Post Penguin SEO Relevancy for Small Businesses

I’m trying to rack my head around how a small local business like say a hairdresser or dentist will have SEO in the post Penguin environment. I mean, how relevant will content marketing going to be for your local dentist? I keep on hearing that after Penguin you have to have killer content that everyone what’s to share with everyone else to rank in SERPs. But I mean, what’s "killer content" for a local dentist and who goes around sharing their local dentist’s content anyway? How much social media engagement for a local dentist should you actually expect? Let’s say I’m going to get a root-canal, the last thing I can imagine myself doing is going on the dentists blog and liking or sharing their content.

It just doesn’t seem realistic for small local businesses or am I missing something?

Do you report your competitors to Google for using black hat techniques?

I was wondering if any of you do this.
This sounds like the quickest way to increase your ranking in google.
I have 4 competitors that I have found that are higher than me and they are all using expired domains to increase their ranking.
This will mean that I ll quickly go from page 3 to page 2 with minimum effort.

Has anyone tried this, and has it worked?

How to increasing my alexa ranking? Need Help!

Hi All,

I am working a project (, its a joint pain supplements website. I am working since 6 months and every month the alexa ranking is decreasing and the keywords (Flex protex, Flex Protex D) are also decreasing. I need the best SEO strategy that increasing my alexa ranking also my keyword ranking. Need Help!

I have no idea why I lost my ranking! please help!

I really need your help here!
It is about a month that my website lost its ranking, there is no message in my google webmaster tools.
I had a ranking 1, I was hopeful to get 2, but now I am zero.
I have no idea what is wrong, would you please look at my website and tell me what you think? It is in Farsi Language and apart in English, this website is for those Farsi Speakers who want to learn English.
Thank you for your help in advance!

Google Authorship FAQ

What is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship is the process of digitally signing or claiming your web content and tying it with your Google Plus personal account using rel="author".

How do I verify my Google Authorship of Articles I wrote?

1. Google Plus account

  • Set up Google Plus account
  • Google + profile pic = recognizable headshot

2. “Author”-Optimize your content

  • Your article has your name ("By Your Name").
  • Your byline name = the name on your Google+ profile.

3. Tie the two

  • Each of your articles links to G+ Profile with ?rel=author at the end
  • Your email address on the same domain as your content (& it’s verified). Check is your mark-up is set-up properly: Google Structured Data Testing Tool
  • OR Your domain is linked to from “Contributor to” section on your G+ profile

How to Make Sure My Photo Shows up in SERPs?

Even if you follow all the above steps, there is no guarantee your photo will show up in SERPs. It used to be easier but then Google started cutting off photos from SERPs. There are many factors in play but the main one seems to be the power of the domain you are writing for: Google Authorship Drop in SERPs: What Does it Mean? |


While I obviously think there are multiple factors that contribute to earning or losing one’s Authorship results, I do NOT think they are all equal. From my observations, publisher factors are more important than author factors, at least for now. That is, it appears Google went after the “low hanging fruit” in terms of what is already easy for them to do: assessing site and content quality. Grading authors is a lot tougher. I think they are beginning to do it, but it’s not as big a factor. For now.

How Does That Affect the Rankings?

There’s no affect on rankings so far but your claimed content does get better rankings in personalized results at least. That means, if you claim your articles AND keep growing your G+ connections, you’ll see more search click-through even if your pages do not do well in general search.

Besides author rich snippets are known to have a much higher click-through

How Long Does it Take for Authorship to Appear (If Google Decides to Pull it up)?

It takes about 3 weeks (on average) for Authorship markup to show up in SERPs after first verified
It takes seconds for a NEW photo to appear in SERPs after you change your Google Plus profile pic
It takes from a couple hours to a day for your Google Profile pic to be removed from SERPs once you start using a non-human pic as Google Plus profile pic

Can I Verify My Product Page?

You may try and it may even work (if your domain is trusted enough) but Google says you can only verify content-rich pages where you are the only and actual author

I haven’t heard of any penalties so far (other than that your author rich snippet will ultimately be removed) but those penalties may come if too many people abuse the authorship markup like this

How Is rel="author" Different From rel="publisher"