Self SEO audit

Following this guide from quicksprout, i am performing a self audit.

Using the keyword tool i am trying to target local traffic, my area receives about 300 searches for the primary category of say drywall repair. My page title is set as follows Drywall Repair | Local Drywall Repairs. I am sure some when searching will use either cities or states in their search ie; vermont xx repair, or seattle xx shop.

Does this mean i should create a similar page and use the keywords with all the cities or states that we serve?

As i understand it each page should be targeted for a single keyword so since i have drywall repair and drywall repairs i feel i am using 2 keywords and should remove the s from the last and put the local in front of it as per my page title currently.

I am probably wrong but i am under the impression i should create another separate page and use repairs instead of repair?

This to me means tons and tons of content.

I know many sites simply list all the areas they serve at the bottom of the page in order to capture those local keywords in combination with their primary page keyword.

htaccess issues


I have recently designed a new website for a client using wordpress and the site is currently in a sub-folder on the domain. The existing site is still on the route. The old site is .php site with unfriendly SEO urls. This means that when certain keywords are searched for these urls are beig found in Google.

What i want to do is make sure any old urls are redirected to the new site.

Should this be carried our for each url independently (this could take time) ?

Can i do this for all urls on the existing site ?

I am pretty sure that if there is any backlinks they will all be pointing to the home page url which wont change once the site has swapped over

Any help will be appreciated


Multiple Sites Hosting and Google Plus Pages

Hey All, I have a goal that by the end of this year I’ll have 10 sites online related to my niche.
The reason I want to build 10 sites is not because of spamming or black hat SEO it’s because I believe that each site will be targeted and compressive in his field/subject what I’m trying to say is that I’m not building this to create a link network, etc…

What I want to know is what will be the best why to host this sites? Should each site have a separate IP’s?
Also regarding google pages, what the best way to create another editor? from my IP I have 3-4 google plus profiles, so i believe it won’t be smart to open a new one from the same ip.

Regularly Updated Content

I have a forum that ranks fairly well (#4) for our industry’s best keyword, but the three other sites that outrank me have content that is updated daily. Since my site is a forum, not much besides post counts & new topics change on the homepage.

How could I make the site appear (to search engines) that it is being updated more frequently?

Would adding sidebar widgets that display the most recent posts help?

What about twitter feeds, do the search engines see those as updated content?

Any other ideas?