Yahoo! Messenger for Mac update now available

An updated version of Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0 is now available for download from the Yahoo! Messenger website.

This latest version,, includes a bug fix for display image issues, as well as a crash bug fix.

Download Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0

As always, we welcome your feedback about this latest version. To submit your feedback, go to the Help menu in Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0 and select “Send Feedback” to get started.

Sarah Bacon
Product Manager

New: Quickly save links to Delicious from Yahoo! Messenger

This week we launched a new integration with, Yahoo!’s handy bookmark storage and sharing service.

Now when you send or receive a link in an IM conversation, you can easily save it to your Delicious account and share it with friends. Here’s how it works…

Imagine that during an IM conversation, a friend sends you a link that you want to save. It could be a cool new website, important driving directions or a memorable video.

To save it, hover your mouse on the hyperlinked web address and look for a small “Bookmark” button nearby. Click it and a window will open up where you can enter and save details about the link to your Delicious account.

You can enter in notes about the link (“Where Sarah stayed in New Zealand”) as well as tags that will help other Delicious users find your link (new zealand, eco resort, four stars).

If you already have an account with Delicious, you may need to first visit to link it to your Yahoo! ID. But if you’re new to Delicious, you can create your account using your Yahoo! ID right in Yahoo! Messenger.

Delicious is not just a place to store your bookmarks, it’s also a place to see what’s hot and trending and find other Yahoo! users that are into your favorite websites. But you can use Delicious just as a private place to store your bookmarks. When saving a link, just click the “Mark as Private” box.

Yahoo! Messenger also supports the sharing of updates. So when you save a link to Delicious, your friends will see your latest update in Yahoo! Messenger, on their profile page, in Yahoo! Mail etc. It’s a great way to share what sites you’re into at the moment. You can always turn off Delicious updates on the Manage My Updates page on your Yahoo! profile.

The Yahoo! Messenger / feature is available to users on Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 and 10. So what are you waiting for? Go try it out and start sharing your favorite links with friends.

Sarah Bacon
Product Manager

Updated version of Yahoo! Messenger 10 now available

Today we released an updated version of Yahoo! Messenger 10 (version

This latest release includes several security enhancements. You can download the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger 10 from our website.

And as always, we welcome feedback about your experience with the product. Just go to the Help menu in Yahoo! Messenger 10 and select “Send Feedback…” to get started.

Sarah Bacon
Product Manager