Upcoming changes to private room administration

UPDATE (May 9, 5:30pm PST): All of these changes are now live.

HipChat currently has three types of chats with different privacy levels:

  1. Open rooms – accessible to everyone in your group.
  2. Private rooms – only accessible to users given permission by the room owner, and all group admins.
  3. 1-to-1 chats – only accessible to the two users involved.

Allowing group admins to join private rooms without being given explicit access has often led to confusion, so we’ve decided to make changes in this area:

  1. Starting next Thursday, May 9th, group admins will not be permitted to join private rooms unless explicitly given access. If you are a group admin currently joining rooms which you have not been given access to, please ask the group owner to add you explicitly before this time.
  2. Group admins will also not be able to view or manage private rooms from within HipChat apps unless they have been given access to them.
  3. A new room management area will be added to the “Group Admin” section on the website. From this area, admins will still have access to the chat history and management options for private rooms.

In addition to these change, we’ll be unveiling new pages for viewing and managing rooms on the website – something we should have added long ago. These changes set the stage for some greater improvements coming in the future, so keep an eye on our blog here for more updates.

EMAIL Marketing Onprem Application

We have 3 high volume double-opt-in newsletters which go out each week. They are prohibitively expensive to go with a Constant Contact type of service as we push on average 3 newsletters out to 200k recipients a week. I have been using Sendblaster which for the money you can’t beat but it’s buggy as all get out, crashes all the time, constant database corruption. It’s becoming a real issue. Do other people use similar on premises applications? Preferably web based.

How Do You See IP-Based Search Results in 50+ Metro Areas?

The company I work for has 600+ sub-domains with city-based names. The overall root domain receives 2 billion PVs (yes, billion!) a month, with varying degrees of traffic for each city. Some cities have under utilized potential, whereas others with backlink authority have great results. I want to close the gaps and garner more traffic for the cities that have the potential.

My question is, I would like to check Google rankings for our major marque keywords, and act as if I am sitting at my computer in 50+ metro areas so I see the true IP-based results . How would I do this? Is there an specific sites or software that can be used that will act as if I am in those cities and show me results based on that?

SEO Terminology: Link Anchor Text Versus Linking to Name Anchor

Great new article up by Ann Smarty on SEO Chat: SEO Terminology: Link Anchor Text Versus Linking to Name Anchor.

Ever wondered what the difference between the two are? Are they really just the same thing? Our resident blogger breaks it down for you in simple terms. Go check it out!

SEO Terminology: Link Anchor Text Versus Linking to Name Anchor – SEO Chat

Need help on PPC – I am little confused


recently i registred in the folowing link "Spend $25, Get $100 ? Google AdWords/" – to run the campiagn.

I didn’t get the access to create the campaign but my ads are displaying automatically in Google sponsored listing.

how is this possible? Is there any way to handle the campaign by me.

I thought after registering i will get the access. But automatically my ads are displaying in Google sponsored listings.

please suggest your ideas

Implementing Pinterest On Site and Social Snippets

Hi can someone confirm, does Pinterest use Open Graph Protocol?

If you use the Pinterest Widget builder – Button and Widget Builder | Pinterest for Business

Will the image you place in the widget replace the image Pinterest selects if it does use the Open Graph Protocol?

The site already uses Open Graph Protocol for Facebook and Google+. It also uses Twitter cards for twitter. It would be good if we don’t need to add more html (such as from the Pinterest widget builder) for Pinterest.

Another question i forgot to ask – if you’re implementing a social media share widget (such as: ShareThis – Get the Share Button) which included: facebook, twitter, google plus, etc Do you have to still create and add Open Graph Protocols e.g. og:url, og:url, og:image ?