Company interlinking

Our company has just launched a new website and I was curious to know if it would be a problem to add a simple footer link pointing to the new site from all of our other websites? We are a real estate company and the other sites are actual property sites that would all contain a footer link to the new realty website. Not planning to keyword stuff links, etc, just simply using the new sites’ company name as the link text and link it to the new home page.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Help with SEO Title Displaying Wrong on Google & Correct on Bing + Yahoo

Hey Everyone!

I had setup a website for a client and the issue that I’m facing is that lets say i had set the homepage title to "ABC | DEF| GHI", but the problem is that Google shows it as "Website Name: ABC | DEF| GHI" while Bing & Yahoo show it correctly. Google was showing it fine but has suddenly changes its mind. Can anyone tell me what can be the issue and how could it be resolved?

Website is based on WordPress and am using SEO by Yoast plugin for all these settings. Thanks!

Will hreflang cause link dilution?

If I am trying to rank in us and uk would it be wise to use hreflang?

On one hand I would be able to be more relevant in each secific country.

But on the other hand the new created uk targeted site will have no links and i will have to split the link building between the two.

What is better for ranking in 2 countries with the same language?

Google Hummingbird Update

Hi Friends,

Recently on Google’s 15th Birthday, they announced a new algorithm update called Hummingbird Update. This is completely rewritten google algorithm to support google’s future advanced search features.

They announced this update on birthday, but it’s implemented and running since last 3 months. So don’t listen to rumors like ranking dropped, traffic gone etc.

All the best !!!