Google Plus knowledge graph is only showing if i enter zip code..?

ok the problem is i linked my google plus profile with my website, website is ranking top with my business name but my google plus knowledge graph is not showing untill i enter my area zip code, i don’t know what to do..? should i wait more. Any idea guys.

When I type "Technical Support Today" it is not showing but when i type my area code with the business name "Technical Support Today 110015" it is showing there.

please suggest me what to do ..?

Sorry also i want to mention that it will appear only in Google India.

SEO for 1 page ‘Web App’ with dynamic content

I built a website as a mobile ‘web app’. It consists of one single page and content is generated dynamically every day.

I want to rank better for a couple keywords to draw attention and traffic to my website.

I am hoping that I might get some tips on ways to improve my rankings and target my keywords with current and safe SEO techniques.

Thanks for the help

New Mobile Site Traffic Drop

With all the talk about how much mobile is important and how it is going to return its own search results, we finally decided to make a mobile site for one of our smaller websites to test the water. We put it up about two weeks ago and did Vary HTTP header method to serve the site.

Before the change, on the average week we would get 270-300 mobile visitors from organic search results and we converted 0.78% to sales.

Since the change, we are now getting about 70 mobile organic visitors per week but converting 2.47%

So what can I say but WOW. We are converting way way better but our organic mobile search traffic has dropped off a ton. Luckily our desktop and tablet traffic(we serve the desktop version of the site to tablets) has stayed the same and has not dipped.

Do any of you guys have experience or gone through launching a mobile site before? Did you see the immediate drop in organic mobile traffic and did you recover your traffic back to previous levels? If so, do you know how long it takes to recover?

I am thinking it is a big change and will take time for Google to adjust but I am not sure since the mobile version has so much less text now on the home page and on category or product list pages or whatever you guys want to call them.

Please Review my Affiliate site..Would be very appreciated

Hello all..

Three weeks ago i started building a new website about ways to cure Angular Cheilitis..
I want it to become a authorty kind of website, and with affiliate links:)

Until today i got 319 visitors (unique) but i want to let my website grow…
Can you help me please by taking a look and provide me with tips or recommendations?
Help would be very much appreciated!

The url:

Tnx in advance!
Greetz Eric Huizer

How to Find Actual Value of Your Website?

The powerful tool from Website Hoarder uses details like website URL, net revenue per month, unique visitors and development cost to determine website’s monetary value. In case the website performs below expectations, website owner needs to think hard about business and website aspects. Check dollar value of your website with (

Best way to rank on page 1 for this keyword?

What is the best way to build links to rank a website to page 1 for keyword "plastic business cards

I have been trying with High PR links from relevant sites, but its not working well. I have been trying with links that have anchor text in them, but some guys said its not the way to do it?

Then what is the way to do it? I am so frustrated with Panda and Penguin changes. Our on page copy is excellent, we have genuine content, and we do not have duplication of content anywhere on site.

If we do not make links from our industry related sites, if we do not make links from high PR pages, if we do not make links that contain our anchor text, then what can we do to get to page 1? We need it so badly !