Multidomain… questions:

For the moment i have that point to the directory "www" at my root.
I want to do a multidomain for and What are the best practices?

1) Structure for SEO =>

all at the root or in directory www?


can i rename www without question? (im with ovh)

2) tobots.txt?
One per directory??? and one at the root?
www/robots.txt normal
www_de/robots.txt normal
www_fr/robots.txt normal
robots.txt (that disallow all)


Need Advice: i want to choose 3 SEO company instead of one

i want to spend $3000 to do SEO for my site come up in google for my keywords but i want to choose 3 different SEO company instead of one
and pay each company $1000 to do SEO for my site and after 6 month choose the best company who provide better result.

i want to know what is your advice ? it good decision or its better to choose 1 seo company ?

sudden decrease in my crawl index and sitemap index


is there any specific reason for sudden decrease in crawl, index and sitemap index rate in google
webmaster. – crawl stats – Index stats – Sitemap

Kindly PFA above.there is deduction in those three for specific time.Kindly help me to understand why this reduction

Ranking dropped for 2 main keywords, should be a simple fix

I haven’t been here for awhile, good to see some old faces. I used to read all the top rep members’ posts.

Anyway, here’s the issue, I have a website and the home page ranked 116th and 28th for my two main keywords pre-SEO work (May 2015).
Then, last month the same two main keywords ranked 10th and 4th.
Today, the two keywords rank 129th and 113th. Plus for one of the keywords, instead of the home page ranking, an internal case study page is now ranking instead.

I have no idea why the rankings have gone down. I’ve done SEO for many sites over the years and very rarely had this problem.

As far as I’m aware, I’ve done everything by the book on-page and sourced what I know are quality links and citations, that’s all I’ve changed and my approach usually works fine.

If you need more info I’ll happily supply it.

Any ideas?

Search Engines read duplicated content via JS?

I have a Responsive web site. As the browser width decreases in size, I need to shuffle around where content is placed on the page. For example, on Desktop element 1 is at the top of the page and element 5 is at the bottom of the page. On Mobile, element 5 is at the top and element 1 is at the bottom.

For the mobile view, I’ve just placed empty placeholder divs at the top/bottom. I then use jQuery to create a clone of the Desktop content in element 1 and insert it in the html() of the placeholder div on mobile. The code works and does everything I want it to. The reason I’m doing this is so that I don’t have duplicated content on my page 2-3 times.

Will the Search Engines read this content 2-3 times? Will I be penalized? I ran the page through the Search Engine Simulator and the content only shows up once. ‘View Source’ only shows the content once. Using developer tools in Chrome, I see the content 2-3 times in the DOM.

Thanks in advance!