How to know which keywords are best?

Hey guys, I wish to have 2 keywords, one for my "Virus repair" services and the other for "computer repair", I am located in New York. How do I go about finding which would be my best keywords please? Do I search google for the top combinations of each service so for example "virus repair, virus cleaning, malware removal, virus removal" and choose the one that has the highest number of searches? Is this how it is done?

No rep points to give all the time

I’ve read this:…tc-471520.html

But it doesn’t explain why I never have any rep points to give. I understand that if you give one particular member rep too often then there is a kind of block on giving more rep for a while.

But I don’t seem to be able to give anyone any rep points be they old hands or newbes …

What is the working of the rep points system that I am missing … ?

Interlinking Similar Articles

On my blog, I have recapped about 50 episodes of a popular TV show. I want the articles to rank for the TV show’s name.

What would be the best way to interlink these articles?
Should I just use the same anchor text from one article to the next?
Or perhaps point links from several blog posts to one post?
Is it better to have the links toward the top of the article?
Is it better to have the links in the content or to use a related posts plugin…or both?

Too many 404 errors SEO effect?

Hi I run a small forum called and once I had a forum where people could share their links so as you can imagine it was pretty popular forum but then I had to get rid of it because it was not going well with SEO so I deleted like 400 threads but now I get huge 404 errors report in my Google webmasters account I am tired of clearing that report every day.

Could you please tell me if this is somehow negatively impacts my SEO?

how can i promote website with two different language – please guide

hey guys,

please i need suggestion regarding website promotion with two different language.

my website is based in Taiwan and i have added the content in both English and Chinese


Can we promote one website for two diferent language.

what will happen suppose if i add the inner page urls in both english and chinese.

Can search engine index and promote website with two different language.

please guide and your suggestion…should i have separate domains or should i have two diffeent pages in same website.

shall i create same page in two diffeerent language…one is for english and other one is for chinese

website: "indian store taiwan ( dot ) com ( dot ) tw"

thanks in advance

DIY SEO or just Fiverr, Odesk, SeoClerks & etc

Frankly i’ve been DIY SEO for quite sometime. Still learning & doing it at the same time. Results have showed, although not that convincing due to my lack of experience & knowledge.

Just cross my mind why not just Fiverr, Odesk, SEOclerks or etc. But then again, is it worth to take the risk? 500 people (positive reviews) can’t be wrong? Right?

Looking for certainty here.

KPCS: Dom Irrera #201

Join Kevin as he sits down with comedian Dom Irrera (Bob’s Burgers) to discuss his career beginning with recalling the first joke he ever wrote. Dom chats about portraying an Italian Rabbi in Fiddler on the Roof, his awards being the only items to fly off the shelves during a recent earthquake, and being corrected by Bea Arthur at craft service.