Advanced SEO Strategies in a Super Competitive Market

Colleagues, please help me out with some of your genius. I am brainstorming advanced SEO strategies in a super competitive market. I can’t say the actual market, but it has about the same level of competitiveness as Used Cars, which I will use as a hypothetical example. Now, I am a seasoned SEO and I am well aware of the needs for great content and linkbait (and promoting them to the right segment) and great site structure and the need for social media promotion and all the standard guidelines and best practices. But the market is enormously competitive. All the serious players in the market have seasoned SEOs working for them, do keyword research, identify need for content, and provide lots of that content, and it’s exhaustive, and there is a glut of it out there. Suppose there were budget, how would you pursue and aggressive SEO strategy for such a site, what inventive things would you try in order to win in a market like this? It would be great to brainstorm together, this would be useful to all involved.

SEO, but not SEO – what is it that we do?

THE PROBLEM: SEO is a very small part of what most pros on this website actually do!

I’m looking for a title that may already exist which encompasses this work. I think this comes pretty close:

Online presence management – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The one thing it misses is Internet User Optimization – getting the most out of traffic – calls to action and all that gaff. Supermarkets spend a huge amount of resource doing this in the physical world and my company does a huge amount of it in the virtual world.

So is it just that Online Presence Management should be updated to include this or is there another phrase that says what we do a whole lot better than "SEO"?

Does Building Links Via Anchor Texts is a bad Strategy Now

Google recently updated their search guidelines to include the following

Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links
Advertorials or native advertising where payment is received for articles that include links that pass PageRank
Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites.

Though they only mentioned about Optimized Anchor Texts in Press Releases but I am pretty sure they penalize sites which have too many links targeting too few keywords.

Your Input Please!

SEO and Affiliate Marketing

Hi guys,

I work for a start-up called <URL removed> we’re a content and commerce site for all things retro, vintage and nostalgic.

I had an SEO meeting this morning with a consulting firm, and they said that Google frowns upon using affiliate links for new content. We source products through a variety of affiliate programs such as Amazon and Ebay, as well as affiliate networks such as CJ, Link Share, etc.

Is there any validity to this statement?

SEO Best Prax post Penguin 2

Hello guys,
After the latest penguin update what would you suggest to be the best strategies for promoting a website?
I am listing my points here. What do you have to add or remove from my list
* Focus on content, creating information/glossary pages
* Contextual internal linking from information pages
*Non Site wide relevant Navigation for improved interlinking
*Diversifying backlink profile
*Blogger Outreach to generate good back links
*Social Media mentions and brand building

What other strategies should I be following?

Numbers in domain name, letters or digits?


I’m starting a site about different lists etc. It’s gonna be in my native language so it’s not a .com (but I’ll type .com here for clarity) domain. But I’d like your input on what’s the best domain name. Either:


What’s the best practice? What looks the most professional? Remember, the site will be based around lists, so is "10 ways" or "ten ways" (or "top 10" vs "top ten", if you will) the best?


PS. I own BOTH domains and will redirect one to the other, so "people typing in the wrong url" is no issue.

Removing Rich Snippets?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with removing list snippets in Google search results. List snippets look like the following:

Webpages on my e-commerce website are currently being treated as lists by Google instead of actual products. The amount of “Items” that Google is displaying does not match the amount of products on my actual webpages, which is the reason why I want to remove them. Is there anything that I can do to my website that will tell Google that these list snippets are unwanted and that will prevent the search engine from making this mistake again?

What am I doing wrong?

Hi people, my name’s Damian and this is my first post.

I am an electrician by trade in the UK and roughly two years ago I built myself a website (HTML). I had a little advice from a friend on the best way to optimise my website and have had some good results for certain search terms. Good local search results and first and second page results for organic results. I am active with social media and have a small number of backlinks to my site (roughly 300 from about 12 or 13 domains). All of which I am pretty chuffed with considering before I built my website I knew nothing about website design or SEO!

The problem I am having is that my Google PR is 0. I don’t know much about how PR works but it seems most of my competitors, even ones on page three and four have at least a PR of 1. I was lucky enough to get myself on to page one of the search results with my primary key phrase ‘electrician brighton’, albeit three or four from the bottom, but over the last few months I’ve dropped further down page 2 whilst I watch plumbers (with worse websites and backlinks) rank higher than me?!?!?!? What am I doing wrong and how could I possibly increase my ranking for my primary key phrase? Is PR the be all and end all of SEO and would it be worth investing some money on an expert to help, if so, how much am I looking at?

Sorry for the barrage of questions but hopefully there is someone out there who might be able to give me a little advice, maybe point me in the right direction. If so, I’d be eternally grateful :)

My website is www[dot]skeltonelectrical[dot]com (I’ve removed the dots so no one thinks I’m just trying to get a cheeky backlink)

SEO for e-commerce sites. What are the key points?


Upon launching a brand new e-commerce site, is there particular areas that must be concentrated on to ensure a steady ranking across all products? It would be very helpful to detail the areas of importance for helping to rank an e-commerce site as a whole, and the individual products located on it.