Another SEO Newbie in need of advice : Original Content v Mfg Descriptions

Hi everyone, i have heard good things about this forum so i hope to be a long term question poster and eventually a long term question responder :)

I have signed up to a service called SpyFu which is full of useful information, if only we spoke the same language, i kind of need a Nubes guide to understand its maximum potential.

Our eCommerce provider is Volusion and we have a store selling new and refurbished Enterprise IT Equipment. (not a plug!)

I have a myriad of questions but the most important one is about unique content. I now understand that copy and pasting the information provided to you by a Mfg is not the best way to go as thats what everyone does and will rank you very low, but, most if not all that information is important to help potential customer make more informed decisions prior to purchase.

If i was to add several lines of my own text "before" the Mfg spiel would that be enough to make it unique content?

All advice and critique gratefully accepted.


How to increase natural genuine followers and keep away from fake people?

I have recently started social media marketing through twitter, I am using all trending keywords and #tags to increase my followers. I noticed that my followers’ list keeps changing, People keep following and then unfollowing, I want to increase genuine followers as I am posting really a good stuff, Can anyone help me with this?
Note: I obviously don’t want to pay for anything.:neutral:

Outgoing link in Pop Up


Just about to set up a pop up to collect subscribers to our newsletter.

The one I want to use has a powered by with a link to that site that hasn’t been nofollowed.

Was wondering if this was ok?

The code is here

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
(function() {var s = document.createElement('script');s.type = 'text/javascript';s.async = true;
s.src = document.location.protocol + '//';
var s2 = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s2.parentNode.insertBefore(s, s2);})();
// ]]></script>

Many Thanks Danny

Website Page Views


Today morning i am seeing Google Analytics i find there was huge drop in page views last month in April 2015 my page views were around 2000 and when coming to this month it was down to 600?

I have checked my GWT Every thing is fine no spam messages i have received. Coming to back links i have only 13 back links which were not in to spam, my blog was only 4months old so no duplication i have uploaded it was me and my friend involved in writing no duplicate content for Sure..

Can any one help me out what making my website page views going down..?

Do my website effected for any algorithms recently updated if so how can i get to know that ??

Waiting to publish "now" content

I am a wedding DJ and typically I try to write up a blog post about the evening’s events as soon as I can. However I can be missing some data that is reliant on a third party, like the couple’s review of my service or photographs from the photographer. Sometimes this content can come quickly, like in just a few days. Sometimes it could be many many months, especially when it comes to the photographer.

I am curious if by posting a more minimal content page up quickly, and augmenting that page with updated content as it comes in hurts me more than it helps. First of course just having the audience come to my page and not having everything at once is a bit of a bummer and could sour future recall to the site. But also waiting on others to get fresh content is a bummer as well.

What do you do when you have to wait on content? And should my best practice be to wait it out even if it is months down the road.

Javascript links and off page content

In trying to build the perfect page from a user perspective, there are a couple of thinks I’d like to do that involve javascript:

  • Some of my links require intervention, and are redirected immediately after the code has run, to the original target.
  • I’d like to store some information off page and reveal it with a click.

The concern I have is that one, or both, of these actions could cause SEO issues, and given that the reason I’m doing this, I wan’t to make sure I’m not shooting myself in the foot.

Has anyone had a positive/negative experience of using these techniques with regard to SEO?

A surge in referral traffic – and tips for how to stop it

Throughout May, I remember us getting 2 or 3 posts saying "I’m getting a lot of weird traffic from unidentifiable sources." This referral spam and ghost traffic can be vexing – our sister-ish site Threadwatch has a new post up about the surge, how to identify referral spam, and how to stop it: Surge in referral spam (and some tips for stopping it) |

Have you experienced any referral spam lately? How did you deal with it?


Originally Posted by Threadwatch

What is referral spam and how does it work?Essentially, a website will find a domain (possibly yours) that uses a public analytics platform. Then, they will send fake visits to your website. Then, the analytics platform will record it as a referral and provide a link back to that website. Shady stuff.

Why is this bad for you?Your referral data is inaccurate! You’re looking at more traffic than you’re actually getting and if you’re unaware of the referral spam, you may make a poor decision as a result.

Title For New Web Page

Want to launch new image catalog page. Will relate to law enforcement and police. I checked two search terms (that pertian to my images which are cartoons) and searched: "police cartoons" and "law enforcement cartoons" and "Police Cartoons" brings back: 43,100,000 results
"Law Enforcement Cartoons" brings back: 1, 850,000

So when naming my new page (I mean title in Yoast plugin) also the slug….should I choose the least competitive? I.e. "law enforcement cartoons" which only has 1,850,000 results?