Metrics to differetiate quality links

I have been doing SEO for the past 2 years for my websites.

My Link Building Strategies are simple

1. Find competitors
2. Get competitors backlinks
3. Find contact details of Potential competitor backlinks
4. Mail them and ask for a link

I am using Majestic SEO to get the competitors backlinks. The problem I am facing is that I get thousands of spam backlinks for a competitor along with 10% genuine links. All my time is wasted in sorting and finding out which is a genuine link prospect and which is not.

Lately I started using the SOurceTrustValue fom majestic SEO to differetiate the spam and genuine prospects. I ignore If the sourceTrustValue of a source link is zero. Now from my 10,000 backlinks 9900 are filtered out as spam links and only 100 remain for which I ask for links via email.

Is my approach correct or is there any other way to eliminate the spam competitor backlinks or any other metric (SourceTrustValue, Google Page Rank) whihc will differetiate good and bad prospects.

How to Increase twitter Followers

I have been using Twitter for a little less than a year and have almost 2,000 followers, slowly building my following the old-fashioned way – with good tweets and re-tweets.

Then I figured that there has to be a better way. So I started to google about it and found [a site] which was giving 22k follower for just $10. Is it ok to buy twitter follower?

I really wanna show my friends that I have allot of followers

Get yer video on – Introducing Hangouts, GoToMeeting and Appear integrations!

image2015-3-17 14-57-16

Video chat your entire team with our latest integrations

Hot on the heels of the Twitter and Trello integrations, we’re excited to announce three new, video-based integrations with HipChat.

Please welcome Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting Free and Appear to the HipChat integrations family. These integrations will get your team chatting for standups, planning meetings and even ad-hoc video chats.

If your company uses Google Apps, then your team will be able use the Google Hangouts integration. If not, we’ve got you covered with Appear and GoToMeeting Free.

Getting your video on

All three services provide group video up to a specific number of people* for free. The integrations are all really easy to use, it’s up to you which one you choose. Maybe you’ll even choose all three, as they can be installed globally or on a per room basis.

Once installed, starting a video conference is easy:

  • Hangouts – type /hangout
  • Appear - type /appear
  • GoToMeeting – type /g2m

A message will be posted to the HipChat room, and you’re all set!

image2015-3-17 14-49-53

When is HipChat building native group video?

HipChat currently supports 1-1 video in our HipChat Plus and HipChat Server offerings, and whilst that’s awesome for many use cases, we know it’s more fun when multiple people can join the party. We’re working to deliver native group video functionality and we want to make sure we deliver a great experience. Group video needs to be stable, performant and most importantly, scale to your needs. We want to support teams of all shapes and sizes, all over the world.

So why integrate with other group video services?

We value what you do and the way you work, and supporting that is critically important to us. Whilst HipChat’s native group video functionality is baking, we decided to deliver integrations that you may already be using in your workflow. With Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting Free and Appear we want to make sure that you and your team get the most out of HipChat.

Stay tuned for more updates, and in the meantime get your teams talking with our awesome new integrations below.

We hope you love them!

* Each app can support the following number of users for free: Hangouts – 15, Appear – 8, GoToMeeting – 3

Looking for volunteers who would let me check their website

Hello and thank you for having me on the forum.

I have long struggled with keeping my sites tidy (it all started with Joomla but then I modified some other CMS). I then made a simple web crawler that checks broken links, duplicate content, outbound & inbound links, page level, keyword density etc.

I’m not going to self-promote or even mention the name of the crawler. I just wonder if there is anyone interested in having their website checked (for free of course).

If you’d like to participate, please send me the address of your website in a private message. I will run the checks and will send you back the following:

List of broken links (403, 404, 500 and other errors);
List of links to external websites, with parameters (anchor, source URL, nofollow etc.);
List of images, with parameters (width, height, src, alt);
A Google style XML sitemap;
List of all non-HTML pages (links to archive files, images, audio/video etc.);
List of pages with low keyword density (based on the keywords you’ll provide).

You can choose it either in txt, PDF or CSV format.

Thanks for your attention!


Google Adsense Application Rejected – Don’t know why

I setup a google adsense account, pasted the ad code onto my website,
then waited for the final review phase.

I got rejected and can’t understand why.. reason given was insufficient content.

My site is listed by Google / not blacklisted.

Can anyone help me ? Can send the link via PM on request.

Many Thanks

Jotform goes global with HipChat

The following is a guest post by Jotform’s Chad Reid



At Jotform, we build forms, and with nearly 2 million users – things are booming. But, what sets Jotform apart from the rest of the pack is the way we do things: there’s no sprawling corporate HQ, no endless rows of cubicles, and no office drama. We don’t even have a reception desk.

How do we get anything done? What holds together a remote team on four continents? HipChat, that’s how. HipChat keeps us connected with El Salvador, Thailand, England, Jamaica, and even the faraway land of New York.


Building forms, and building a brand


JotForm isn’t new to the game of form building; we developed the first WYSIWYG online form builder in 2006 and have built a loyal following since, with customers ranging from web developers to Depeche Mode.

Officially, JotForm is headquartered in San Francisco, where the marketing team shares a small office. Each computer is just a few feet away from the next, but that doesn’t mean we use HipChat any less.

Throughout the day, email drafts, headline ideas, important links, and images are shared via HipChat because it’s fast and effective. When Ankara wants Marketing’s attention, someone 10-time zones away drop a line in the marketing room and they’re instantly connected.


HipChat allows JotForm to move fast


When Adobe announced they were retiring their form builder in January, we used HipChat to collaborate globally to produce an import tool – before any competitors – even the ones with full teams working in the same office.

HipChat enables us to hire talent from anywhere in the world, work swiftly and decisively, and greatly reduces overhead expenses. We love us some HipChat.


Chad Reid serves as the Director of Communications for JotForm, a popular online form builder. He loves all things related to cats, and never turns down free food. Follow on Twitter.

Best way to title blog posts for better ranking?

I’m new to all this SEO stuff and I have been reading many articles to help me learn but I would like a clear answer on how to title
blog posts to get better search results. Some articles I have read say to use your key words in the beginning of the title and to make a
catchy and engaging title but my manager (whom I’m writing them for) says that the title should be plain and simple as possible. He
thinks a title with just one simple keyword will help the blog rank higher on Google. Please let me know your thoughts on this, I would appreciate any helpful tips!

Thank you