Ranking loss through permalink change


I have a blog that I developed years ago to learn WordPress. I developed it using a theme which although still supported is very outdated and I have been going to update it with a new theme. The blog is really just a love job and provides information about my home town and its surrounds.

One of the reasons I keep putting off updating it, is that it uses day and name as the permalinks.


If I was to change the theme, and update the site and changed the permalinks to postname, what would be the ramifications on ranking. Would I have to set up a 1000 redirects? I get on average about 200 views a day.

Dropped off search

Ok, I know I’m not ranking or anything, but my site has recently disappeared off of a search. I was only on page 3 or 4 most of the time,
but it’s quite a good search. I wasn’t expecting to go up any time soon, but even before the work I’ve done I was at around page 8.

Can anyone explain why I might have disappeared completely? In other searches I’m still in the same positions(roughly). I read about the
panda update, hoped it wouldn’t have affected me. I can’t see that it has though, because although I’e been making changes, I didn’t see
any real benefit from them. Why would I be penalised.

Could it be something else? Could anyone tell me a bit of detail about panda?

btw I havne’ recieved any manual action on the site or anything, it just disappeared off of 1 search. I mean completely(not even on the
first 50 pages).

Doubt related to Canonical tag,

Hi friends,
My website is- daiwikhousing.com and i created one landing page for this but both page have same content that’s why i putted Canonical tag at Home page to landing page-(that means when google crawl website home page then canonical tag tell him the landing page content is actual and follow it ). But i don’t know what happened when i check cache:landing-page then it redirect to home page and my landing page is not indexed in google.

So can anyone help me to index my landing page. I have another option is i should remove canonical tag from home page and put unique content there and then waiting for indexing but right now i want to solve this problem by using Canonical tag.

Thanks in Advance

How much PR is passed when no-indexing a page

Hi guys. I was wondering if you noindex/follow a page, does the links on the noindex/follow page receive the noindex/follow page’s full PR? What I mean is, if you have a link from your homepage to page 1 and from page 1 you have a link to page 2 and you noindex/follow page 1, does page 2 get the full value of page 1 PR or does it still lose some of its value?


Home (PR value 10)
Page 1 (noindex/follow should get PR value 5, but is noindex/follow so it passes the value 5 to page 2?)
Page 2 (now does page 2 get all of page 1 PR or just part of it like it would have if page one was still index/follow?)

Please note that the above PR values does not reflect real PR values.


Four HipChat secrets for remote teams using agile

HipChat for agile remote teams

Agile development was created with the idea that teams would work in close proximity with one another in order to operate faster as a team. But, let’s be honest, working remotely today is as ubiquitous as Elvis in Vegas.

Most businesses now have a few – or several – distributed teams. And for good reason. Strong talent can be found in less competitive markets, and teams can work around the clock.

Even so, being a remote agile team comes with challenges like coordinating across time zones, building team rapport, collaborating among different development cultures, and scheduling meetings. Luckily, communication tools like HipChat can bridge the gaps created by distance and time.

Below we’ve gathered four tips that will help your remote team go agile.

1. Structure your team

Develop a single piece of technology in each office to boost autonomy and get work done more efficiently.

HipChat for agile remote teams

HipChat Tip: When your team begins to work remotely, it’s the perfect time to use HipChat. Boost autonomy by providing an open room for your team to communicate and share information.

2. Build team rapport

Give remote teammates the opportunity to create personal connections. Doing so will build trust, minimize missed expectations, ease self-organization, and boost morale.

HipChat for agiler remote teams

HipChat Tip: HipChat lets you communicate via chat, voice, video, or text. Multiple options reduce obstacles preventing communication, giving your team the most opportunities to share business and get to know one another.

3. Create a united development culture

Keep your team in sync by laying down the framework for a united development culture. Helpful tips: over-communicate decisions, minimize the friction in setting up the development culture, clearly define the definition of “done,” and create guidelines for filing bugs.

HipChat for agile remote teams

HipChat Tip: Create a room for your devs to report, discuss, and announce news. Integrate the room with JIRA, so your entire team can stay updated on projects and tasks.

4.  Maximize the golden hour

Take advantage of the hours when the local and remote teams are both in the office by holding standups.

HipChat for agile remote teams

HipChat Tip: Encourage your team to set their timezones in their settings, so they can know everyone’s local time. That way, you can be sensitive when you call a standup and you’re not pinging people while they sleep! 


In a distributed organization, the reality is that every team is remote. All teams need to adapt and learn how to share work between offices, communicate effectively, and grow a consistent culture across geographies.

The most effective teams seek to find and share successful practices across all locations, with help from communication tools like HipChat.

HipChat for agile remote teams


Link Exchange Websites

When I do a competitor’s analysis, I see many of them have added links in websites where a link exchange is a must. I google with the query "submitted-website site:competitor.com" & I see no results. How come their link is in that directory then because I don’t see the directory’s link in their website ?