Oh no

When i was a kid,the things i did where hidden under the grid,

young and naive,i never believed that love could be so well hid

with regret i'm will to bet that they say the older you get it get harder to forgive and harder to forget

its get under your shit like a dagger @ work

the first cut is the deepest,but the rest still fucking hurt

you build your heart of plastic,you're cynical and sarcastic and end up in the corner on your own.

Cause i love to feel loved but i can't stand the rejection,i hide behind my jokes and a form of protection,

i thought i was close but under futher protection its seems i've been running in the wrong direction

oh no…

We’re hiring!

We just started hiring for a few positions that are going to have a huge impact on the future of our product. Our recent acquisition by Atlassian means we’ve upgraded to a beautiful new office in San Francisco filled with smart people, beer, and dogs. We’d love for you to join our small team (unless you’re really good at ping-pong, we have plenty of those people), so take a look:

  • Infrastructure Engineer – This person will help us design, build, and maintain a rock-solid infrastructure for hundreds of thousands of chatters.
  • iOS & OSX Developer – A native OSX app has been on our roadmap for a while and we’re looking for an experienced dev to make it great.
  • Windows & Android Developer – Believe it or not, Windows is our most common platform. We’re going to be making a beautiful app for these users as well. Ideally this person is interested in doing Android app development as well.

If you’re interested in any of these positions (or various combinations of them, please apply using the links on the Atlassian site). And if you know someone who’s a good fit we’d love to pay you for your referral!



Yes, you’ll even get a your own cartoon character. :)

Scheduled maintenance this Saturday at 10PM PST

We’ll be upgrading one of our main databases this Saturday, March 24th at 10PM PST for about 10 minutes. During this time our website will be unavailable and users will not be able to sign in to chat. However, if you’re already signed in when we begin the maintenance you’ll be able to keep chatting.

We have grown tremendously in the past few months and need to perform this upgrade to keep everything running smoothly. Thanks for your patience!

Update 10:15pm: All set. Everything went very smoothly.

Dear lover,

You are the most importand part of my life,

You come in to my life and you complete me.

You give me a reason to live because you make me understand the purpose of life

you found me when i was lost,and you love me when i was not deserve to be love

I never think live could be so beautiful.

I never dreamed of finding an angel

I have always been in the dark. But then you come along

You give me chill everytime you said you love me. I know i love you back because my life havent been the same since i meet you. You are the most beautiful woman on the planet and having you in my life make me feel like i a'm the luckiest guy around.

I dont know if im dreaming or if this this real. But if this is a dream im praying that i dont wake up because i cant efford to be apart from you.I can not imagine my life without you. You are my future. You are not part of me baby,you are all of me. These feeling that i have make me numb. But i never know being numb can feel so good.

I finally get to realize that life is meaningless without a lover.

I love you now and forever

I finally get to realize why they say “everybody die but not everybody live”.

I am glad i get go meet you and have you in my life before i die.

I adore you for giving a meaning to my life

Oh dear lover,,,you are my soulmate

Trillian for Android: Updates! (1.2 Build 3)

A new update is being sent out for Trillian for Android today. Our original method of sending photos relied on the gallery app, and we now open the camera directly when available. We’ve fixed the scrolling bug specific to ICS installations, removed our copy/paste method in favor of a simpler per-bubble selection method, and added a multi-line edit box for those times when you have deep thoughts to share with your friends! A few other minor bugfixes in this version as well, including one to hopefully fix an infinite loop that occurred when using a hotspot. Enjoy the new release!

iOS App Update – Version 1.6

Version 1.6 of our iOS app just finished Apple’s review process and is available for download. This update is focused mostly on behind-the-scenes improvements, so the list of visible changes is pretty small:

  • Reconnection no longer blocks all input in the app. Users can now type messages and view chat history while the app reconnects and updates the UI.
  • Fixed problems with iPads being unable to upload photos
  • The responsiveness while the app is performing the initial load of users and rooms should be much better for larger groups (100+ users/rooms)

This is a first step towards making our mobile apps easier to use during times when connections are going in and out. Please try it out and let us know any feedback or comments you have: support@hipchat.com.

We look forward to being able to get these updates out even more often now that we’re part of Atlassian. We appreciate all the feature requests and feedback we get from our users, please keep them coming!



~~~~ In ~~~~

The morning i often see the morning sun rise above the horzion where in it light i often think of the good people in my life as they bring the happiness that is which is in my heart as i cherrish the love that warm my heart as there i see the kindness that is given in time as moment,s are made by the thought,s that worth thinking about as day,s become,s month,s as mont,s make many year,s knowing that in the night i often think of the best thing,s that as been established by the blessing,s that there is in a forever and alaway,s

Updated Version of Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Now Available

A quick note to let you know that a new version of Yahoo! Messenger is now available. In this update, we made general stability improvements and fixed some potential security flaws. By popular demand, we also made it possible to customize your “Recent Contacts”. Simply go to the “Show/Hide” submenu under the “Contacts” menu and uncheck the “Recent Contacts” item if you wish to turn it off.

Download the updated version of Yahoo! Messenger today. As always, your feedback is valuable to us and we would love to hear what you think.

Yahoo! Messenger Team


Background information

Birth name***Whitney Elizabeth Houston

Born***August 9,1963,Newark, New Jersey,U.S.

Origin***East Orange,New Jersey

Genres***R&B, pop,dance,soul,gospel

Occupations***Singer,actress,model,film producer,record producer,songwriter


Years active***1977–present

Labels***Arista (1983–2011)RCA (2011–present)

Associated acts***Cissy Houston,Dionne Warwick,Aretha Franklin,Mariah Carey,Bobby Brown,Jermaine Jackson,Enrique Iglesias

Website***Official website