Why would bounce rate increase YOY?

I’m looking at my site traffic and I’m seeing a trend of the bounce rate going up each year. The pattern is very systematic. The traffic is increasing for the site YOY but at the same time bounce is too. It’s a steady upward trendy. I’m a little concerned but since it appears to be so systematic, I’m not sure if it’s an actual problem. Thanks for any insight!

No penalty, but something tripping me up

My site (best and then adventure and then jobs co uk – all one word but not writing it here else this forum page will outrank us too) :) disappeared from position 2 on page 1 for "adventure jobs". It happened when they did that triple change that included exact match domains. I have had a look at many aspects to try to see what google dislike, but I am at a complete loss now. Sub pages rank well for some keywords, but it is as though the home page has been blackballed.

I did a reconsideration request in webmaster tools, but it came back saying there is no manual penalty. Our one page parent company domain, which has no relevant content, other than mentioning our adventure site, is on page 6 for that keyword, while our full on adventure site is nowhere to be found.

Is it possible to employ people to audit something like this? I have had a few speculative SEO calls but they all seem aimed at people who are clueless. Where does one find people who can trouble shoot these sudden drops in ranking?

Many thanks

Linking to homepage vs deep linking

I’ve optimized my site architecture so the pages I want to rank in the SERPs are linked from each page and the internal links to these pages have relevant anchor text. I’m planning to get people to link to internal pages of my site as opposed to the homepage of my site in response to google placing more weighting on natural link distribution.

If we take the homepage as an example, I’m concerned that building incoming links to other pages of my site with anchor text relating to those pages won’t yield results as well as pointing those incoming links to my homepage, with anchor text that’s related to the KWs being targeted on the homepage.

I’d love to know what you think?

Keyword ranking fluctuations


Please explain why my keyword rankings are often not showing in the search listings.

Last week my website was ranking in top 20 positions for some keywords.

When i checked later it is not found in 1000. This is not the one time but most of the time.

please let me know is there anything i need to change.


RewriteRule 301 Problem

Hey guys,

Just having an issue with .htaccess RewriteRule. I need the RewriteRule to be 301. The rewrite works when I don’t use the [R=301] tag, but when I used it the rewriterule won’t work. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks!!!!

Here is my code:


RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !(\.[^./]+)$

RewriteRule ^blog/(.*)$ blog/blog.php?pid=$1 [R=301]

The dynamic link I am using is:

Example Domain