keep google ranking while changing new URL

I am new to SEO and have a question. This is a little confusing : )

My name is basically the same as another person in my same profession and same city.
For example (not my real name:)

Dave Rollens Baker
Dave Rollans Baker

Right now, if I am googled, my URL shows up first with the correct spelling of my last name AND if you type in the name of my competitor. I assume this is b/c I have more traffic. This is important to me since so many people spell my name wrong and if they are searching for me and end up on my competitors site, they won’t know they are on the wrong site.

Right now, I am changing my website from to just (I am expanding and can’t go by just my name anymore.) I plan on routing to my new URL.

Is there any way to keep my ranking on google even though is no longer a website – it’s now only a forwarding URL?

Thanks so much for any assistance. I’m wondering if there are simple steps I can take to do this or if I should hire a specialist.

How to save ranking while changing website design?

Hi All,

My website is doing well in google ranking and coming on Frist and second page of google results for some competitive keywords. The website design is quite old now and based on basic html, that is why we are getting very less conversions even when we are on top results.

As the competition is growing and websites are becoming more interactive, I have decided to change the design and content of the website.

I want to change the design, but don’t want to loose the rankings either. Is there is any possible way to keep the rankings stable?

Thanks in advance.. :)

SEO live hangouts

Hi guys!

I joined the forum yesterday and have been reading and reading! Lots of great info on here and other users seem quick to respond and eager to help out. I’m still learning as I go and recently started following David Amerland on Twitter after having read a couple of his books. One of his links pointed me to his Youtube channel where he had a recording of a Google Hangout he’d conducted with several other guys interested in SEO.

Question: Do you ever organise live hangouts/chats like this?

I’d love to get involved with any live chats connected with SEO. This sort of stuff could then be followed up on the forum and might stimulate further discussion with the entire community. Sessions could be recorded and uploaded to the forum for everyone to watch, so no one would miss out.

Need an expert opinion on why people are not posting to my page

My page is at – I have got about 225 followers since the start of last week when I set it up.

I assume that my target market is everyone in my country (Ireland) – seeing as everyone is using computers to access facebook. Is this correct to assume and advertise using ppc at such a large market? The reason I am targeting my country specifically is because I hope I can convert some people to paying customers via remote support.

I am very sure that everyone must have some issue (seeing as computers can be such a pain) with their computers but nobody is asking anything? I put a post up yesterday looking for feedback on what content people would be interested in but I got just one reply and that is from a friend who has an interest in computers – not a joe soap. I am targeting these joe soaps seeing as they are the majority. Alot of what I am saying above is not backed by facts though.

I think I’ve spent about 60 or 70 euro on advertising so far. I find that people tend to leave their computers until they are nearly impossible to use before taking it to somebody. I need to tap into that part of peopls psyche I suppose – how can I figure out more information about my fans/likers through statistics etc.?

Should I Get my Bing Certifications

Hi guys
I been doing SEO for a few years now and along with SEO I have done adwords but hardly Bing or Yahoo. Some industries like less technical Bing works well, from what I hear. I want to give it a try but I like to do things right so I was thinking if investing a little time in studying and passing Bing certification is worth it?

I already have my adwords certification, and a bunch of other SEO and analytics certs. Studying for certs is exciting and helps me to get into those little circles but I am wondering if Bing is also the same.

Please let me know your thoughts from your experiance. Thanks

HipChat for Mac 3.1 – Meet the New chat button

Adios, lobby

In this Mac release you’ll get a new design for finding your teammates and public rooms from our New chat popover button.

New HipChat chat button

Meet the new chat button on HipChat

New form, more function

The New chat popover allows us to consolidate the entire lobby experience into smaller, more visually efficient solution so your teammates and rooms are front and center. It also sets the stage for us to add more functionality within the popover – like the ability to invite new users and create new rooms more easily.

Begin typing to find the right person in the New chat dialog

We started thinking about this after observing users depend on the lobby to start chats instead of using a keyboard shortcut (Command N). Some users complained that going to the lobby to find someone was cumbersome. We agreed.

Download the latest Mac app


What do you think? Let us know in the comments :)

How much time takes to DMCA Recovery

My few US Dress sites got Notice for DMCA Removal from Google. We removed immidiatly infringing URL’s and after that i fill out Content Removed Notification form. But infringing URL was removed by Google from Google search, so could you tell me, after filling content removal notification form how much time takes to search those links in Google