5 HipChat Highlights from 2013

As we count down the waning seconds until 2014 begins, let’s reflect on what an amazing year 2013 was for HipChat.

5. HipChat T-shirt contest

Our t-shirts have always been popular with our customers, but with only 5 designs in our entire history, we were itching for some more cool designs to share with our customers. So in June, we threw a “You can probably design a better t-shirt than our founder” contest and enlisted your help. In just over 4 weeks, you all blew our expectations out of the water, as we received over 439 entries. Our judges were thoroughly impressed, and we had a hard time picking winners.

With these sick new designs, we’ve been distributing our new t-shirts at various events that we’ve attended. Look out for us at any conferences you attend, or you can go ahead and purchase our t-shirts at the Atlassian Swag Store.  Thanks to everyone who participated and made this contest a success!

4. 1 Billion Messages

A little more than 3.5 years after HipChat sent its first message, we sent our 1 billionth message this past October. We’ve achieved amazing growth in 2013, and our growth has a lot to do with the great customers that we’ve had. Our customers are dedicated, informed, and meticulous, as illustrated by the great feedback we receive at events, through social media channels, and our support channel. This feedback pushes us to build the best communication product for your team, and we thank you for that. Here’s to the next billion!

3. Native apps are out!

It took us a while to get off of Adobe AIR, but we came full force in 2013. We rebuilt HipChat to run natively on MacWindows, LinuxiOS, and Android. A huge endeavor, our developers worked hard to get these out the door. Once again, thanks to all of our customers and beta testers for pointing us in the right direction by finding bugs and testing our clients before release.

2. Free for teams of 5

In March, we made HipChat free for teams of 5 users or fewer. We started off as a small bootstrapped start-up, and we wanted to give back to that community. We understood first-hand how important the right tools are to growing a company, so it was a no brainer to offer HipChat for free to small teams.

1. Growing the team

Most fun to watch as HipChat has grown is the additions we’ve added to our team. HipChat started off as a team of 4. By the end of this year, we’ve grown to 22! And we’re still hiring!

(Our team in March 2012. It’s a lot bigger now!)

We’ve come a long way since December 31 2012… and there’s still a long way to go. As we announced at Atlassian Summit 2013, HipChat video capabilities and HipChat’s behind-the-firewall deployment are just around the corner, and we expect a whole lot more as the year goes on. We’re excited to see what we can do to improve communication for teams in 2014, and we hope you as well. Happy New Year!

Is your social media really social?

Just something that came up at a conference that I thought I would post here.
Social media is about getting your customers to talk TO EACH OTHER

A lot of the comments here are about using facebook google plus etc. to push content to multiple users. That is a great strategy at times but it isn’t really social. Your not having a conversation with your users, and if you are it’s mostly one on one. You might as well have sent an email.

The campaign becomes a social campaign when you get users talking to each other about your post/product/etc.
Not one to many but many to many.

This forum is a great example of social media. We are all talking to everyone else with the webmasters only occasionally starting a topic or checking in. OTOH a lot of facebook pages or tweets will get few if any shares, and no real feedback. That isn’t social even if it is a good thing marketing wise.

Just because you tweet something, or put it on facebook doesn’t make it social.

Thinking this way will greatly increase the chances of your social campaign spreading or going viral. Just thinking in these terms will change the type of content you write.

Anyway. Just some thoughts from a conference for people to think about. Especially those of you who are new to the idea of social media.

I got views in my webmaster but no clicks cud it be wrong?

Hi I checked my bing webmaster and recieved 800 views for one keyword and 300 views for another keyword but zero clicks im trying to rank for mortgage and mortgages so far im ranking in italian bing on first page but not in us bing is there anything i can do? Shu I jus ad content and build more backlinks

I have a new domain, how to best use it?

Hi All,

I do alot of microsites and push both adwords and affiliate programmes and products and earn enough to give me some fun money. For a long time i have wanted to get into the mobile phone market as i have spoken to alot of people who get anything upto £100 a time from affiliate programmes.

I have just purchased a new domain after doing some digging around and though that before i dive into doing things how i normally would , i thought id ask advice on how to best utilise the domain i have bought. Ive just purchased newiphone.co.uk and will put up a holding page once all of the registration has gone through and i have access to everything. According to Google keyword planner the term ‘new iphone’ gets around 368k searches a month. Moz says this is an extremely difficult keyword to rank for with a 80% difficulty rating so i appreciate i wont be at number 1 in a couple of weeks.

Id appreciate your ideas and suggestions as a community to see how i go forward.

Many tanks in advance


301 Setup on Prestashop

Hi all,

I have a question to anyone here with experience in setting up a Prestashop store.

I’m trying to setup a site-wide 301 redirect to my desired URL, eg http://www.mysite.co.uk/

I would normally do this by entering the following into the htaccess file:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.mysite\.co\.uk
RewriteRule (.*) http://www.mysite.co.uk/$1 [R=301,L]

However; before I did this I checked to see how Prestashop already handles the URLs. It turns out that all variants of the index URL are all 302 redirected.

There is no code in the .htaccess file that I can see that implements these 302′s.

So; how do I get my desired URL to give a 200 response and have all others 301 redirected to this?

Hope I’m making sense!

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


Page Rank decreased after transferring from blogger to wordpress

I have transferred my blog from blogger to wordpress. Before transferring the page rank was 3 and now it is decreased to 2. Before transferring i was getting 1000+ pageviews per day and now it is decreased to 200. My new posts are also not shown in google search results. Whats should i do?

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