What software do you use when writing your content?

This may seem a dumb question, but when you guys are writing content for your sites what program do you use to write the content in? I have a Mac and I use either Pages or Google docs, but I find that when I copy and paste that info into my file that I am using html in I get question marks in place of all of the quotation marks.

I’m sure there is an easy fix for this.

PAgerank on differet pages

Hi all,
Quick question around page rank on differnt pages and how this would work.

Lets say my main page has a pagerank of 2 and my KB section a pagerank of 3 which is a subfolder but using the same primary domain name. Not a subdomain.

How can I increase domains pagerank for my main page? Does this mean eventually my main page will rank higher when all my other links or pages’ pagerank increases?

Need Some Advice Please

I am going to redo my website: Neon Signs For Sale | LED Signs | Neon Signage | LED Signage | Online Sign Store provides high quality LED business signs, Neon Business Signs, custom neon signs and custom led signs.
My organic searches have dropped since the last few panda updates.
I know Panda looks at site speed, layout and "trustworthiness".

I know the speed is fine and I do not how I can improve the "trustworthiness" of the site.
So I am going to redo the layout of the site.
And the homepage is indexed about every 6-9 days (before the panda updates in the summer it was indexed 1-2 times a day)

Site Facts: is about 18 months old and has a PR 2.
It have about 126,000 indexed pages.

Thank you in advance everyone.

Can someone give me some suggestions on what to do and not to do on the new site structure?
Maybe you guys can shows me some sites that you know have a good SEO layout

sitemap.xml : manual file creation best practices

I have a site that requires I manually create a new sitemap (weekly) as content changes. This is not a problem.

What I’m concerned about is how i’m maintaining the files on the site once submitted. I have searched for a while and don’t see a best practices on the subject.

What i’m doing now is simply dating the xml file and storing it at the root of my site (www.mydomain.com/122712.xml for example).

then, i submit this to google, and after a few days it is completely indexed. perfect.

my question is whether this is a good idea–to constantly re-submit new index file names–or should i simply keep resubmitting a file like sitemap.xml, writing over the older one.

if it seems like a good idea to continue on with how i’ve been doing it–with unique names–how often should i be deleting the old maps? immediately after submitting the new one? as soon as the new one is completely indexed?

if new file names is a bad idea, then must i re-submit the new sitemap.xml file to google to get it to recrawl the changed content? or will it do so on its own.