The Blue Widget Memorial Event

I have a page dedicated to blue widgets, past and present. The page has general history, information, pictures, news etc all about Blue Widgets.

Pretty soon there will be a blue widget memorial day, dedicated to a very sad day for blue widgets. The whole current blue widget community will turn out for the event.

My question is Do i create a new section in my Blue Widget Article, under the heading of <h2>Blue Widget Memorial 2014</h2> and then link to it from prominant palces on my site and direct people in through social media.

Or, Do I create a whole new page for the Blue Widget memorial 2014, and have just information there about the memorial event.

Im thinking along the lines of Quality in depth content. A Blue Widget Memorial Page may be a little thin on the content front. Whereas adding the information to the official Blue Widget Page will beef up that page and give readers of that page something extra to read.

So which would you opt for ?? And why ?

Traffic from Facebook

I need a little help.

I have a post on my site that is receiving a ton of traffic from Facebook today.
Is it possible to find out How or Why? How can I see where it’s originating from on Facebook?
There’s nothing on my FaceBook page to show any activity, just lots of references in GetClickey about FaceBook and the Facebook button on the post is up to 20 likes (that’s a lot for me).

Keyword research

In the Keyword Planner, "london web design agency" (keywords ideas tab) shows 90 searches from May to August, but 140 for the same period last year.

While "wordpress design london" shows 20 searches per month, 10 for same period last year.

Also, "wordpress agency london" returns 90/20.

Surely this is not right, am I doing anything wrong?

If the above results are relatively accurate (targeting UK), am I right saying that choosing these keywords will basically get me nothing?

I am a bit confused as I’ve read that choosing long tail keywords for a start-up business makes more sense.

Should I try looking at different keywords like "web design london" which actually returns around 5k avg monthly searches, or how do I go about it?

Although we will mainly focus on WordPress websites, the business has not taken off yet.

Google Analystics: How do I paste tracking code into web pages

I am trying to setup a Google Analytic account and need to paste tracking code into web pages on my site.

Here are the instructions from Google:
"This is your tracking code. Copy and paste it into the code of every page you want to track."

Now my question is: How do I paste the tracking code into the code of every page I want to track………. I don’t even know where to find the code of every page to put in the tracking code.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Why the site is not getting organic traffic.

Hello, just want to know that my client as me to search about it, the website is all about medical and health topic and i search and get some ideas that way its not getting any traffic.

Site has not better social points.
Spinned content.

I also like to ask to you that i know the social points and spin article reduce the site ranks, but how this is possible that it destroy the whole site and not get any ranking for single keyword.

I check that its content looks good and better spinned, reader can also easy understand, it also have unique links, and he shared the posts to top 10 social networks, with link back to orignal post. can you please examine the site that what happen around it. the site is

if you need any info let me know. that

Promoting E-commerce customers to "Like" our page via incentives


I have recently learned that the Facebook policy is changing from November 5th regarding offering promotions to customers, such as a discount on their purchase if they "Like" the company’s Facebook page. I was wondering if someone could give an example of an effective text for a promotional banner (asking for a Facebook link at the time of purchase) in a way that adheres to the new policy.

Thank you in advance for any advice,


Google Webmaster and Crawl Errors

From time to time I delete low quality pages/posts on my site, and as a result I get 404 errors in Google Webmaster Tools, which is expected. My question is, assuming there are no links pointing to those pages I deleted, can I just ‘Mark As Fixed’ in Webmaster and be done with it? Or is there other things I need to do?

next penguin 2.1 recovery

I have a client website hit by penguin 2.1
How do I know the website was hit by penguin?
- traffic dropped 60% on the october 5th 2013, the day penguin 2.1 was released
- the homepage doesn’t show up in SERPs for any keywords except for the brand name keyword
- note: the website didn’t received any message on GWT

After an analysis I conclude that a few links might triggered the penalty.
By now, all links were removed.
They already disappeared from GWT.
Meaning that google is already aware that the links were removed.

The question is when is the website going to recover from penguin?
I have to wait till next penguin update?