How does a website with 400BL beat a website with 4000BL

How does a site with 400 links outrank a website with 4000 links.

I’ve also seen websites with 9 links outrank websites with 20,000.

How can I avoid this happening to me? I want to build around 3k links as part of my plan, and want to know how I can avoid this. What are some things I can do to build the highest quality links possible?

What Metrics Can I use to measure the following issues

Hi Guys

I am setting up an SEO report, which is one of many as I am still learning how to do them properly :)

Can you guys point me to some metrics I can use to measure the following issues the site have:

Low Copy volume
Link ratios & linking strategy
Duplicate content
Page titles, URLs and keyword strategy
Navigation linking/hierarchy and crawl budget
In other words what metrics can I use to indicate if success is achieved by implementing solutions to solve them.

if somebody can help me on this, I would appreciate it.


How many anchor text variations should be in a strong campaign?

How many anchor text variations should I include in a strong campaign?

Also, should I include phrases like "click here" or "website" or just variations of my keyword?

Also should I ever directly mention the direct keyword? I havent seen that happen very often….

edit: when the potential backlink page isnt relevant, should I use "click here" or "learn more"?

Is a name conflict affecting me SEO?

I have a major issue with an eCommerce site I operate. The name is Cards of Paradise and it sells Magic the Gathering cards (a trading card game) . The name is a play off of a popular card Birds of Paradise. Well, unfortunately someone else had the same idea for the name.

I only found out about this after the site was created but there is a brick and mortar retail store that sells the same product with the same name in Rio de Janeiro. I only sell to American customers because of a lack of affordable and traceable delivery methods outside of the US.

So I have had the site going for about a year now and about half of my traffic is from Brazil. The bounce rate for those visits is hovering above 60%, which makes me concerned. I have tried blocking Brazilian ip addresses in the access file but have not gotten it to work.

I have only been operating this casually or as a hobby for the past year but need to take it more seriously. A couple questions:

1. Does the poor bounce rate of over half of my traffic impact my search rankings? (I assume yes even if not directly)
2. If I decide to change the name, is there any value in doing a 301 redirect to the new site or will it cause the same problems?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I look forward participating in what seems to be a thriving community.

Old forum outranks new content?

About 2-3 years ago I took down all my content, left only the forum, and 301 redirected the main page to a different domain and website.

Recently I started creating new content, so I removed the 301 redirect. I’ve added a few dozen high-quality articles with pictures and videos.

But all of these articles seem to rank poorly for exact-match article titles. Instead, many similar topics of my forum rank higher. When I search Google for my domain name without ".com", the first result is my youtube channel, the second result is my forum homepage. The content pages ARE indexed.

I’ve started placing links to the articles inside the forum threads, but so far nothing has changed.

Any ideas?

How can I get my website ranked on the first page on Google?

Hello guys,
I have an online store with personalized t-shirts, till now I tried seo optimization, but I couldn’t get on the first page on Google. I heard from some friends that backlinks building can do a pretty good job in this case. What do you think about that? Thanks