Permalinks! /%postname%/%category%/ ???


So I’ve been trying to come up with some permanlink structures for my newly created Blog.

I’m debating on 3 different structures to use:

  1. /%postname%/
  2. /%category%/%postname%/
  3. /%postname%/%category%/

The 1st one is something I really liked, but as my website grows, and as more categories potentially open up, this will be counterintuitive to my long-term goals.


The 2nd one is common and well used amongst big and small blogs across the world. It’s something I would use, but as we all know, having your keywords closer to the start of a URL is always better than having it at the end.


The 3rd one is something I’m really interested in trying. It seems like it would be good for ranking keywords (due to it being closer to start of URL), and at the same time, people can see what category it belongs to.


My question is, what do you think about using the 3rd option? What are the PROs and CONs? Can it be a viable option to take?


Bought Any PPC or AdWords books?

Have you bought any books on PPC or AdWords? Which do you like best?

I’ve got

Winning Results With Google AdWords by Andrew Goodman – good, taught me a lot of the basics and even some more advanced stuff. My copy is a bit old, but it’s still great for beginners to get started.

SEM PPC an Hour A Day by Szetela and Kirschbaum – good, gets into a lot of technical stuff that wasn’t relevant to me as I don’t service a wide variety of PPC clients such as product listing ads and the like. Very detailed, up to date.

Killer Facebook Ads – Marty Weintraub – brilliant ideas, especially to do with inferred targeting, e.g. targeting marijuana fans to sell junk food coupons (e.g. satisfying munchies). You infer something by association. He also gives a variety of advanced tactics that are neat. The FB ad system and FB pages have changed a lot since my copy was published though, so it’s be interesting to see if he has a newer version.

I used to have access to forums – there was a lot of detailed stuff there for running various type of affiliate campaigns, but some of it was in scummy areas like zip/email submits and predatory loans so I didn’t use it much tbh.

Also got Always Be Testing and Web Design For ROI and Steve Krug’s usability books. I love Web Design for ROI and Steve Krug’s stuff.

Landing page strategy for rankings and conversions

Hi all

I’m working on a landing page strategy for a printing company. I’m looking for any advice including internal linking, page content, page layout or any other advice that you can give. Here’s a basic template that I’ve created:

Landing page template

Here’s the thinking behind it (ignore actual text as mostly just filler):

  • Section 1
    Large clear headline
    Short piece of text underneath
    Bold, clear graphic to the right
    Call to action (Link to relevant product page and also a phone number)
  • Section 2
    Simple 4 piece graphic reinforcing key selling points (as with all other areas the text needs to be changed)
    An illustrated map showing a representation of the target town and one of our base town. Arrow and text to reinforce "Free Delivery Daily"
  • Section 3
    Offers – A demonstration of our prices. Each of which can be clicked to go directly to a product page with the options shown selected.
  • Section 4
    Additional text to explain and reinforce message. Opportunities for more keyword placement
    A graphic showing the company mascot introducing the testimonials section below
  • Section 5
    Testimonials – Each has headline, text, a clickable thumbnail that expands to a full size image, client name, client company, photo of client holding the item.
  • Section 6
    Call to action repeated.

The idea is that the landing pages will be the primary focus for link building and adwords campaigns which will primarily target geographical areas. For example, I want anyone searching for "leaflet printing in Townsville" to come to a landing page that communicates that we do that, we are just down the road in a neighbouring town, that our prices are great, that we deliver for free and that we have lots of other customers from that area that have bought that product and are extremenly happy with their decision (targeted testimonials at the bottom). Any advice on layout improvements would be much appreciated. The call to action link then leads to the ecommerce page where they can make their purchase.

I could do with some help on internal linking as well. For example, I may have separate pages targeting the following phrases:

Printing in Townsville
Leaflet prining in Townsville
Large format printing in Townsville
Canvas prints in Townsville

And another set targetting another town (unique text content for each). What’s the best way to internally link them? Obviously the landing page will link to a relevant ecommerce page, but in terms of linking them together for maximum link juice (targeting each geographical area), what’s the best strategy.

Any and all help much appreciated.


Google Adowrds Certification

Hi All,

I am planning to go for Google ad words certification but before giving the real test. I would like to go for mock test so can any body suggest me the sites for the mock tests, key topics & any other things that will help me in clearing the exam.
( Kindly don’t suggest


A Psychopath Test

A woman, while at the funeral of her mother, met a guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing?

She believed him to be her dream guy so much, that she fell in love with him right there, but never asked for his number and could not find him.

A few days later she killed her sister.

Does anyone know why?

Please comment your answer here…..

Do pages (not posts) in have SEO value

Do static pages in have SEO walue?

I have been blogging for a short time and there has been a modest but steady increase in traffic to my blog.

I have been copying my blog posts onto ‘static’ pages for easy presentation.

Since I’ve been introduced to a new method of presentation I’ve been considering whether to stop publishing pages, but am worried that I might lose SEO benefits if I stop publishing pages.

Does anyone have any idea?