Img Alt Tags?

Hello Friends,

I am working on a website that has got 12 images. I want to use Img alt tags.

I need to know how can I go about putting IMG ALT tags.

Do I have to put 12 Different Keywords in the Img Alt tags?

VERY IMPORTANT: The page structure is like this –> 12 Images
""/residences.html —> 12 Images
""/residences1.html –> 12 Images
""/residences2.html –>12 images
""/residences3.html –> 8 Images

How can I manage Images on this structure …. Do I have to do SEO for all the Pages?


Get the party started! How to use ChatOps for party planning

cakeWhether celebrating a birthday, holiday, or product launch, work parties are a great way to blow off some steam and bond with teammates. But for those planning the party, it’s not always as stress-free. This holiday season, we have an easier way for you to plan your office party: ChatOps.

ChatOps is the art and science of streamlining your workflow by using chat as the command center from which you run your business. It’s the perfect solution for putting together more fun things, too—and HipChat has several features you can take advantage of to make your party a runaway success!

Get the gang together

Like business itself, successfully getting a party off the ground is a team effort. But of course, the more people involved in planning, the more essential it is to have a centralized place to share ideas and tasks. That’s where HipChat rooms and Alias Bot come in.

As with any other kind of project, having a room specific to the party planning helps you stay focused and up-to-date with the latest developments. When team members add something to the room, everyone can see what’s being discussed at the same time.

HipChat roomIt’s so much easier than going through a ridiculous number of emails in an email chain. Nobody has time for that.

And the bigger the party, the more likely that there’s a larger task force and groups within the group. Creating a group mention with Alias Bot helps with that! HipChat Alias integrationSay you’ve got one subgroup that’s in charge of catering (or cooking), one in charge of decorating, and one in charge of entertainment. Create aliases for each of these, and everyone can know when and where to really pay attention.

Do (allthethings) together

We talk a lot about our beloved HipBots, but one bot you may not know about is our To-Do Bot. This industrious little bot keeps track of one of the simplest, yet most useful tools of all: the to-do list. (Y’know, in case that wasn’t obvious by its name.)

To get your to-do list started, click on the integration in the right sidebar. HipChat To-Do integrationYou can either click on “Create a Task” or use the slash command /todo to put items on the list.

HipChat To-Do integrationYou can also click “Assign” and assign the task to one of your teammates.

HipChat To-Do integrationTick the boxes as you complete each task, and To-Do will record that, as well.

HipChat To-Do integration

Easy-peasy! Now you won’t miss a single detail—and whether it’s for work or for fun, getting every detail together is what elevates your collaborations from “great” to “epic”.

Keep your stuff together

Of course, you can’t very well get an event off the ground without organization, and part of being organized is keeping everything you need in an easily accessible place. Files, images, fliers, recipes, the “pin the tail on the donkey” poster design—whatever you need to get your party going, it’s helpful not to have to search all over everywhere to find it.

First, keep your own files together with our Google Drive integration made by TOPDOX. It allows you to access your Google Drive right from HipChat, no separate browser window or extra sign-in necessary.HipChat right sidebarThen you can share your files and links with the rest of your team right in your HipChat room, and the right sidebar will keep them all together in one spot. You won’t have to search the whole chat history to find them again, freeing up more minutes to check off all those items you recorded with To-Do Bot.

Bring it all together

Standup reports are the agile way to catch up with your team and let them know where you are, what you’ve done, and what you’re doing next—and party planners can make use of them, too. What tasks did you complete? How did you accomplish them? How many bottles of cider are you going to order? All very important questions to answer.

Use the /standup command and type in your standup report, and Standup Bot will record them and put them all into your sidebar for you and your teammates to review at any time, separate from the larger (and probably somewhat less linear) conversation happening in your room.

HipChat Standup integrationThis ensures that everyone always knows what’s going on with everyone else, which is a must when you’re trying to organize a big event.


HipChat is, among other things, great for making work fun. It can also make fun, well, more fun! See for yourself how much more convivial life can be with HipChat—because no matter the season, there’s always a reason to celebrate.


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Rankings effected from malware

Hi all,

Not posted on here in a very long time.

One of my websites was infected with malware. I cleaned up the site, restored from a previous uninfected backup and requested a review from Google using the link in the search console.

Google emailed today to say the review was successful and that the warnings visible to users are being removed.

My site is now accessible without any warnings, however, my rankings have seriously dropped and have not returned. Is this normal? Will the rankings return or do I need to do anything else?

Many thanks for the advice guys.


Robots.txt on a WordPress site?

Hi all.

I have only recently discovered that our robot.txt file was disallowing bots from visiting the WordPress site, this is what it looked like before.



Is there anything that I should change within the robot.txt file? and would it be okay to place this across all of our domains? they are all wordpress sites.

Thanks in advance.

Reviews & ratings schema in SEPRs

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience getting star ratings to appear in SERPs?
Our client has a Feefo account with some great reviews so I’m just trying to find out if its possible to get them to be included.

I know there is Schema code for ‘Product’ and ‘Review’ but I wanted to see if any of the experts here have any first hand experience in getting star ratings added.

This kind of thing…

Many thanks!