does having exactly matching listings still matter for local search?

I’ve read in the past that having exactly matching listings in local search was important…so..
2020 Someplace Drive must show exactly like that in google maps, bing local and so forth… in fact, there are a bunch of tools that do exactly that….
the theory is, if you ahve
"2020 Someplace Drive" in one listing and
2020 Someplace Dr" in another listing,
Google may not make the connection…

Honestly, with how sophisticated Google is getting with making entity relationships…this kind of sounds like…it may be a false best practice…

any thoughts from the community on if this is ACTUALLY a big deal (for ranking in the local pack in universal results) or just SEO tool sales pitch?

Any tips


I’ve finished a site for a friend and done a series of ‘SEO things!’ (for want of another word) that I feel would help, and done to the best of my own knowledge. There lots of thngs he can’t afford like ongoing content writing for one, and just trying to increase his content for the pages he has is hard, anyway…

The site will never be high for his main trade words/phrases as they are competitive (building works for example, or even building works high wycombe), and he’s not got the cash for ongoing spend and actually that’s fine, we knew that at the start.

My question is how I can get him higher for the company name diligent developments ? Currently languishing down on page 3 or 4, and another London based building company with the same name is no1 (the same name but no – and I think the site is reasonably well tagged and built, the domain matches and although content is short, it’s no too bad. The domain is only 6 months old though.

Company name Diligent Developments

Also, me and the London company both have Google business listings but it’s always the London company that shows up, neither my friends.

Any advice on the above, or indeed any other tips would be great.


"Needs Urgent Attention" – Can You Hel Me Troubleshoot Please ??

Can someone help me troubleshoot a message I got from Webmaster Tools Please. I dont even know where to begin to start with this one. The Message Reads.


Fix app deep links to Holderness Coast Sea Fishing | Fishing On The Holderness & Lincolnshire Coast, Including The River Humber that don’t match the content of the web pages
Jan 21, 2015

Dear webmaster of Holderness Coast Sea Fishing | Fishing On The Holderness & Lincolnshire Coast, Including The River Humber,

When indexing the deep links to your app, we detected that the content of 1 app pages doesn’t match the content of the corresponding web page. This is a bad experience for your users because they won’t find what they were looking for on your app page. We won’t show deep links for these app pages in our smartphone search results. This is an important issue that needs your immediate attention.

We are doomed and need some help

We are a software company that sell our product online and earn our bread and butter.

Over the years we are experiencing a rapid drop in our visitors and almost converging towards zero. We never practiced any black-hat seo. Our in-house abilities evolve mainly core VC++ programming and frankly we never did any active SEO whatsoever.

Our software is available on many download websites and that is all about it.

With all the algorithm changes and whatever, we are slammed to ground now.

The graph below might explain.

Can someone guide us in the right direction what we should do. What kind of budget we should do to get back where we were in 2011? We are not looking for any miracle, we just need to get back to that 140 visitors a day and we will be fine.

For humiliation reasons, I am not providing the URL of the software here. For a God sent, I can always PM the URL.

Thanks in advance.

PLEASE. Help us.

Computer | Laptop | Macbook | Business IT Repair Service in London Finchley

Could i please get a review on our new website from an SEO perspective.

i am targeting Keywords including
Computer Repair
Laptop Repair
Business IT Support
Computer Repair London
Computer Repair Finchley

I will be adding more pages in the next week for extras including
virus removal
os installation
data recovery and will be doing the keywords titles etc in this way. Thank you very much

Need Help For HomePage Issue?


I am facing problem regarding homepage search results. My hompage title is different as it appears in Google search.

For example: If i am searching say "seo strategy" . It appears "seo strategy seo strategy" two times. My homepage title is different from it.

Can anyone guide me or have any solutions to make this correct.

Thanks in Advance!


Tại sao Ế

- Ế đang là một xu thế của quốc tế trong khi nền kinh tế rất chi lề mề và trì trệ, còn lạm phát thì cao hơn điện thế.

- Ế là phong cách sống của các con người tinh tế và các bậc vai vế, chỉ thích ngồi trên ghế, nhâm nhi cafe, chơi đế chế hoặc nghịch dế.

Have No Fear… Mac Version 3.2 is Here!

Image of in-app invite

HipChat Mac Client Version 3.2


New In-App Invites

Say hello to our new and improved invitations system. This now gives you a very easy way to add members of your team to your HipChat group. Just type in their email address, hit send, then bing bang boom, they’re added. If your admin is a kill joy, they can disable this feature via the admin panel if they want.

With any new feature, we are open to feedback. Let us know in the comment any feedback you have.


Connection Fixes

You know that thing when you open your laptop and HipChat needs to reconnect, but can’t? Yeah, we fixed that.

We are really focusing on connection stability, so we will be optimizing and improving this over the next few releases to make it as robust as possible.


Check out the other stuff we added and fixed by reading the full release notes here.


HipChat Mac Client