain name should be part
of the domain name for the new site. Will the established branding benefit the new site?

I would appreciate your thoughts.

Learning about schema – is it better to have inline html or JSON Schema?

I have been digging into schema’s recently. I constantly see different types and they mainly seem to be inline html or JSON. Which method is preferred and better?

One thing I have found challenging is when all of the information is not within the same div. So for example I have.

Which is for a localBusiness point at the url and name


<div id="footer-bottom" itemscope itemtype="">
                        <a href="" itemprop="url"><img src="" id="footer-logo" alt=" | A Website Design Company"></a>
                        <h2 id="bottom-description">An Ohio Web Design Company</h2>
                        <h2 class="hidden" itemprop="name">Example</h2>

But then if I have a div on a different part of the page with my business number/address do I just wrap that in the localBusiness itemtype again or will they be conflicting?

Anyone know how to do the geoCircle?

Any insight on any of this would be helpful.

How to confirm if a site has partial penalty?

Hey guys,

I am working on a website (recently started), its a big website with proper professional content and generates good traffic from Google but only from long tail keywords. It does not rank even in top 100 for any relatively harder keywords. The site is old and has thousands of links.

When I Google our brand name the homepage shows up fine, but when i search any keywords targeted by the homepage the site is not even in top 200. Also if I Google the exact same text on title of the homepage, the page shows up on #180-200. I think it was penalized in 2013, there is no record of it but the traffic dropped around penguin update so that maybe the cause.

But seeing all that, does that mean the site has partial penalty? will it ever recover?

So dodgy SEO techniques are working again?

Hey guys,

One of my competitors ranks #1 for a relatively competitive keyword…checking their links profile I can see they have 301 redirects from unrelated domains, those domains have links from some strong health websites. My competitor is in car selling business and have nothing to do with health. Somehow Google loves this technique lol.

On the other hand I’ve been building links from high quality relevant blogs (full blog posts) and my site is not even in top 100…my site is old with thousands of links to it.

"editors" or "editing"

I am redesigning my site which provides editing services to users and access to freelance editors. I am stuck on a conundrum but think I have discovered the key to my keyword selection for use in my drop down menus. The question I keep bumping into is whether to use "editors’ as the keyword term or "editing."

For example, should the top level menu item be "Nonfiction Editing Services" or "Nonfiction Editors"? The link will take the user to a site serp with a list of profiles of freelancers who have selected "Nonfiction editing" and or "Nonfiction Editor" as a "tag" for their profile AND the term shows up in their profile text, their page title etc.

OK, so my possible solution to this problem came while writing this question so I may have answered my own question. The vague term "novel editing" could refer to a user search for information on how to edit novels or the process of novel editing, which is not a primary focus of my site. So, I am leaning toward using the "editors" term rather than "editing" except for specific terms such as "novel editing services" in which case the user is most likely looking for the services of a novel editor and the site serp will be very relevant.

I would appreciate any and all insight into the problem and or my solution.