URL parameters in Google Webmaster Tools


I have found this message in Google Webmaster Tools:


URL Parameters
Help Google crawl your site more efficiently by indicating how we should handle parameters in your URLs. Learn more.
Use this feature only if you’re sure how parameters work. Incorrectly excluding URLs could result in many pages disappearing from search.

And then a button below saying "Add parameter".

What should I do?

301 redirect or primary domain name change?

I have the domain name diamond-ace.co.uk and hosting with godaddy. I want a .com address so I can get more traffic from international searches.

I am running opencart on my site. The majority of my customers on ebay now seem to be international and not in the UK. So I would like a .com domain name so I rank better in the search engines and get more international traffic, ( website is relatively new ) I already have diamond-ace.com domain name and both domain names are with godaddy.

If I change the primary domain name on my hosting account it will affect the opencart installation and probably wont work after the change without modifications which I am not confident enough to attempt.

If I go on the domain settings ( .com domain) I can set up domain forwarding to the current .co.uk site and there is a option for 301 redirect on the domain forwarding setup page. Does this affect seo in a bad way? I was thinking maybe having 2 domain names for the same site might look like duplicate content to google?

Also, If I set it up to forward the .com domain name to my .co.uk site, Will google still index the .com url even though its a redirect?

My site is relatively new and is not currently getting much traffic, but I want to get off on the right foot hence my concern about the affect it might have on seo.

Thanks in advance,


Google Adwords vs SEO Expert

My SEO expert is asking for $400/month to optimize my e-commerce website. It is even more expensive if the project was to be for a short-term period of 6 months. So $400/month is for a project of at least 2 yrs. Let’s say, at most he is going to focus on 5-8 important keywords. Now, the chances that my site is going to arrive on top 1-3 position on google for all of the keywords is quite low. I may get to top 1-3 position for no more than 3 or 4 keywords with the help of the SEO expert.
Now if I invest my $400/month on google adwords and just pick 5-8 important keywords, I know that my site will rank high (appear) on the first page for those keywords. At least this is guaranteed from the get go. Whereas a SEO expert will take longer to bring in such result. So am I not better off investing $400/month on google adwords rather than on a SEO expert? Since more than 90% of searches are made on google, I could care less if the SEO expert can bring my site rank high on bing or yahoo etc.

And does anyone really need a SEO expert for ever? If a SEO project of 6 months period costs you $700/month, should it not cost you less than half if the SEO expert is hired to work on your site for a indefinite period of time? And will a SEO expert hired for an indefinite period of time really work seriously every month after let’s say 6 months or once he has managed to bring in good SEO results for the website? Won’t SEO expert indirectly take you on hostage? In other words, won’t you be scared to end the project with the SEO expert thinking that you site might lose it’s position if SEO work in not continued? Hiring a SEO expert is almost like taking drugs; once you start, stopping it will be very difficult even if you don’t enjoy it anymore.

Your thoughts…

Google punishing domains with keywords in domain name?


Since google’s last updates first page placements changed for my webpage and my keywords. On first four places are sites like somedomain.com/keywords.html, mine site is keywords.net and its on fifth place (in average). If i check CTRs in webmasters tools for times, when google places my site on higher positions, CTRs are like this:
1st place -> 73%
2nd place -> 22%
3rd place -> very small sample
4th place -> 11%
5th place -> 5%

Those CTR percenateges are quite high, what do you think? Bounce rate on my site is around 30%, which is also quite low, right? That means, that users prefer my site over others, but google is still telling them, that they should visit other sites instead…

Any thoughts?