Google local business and search location

When it comes to searching local businesses, how far out will Google search? In other words, suppose a business is located in New York, but does a search 50 miles away from NY. Will their listing rank well? Is there a distance cut-off for which google local business do not show up in organic listings?

Updating site to Responsive


Going to make our regular site responsive.

Our developers for our main site our way to expensive and I have found another company to make it.

Not really much of a techie but I believe they would need acsess to our ftp area.

Just wondering if this suggestion below from our hosting company is good after I asked the same question?

For that you have to create new FTP account and set document root path of the folder that you want to give access to them.

Just want to be on the safe side that nothing could alter on our main site.

Many Thanks

International SEO – have I left anything off this list?

I am launching websites in 4 countries outside the USA: Australia, UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

It’s my first venture into international SEO, but I’ve done research and come up with the following items to consider.

Can anyone confirm if I’ve left out anything essential, or got anything wrong?

Brief summary, not necessarily in this order:

1. Use ccTLDs., etc

2. Do competitor research for each country. Research cultural differences in approach to business, local terminology/keywords, currency, and other country-specific peculiarities.

3. Use experienced translators/writers who are also familiar with local terminology for each country – don’t just do direct translations.

4. Put appropriate staff members in place to handle leads in the foreign languages.

5. Do on-page SEO: unique Meta Titles and Descriptions for each page, write visitor-friendly content using local terminology/keywords.

6. Have local contact details present on each site.

7. Include this country and language code in the html element: <html lang="en-AU"> <html lang="en-AU"> (Is this the correct code format?)

8. Set up separate Google Analytics and WMT accounts for each domain.

9. Obtain some inbound links within each country from relevant/useful vertical directories, personal connections with local vendors, local software reviewers and our trade show hosts.

10. Link to some local content that is useful to our visitors.

11. Do local press releases to announce our service locally.

Opinions or advice appreciated – thanks,

Search results titles have changed?

Did anyone else notice that the search results have different titles then before? It appears that Google is taking snippets of the title tags or using anchor text results from links to sites instead. Not sure if this is just a temporary glitch or not but its happening for all search results for any key words.

Getting quality backlinks


1- I am looking to get quality backlinks to my webiste. I have a couple of good articles I want to have posted. Where can I find great blogsites that could be interested? What do you think of the service offered by iWriter. I am not convinced this type of bulk backlinking is a good idea.

2- To avoid duplication, I understand I should not post the same article on my own webiste. Is that right? Or, should I just provide a link to the post to my website? Would that count as a backlink. I’m a little confused here.

Thanks for your help,


Co-Citation / Co-Occurence

Hey Folks,
I have been trying to figure out how exactly these two jargons work and what is the best possible way to use them.

Have any of you tried some tests if co-citation and co-occurrence work?
I have two clients in the manpower industry. One being fairly old and doing good. The other is a very new addition. They are very similar projects and deal in the same market.

Here is what I am planning.
I have some links built for the old site. I am going to put another link to the new site from the same pages that are linking to the old site and see if there is any noticeable change due do co-citation. I mean I am not going to provide any anchor text. If one OBL is being linked with anchor text "keywordx" I will try to find if the second OBL also gains ranks for the same keyword without specifically being provided the anchortext.

But my scope is very small, what I am asking the community is have you tested these concepts on other projects on a larger scale? Any research inputs would be welcome.