How do i know what are all my sites keywords?

Without using google analytics…anyone want to reccomend a better software than google webmasters? i dont want to play with the sites codes or manually type my keywords to check their rank…….

like i know that my site i made like 3 keywords…but how do i know which keywords gogole chooses to use?

because on google webmaster tools i see a lost of like 100 keywords that i had not planned on using but were kind of automatically chosen for my site by the search engines!

Coming up high in SERP for multiple cities

Let’s say I"m a plumber who lives in Oakdale, CA, which is near the cities Riverbank and Modesto. I can get my site
link to come up in the SERP for someone googling "plumber Oakdale CA" by generating dozens of citations in the various business directories, with my NAP mentioning Oakdale, CA and then claiming them. And I can join the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce to get a link or two from them. But how can I come up high for someone in Riverbank or Modesto who googles "plumber Riverbank, CA" or Plumber Modesto CA"? My NAP can only mention one city. In my business description I can say I service these other areas, and I can mention them in my keywords. Does anyone know of any other methods?


SEO: Multiple sites 301 redirection to the new domain

one question is constantly harassing me from last few days. One of my clients has multiple websites and Now he wants to redirect these both websites to the new domain ( – the new/main domain name seo friendly and he is expecting more conversation with it. will use same "CMS & Language" as Site1 & site2 are using.

>> Story of Site1:

The problem is site1 was affected with Google PANDA earlier, which is totally recovered now. Site is ranking well now with all important keywords. Earlier when site got penalty, it was analyzed for bank-links and content. So it is having quality back links and brand new quality content.

>> Story of Site2:

This site is appearing good (generally on second/thrid page) on Google. There is lots of spam work done before via classified ads. But site wasn’t affected with any penalty till the date.

>> Now let’s move to main website

The main reason behind this move is to give new start to both site and customers with brand new look. We would like to manage whole customer group at one place.

– Content: New site has merged content of both website (unique). We have also created new content where it was required.
– URL structure: To make it innovative we have used new URL structure. Note: we are going to give 301 redirect individual page from “site1 & site2” to its corresponding page on site3.
– Back Links: Both site1 & site2 have their back-links (mixer of good and bad back-link profiles). PS: I forgot to mention one thing. The new website was live before 3-4 years ago and has few back-links coming from directory and social bookmarking sites.
– Design: Of-course we are going to introduce new look for site3 with lots of new features.

>> Now let’s move to the question:

Q1: Are we on right path?

Q2: Are we making any mistakes?

Q3: Will this migration pass ranking, PR and back-link benefit to the site3?

Before deciding migration I gone through many seo sites and read tons of articles.

Can anyone give me an elaborated answer?