Trillian for Linux: Debian, Fedora, dependency improvements, fixes! (1.0 Build 2)

Build 2 of Trillian for Linux is now available. By popular request, we’ve been spending time improving some of the dependencies Trillian requires and have also made clean Debian and Fedora builds. While we still support Ubuntu extensions, they are now optional instead of required, which should make using Trillian on your favorite Linux distribution much easier! A handful of bugs have been tackled in this build as well, and we’ve tried to improve Trillian’s resilience in the face of many different theme and color configurations.

Rich snippets markup

Last month i had markup, review rich snippet in my "komfortsuites dot com" website only in index page. Even fetch as google for home. Now still in SERP my website is appearing without snippet. When i search in google than only review snippet appear. What i have done wrong. Should i markup rich snippet in all pages? Or rich snippet only for index page.

How do I get Google to index my HTTP page instead of HTTPS

There was a glitch on my site and it resulted in Google indexing the HTTPS version of my page. This page was never designed to be HTTPS so there are some errors that show up when users land on that page. I need to get Google to drop the HTTPS page and pick up the regular HTTP version of that page. Do any of you know how to get Google to drop the HTTPS version of my page in favor of the regular version?

The page is rank #2 on SERP so I’m trying to fix the problem with the least amount of collateral damage. I don’t want to go to Webmaster Tools and request they purge the page. What are some alternatives so that the right page gets into SERP and I can still main my high ranking. Thanks for any advice.

Google maps and G+ in the natural rankings

G+ and Maps have combined and is creating large ads.
ad’s like these. They aren’t from paid advertisers, it seems to be a combination of G+ and Maps or places.
There seems to be a little trick to getting the two different data bases to work together (places and G+)
So far you need to be a verified listing on maps and have a listing in both G+ and maps.
G+ needs needs to have a matching tag or category to get found.
I’ve searched the internet for a couple of days and haven’t found anything on this, it could also be a side affect from the large ad’s google is experimenting with that are in the natural listings. Like these
I’ll elaborate more as I get more info.

Lazy Load Indexing Issues

Is the lazy load killing my SEO?

My site lazy loads products on each category page. Google only caches the first 100 products, but in some cases there are thousands of products. I am almost certain this is hurting our ability to get products indexed and that it prevents authority from being passed from the category page to the product (vs a paginated system with canonical tags).

Before I spend a huge amount of effort switching to a paginated system, can anybody weigh in? There is almost no information out there about lazy loads and SEO, and if there is information it’s not really directed at eCommerce. The lazy load creates a great user experience, which is what Google supposedly values, but if they can’t crawl a large fraction of my product pages from the category pages then I think I must be hurting my SEO.

More Background on the Question: I have a large site with about 250K products….only about 150K of them are indexed. When I bought the site they were in severe violation of Panda, and I have dramatically improved the content on the site over the last 6 months, but I have only seen a 33% increase in traffic when I was expecting it to triple or better. The fact that it’s not growing very fast leads me to believe I have crawling issues. All of my competitors (who are huge, some in the top 100 eCommerce sites) have paginated systems.

Facts about Google Plus Custom / Vanity URLs

As of yesterday, lots of people were offered to change their Google Plus numeric URLs for a fancier one: Name

Here are some things you need to know about that:

  • Google may charge for that sometimes in the future
  • Google 302 redirects the old URL to the new one (so this won’t help your newer G+ profile rank)
  • Google Authorship might not work with vanity URLs

So what’s the benefit of switching? I don’t know yet!