Renaming file name in a webpage and de-indexing problem with Google

I have few webpages that i faced with a big problem. there are 4 webpage and most important webpages in my website. I hit by penguin for these 4 webpages and my ranking for these pages went down. But I had not received a message from GWT. The reason for penguin hit was lots of article links to these 4 webpages.
I tried to remove these bad back links but i noticed it is very time consuming process. So i changed my file name in these for webpages so i though non of these bad link can direct to these pages so i can create new high quality inbound links.
for example i did like this (removed)
www.mysite/industrial_inspection.html (replaced)
in fact i change dash line to underline
what happened ?
these renamed webpages indexed in the google and i was in third and forth pages in Google search(in two weeks), my scenario was to make high quality link and bring them to first or second page but after 2 weeks all 4 renamed webpages de-indexed from Google.
These 4 pages are more important pages in my website. When you search their keywords, the webpages do not populated even in 15th pages of Google.
Do you think this is manual action by Google? is this ban is for short period of time or they will never will be indexed?
why Google de-indexed these 4 webpages?
i have almost 850 visitors per day so these pages are in my top left nav bar column and each of these pages are visited hundreds times per day (it means when searchers fall in my site with other keywords also visits these pages)

what is you recommendation to me to do something for indexing for these 4 pages? it is almost 2 months i am waiting for these pages to be indexed

thanks for your time and attention

Submitting Sites to 80+ Search Engines at once

Hey there!

this is my first ever post in a forum so i dont know if i break some rules :P

So i have a site i wanna submit it to 80+ search engines at once? just want to make sure i am not doing anything wrong is this spammy :P btw google doesnt know about it right that your site is somewhere submitted but u make tons of backlinks from the search engines

So is it ok to submit my new site to 80+ search engine all accross the web ?


Bashoo Zmmarraii

Is this weird??

I created a website for my niche 6 days ago(25-march-2013). The domain is the same as my keyword. The site is barely indexed by Google and I’m almost certain that any backlinks that I have made are not fully indexed as I only made them 3 or so days ago.

But yet I have received over 100 unique visitors from all over the world, all referred by respective country’s Google site. I am just wondering if it’s weird that I’m getting so much traffic in such a short amount of time? My niche gets approx. 60,000 searches a month.

I know they are actual visitors because I have a pay per download link on my site and I have received approx. 18 clicks on the link.

Does a higher Page Authority mean a better ranking?

Hi, I am fairly new to SEO but wanted to ask about PA (Page Authority). I created a squidoo page on a fairly low competiton keyword and built high qulity links to it. It now has a PA of 53 which is much higher than the top page for that keyword which only has a PA of 20 something. I created the page a few weeks ago and it is at position 72, how comes it is so low but it has high page authority?

Site wide sidebar banner link vs. one time content link. Who wins?

Suppose you have successfully outreached to a legit website. You can get a link.

What would you chose?

Sidebar site wide
Only Blog post

Either go for site wide image link in the side bar (no anchor text, so unlikely to be penalized), or get a blog post about you, with relevant text surrounding the link and everything, but no site wide deal. Or maybe even get both?

Which type of link would be better?

Lets assume both cost the same, the difference however is the content link requires more effort as you have to come up with content.