Online Universities offering Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Certificate-Penn Foster Career School
Online Certificate | Internet Marketing | Champlain College Online

At school courses
Internet Marketing Specialist Course – Robertson College Winnipeg (89% employment rate)\
Internet Marketing Diploma | Internet Marketing Course (4 week paid internship)

Just sharing some good places that offer internet marketing, for all of you that think that theres no diploma’s for that.

Hope ya like it :)

Whats a relevant backlink type for the trucking industry

When choosing SEO strategy, I find the most relevant backlink type. For example fashion = articles, ecommerce or internet
service = blogs and forums, popular product for young people = social bookmarking and social media marketing.

What do you guys think I should focus on for the trucking industry?

Question about promote my business website with blog

Hi everyone.
I have private transport business ,and I wondering if it’s will be good if I open a blog with a good content of where is a good places to travel in my country.
My business not deal only with travels ,but also with transportation companies or with transportation events,and because of that I am not sure if it will be a good idea to open blog like this.
Thank you very much.

Listing pages optimization

Hi guys,

I’ve just signed up to SEO Chat – I am glad to be part of this community. I hope I will find the help that I need in order to expand my SEO knowledge. I am really sorry if I’ve posted my thread under the wrong topic.

I’ve been applying SEO techniques for a few months on my blog but now I want to optimize a listing page on my website. Basically I have a website where people can order their takeaway online and I want to rank high for the following keywords in my city: "pizza Derby" and "order pizza in Derby" – these are the most commonly used keywords.

I’ve made a plan for the on-page changes but to be honest I fell something is wrong mainly because I have 30+ listings full of content on this page.

Can I please have your advice?

Thanks a lot,

Help me Guys !

Hello , My name is Monica , i am blogger since 1 year and i specially use wordpress with premium themes (diythemes),but i have bought before 1 week ago a plugin which is called (SEOPressor) that plugin about Onpage-SEO and it told you optimization putting your keyword into internal links text and external links text and into the heading also so i am really confused because if i want to increase the keyword density for more than .5% and the page score also i must then add more than one heading H1 and H2 and add alot of the same keywords in body content and i have read it is harmful for my site (keyword stuffing) ?!,otherwise i want to optimize my sites getting the top in google , i already done a keyword research for all my sites and i have optimized the OnPage-SEO for the content ,and i really dont know why my sites wont ranks any more ?!,although google webmaster told me that there is no manual spam action with your sites ! . What can I do !?. I have bought 25 a niche sites for one target keyword for every site since 10 months ago and until now i just got 1 site in the top of google , I have assigned all my time on that work to making the OnPage-SEO and to make also the sites goes well, I really dont know what is going on, after reading for more than 10 hours per day for all the past 5 months .In my humble experience and the enormous amount of information about SEO I am professional but in reality i failed ! :’( and maybe i will lose hope about internet marketing if you dont Direct me ! please check my sites and and answer my questions ! This would be a kinder from you and I won’t forget your favor! Thanks you
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Are lots of High pr (majority) relevant backlinks bad?

Most seo strategies will include a majority of PR0 links to appear natural.

PR0 links are the most natural links, but this is what I have come to think;

If your backlink websites are relevant, you can have as many high PR backlinks as you want and it will still look
natural, and if the websites are not relevant, high pr will make it look unnatural.

Since high pr can look unnatural, how would majority relevant high pr look in googles eyes?