Google Plus Duplicate Page


I have a client which has 3 sister companies. Right now, there is one Google plus account for the parent company. I had previously created one another Google plus page for one of the sister company. But since the addresses of all these companies are same, I had to delete the google plus page of the sister company since it’s against the google’s policies.

Now, this company is still visible on Google maps. I have tried to delete it giving the reason as duplicate page. But still it’s visible. How can I permanently delete the listing?

P.S: Apologies for the long question.

SEO FAQs [29 of them]

Here I’m breaking shuckles and asking every SEO FAQ is coming to my mind as I realised

If I don’t ask it today, I leave it to be learned another day. Here the questions are?

1. Social Shares- Social shares, do they help in rankings? Do they manipulate search

engine results.

2. Web 2.0- How does web 2.0 help in ranking? If yes, then how?

3. Comments- Do comments manipulate search results?

4. Externel-dofollow- What does it mean?

5. Old sites- How much does google value old sites?

6. Link juice- Does linking to reputed sites give link juice?

7. Relevancy.

a. Can irrelevant backlinks be harmful even if they are from reputed sites?
b. Or can they be helpful? If yes, then how much?

8. Schema and microdata- What are they? How are they used? (No idea)

9. Mobile algo- What’s google’s mobile algo name?

10. Algo- How many google algos are there?

11. Phantom- What is phantom algo? What does it do?

12. Coding- Is HTML5 & CSS3 better than basic version?

13. SEO tools- How many google SEO tools are there? What are they? i.e. Keyword


14. Characters- At maximum, how many characters are shown on G search

15. Buying Links- Is it preferred to buy links for niche/blog site?

16. Page Rank Question- Incoming Links, length, keywords, relevancy what else matters?

17. Anchor Text- What is it with the anchor text penalization? (No idea)

18. Organised- Does google like formatted writing?

19. Natural Links- Can natural links from non-reputed sites help?

20. E-commerce- How do people SEO e-commerce site?

21. Wikipedia- Is it possible to overtake wikipedia with the same keyword?

22. Grammar- How much does google worry bout spelling & grammar errors.

23. Bing & Ask- What are the names of bing & ask algo?

24. Short & Long- Can short & long post in 3:1 ratio create bad impression on google?

25. Spinner- Can google detect spinned articles?

26. Readable- Can google detect if a post is human readable?

27. Fake Visits-

Can fake visits/traffic harm my site?
Can google detect them?
Can fake visits benefit me with PR?

28. Robot.txt- Is robot.txt still necessary?

29. YT- How to do youtube keyword research?

Ok, these might be a lot to answer, but if you have time, then please do, If you don’t I

remain ignorant.

If you think linking to others’ posts (blog/forum) would describe these things, then

please do.

Boost work productivity with keyboard shortcuts

HipChat keyboard shortcuts for productivity

If you’ve been using HipChat, you already know how much faster work gets done when using chat. But let’s amp up your work productivity another notch.

If you’re not using all of HipChat’s productivity-enhancing features like keyboard shortcuts, you’re wasting precious time. And that just drives us crazy!

Ok, we’ll calm down. But really, keyboard shortcuts – use them.

Keyboard shortcuts let you to navigate HipChat without touching your mouse. Quickly  join, create, or close rooms, invite people to rooms, and search room and chat history.

For a list of keyboard shortcuts on the web app while using Windows or Linux, type Ctrl + /. On a Mac, use ⌘ + /. Here is the full list of keyboard shortcuts:

HipChat Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re digging this boost in productivity, you’ll also love slash commands, which help you format your text in HipChat, among other nifty actions.


Are nofollow detecting plugins always right?

I have nodofollow installed on firefox, and have begun a guest blogging campaign, where I write actual high quality articles for quality blogs in my niche. I have screened out the ones that appear to use nofollow links in the author bios, but I heard from someone that the nofollow tag can be a part of the stylesheet, effectively fooling the plugin, making it show a link as dofollow when it actually isn’t.

Is there any truth to this? If so, are there any better tools out there that are more accurate? Thanks!

link keywords to main domain

HI all

I have a blog about seo , social media and for many keywords my website is page 3 to 7 . today i search for keyword on Google and i have checked 1st result. it was about 500 words article. and some keywords in article was linked to site main domain.

and i want to know why we should link keywords in our article to our site main domain ? and it will affect in our ranking ?

Guest blog posting.

Ok, in my efforts to link build. I decided to write a blog post as a guest post for another blogger. It’s the first I’ve done , but has some worth. Now I need to find somewhere that it can be posted. I thought it would be simple. Just put it out there. But I’m not that familiar with the world of blogging. A day later and i realise that finding someone that actually gets traffic and that will actually feature my post is a little more difficult. Anyone got any ideas as to how I might find a blog that will work with me. Baring in mind I’m a complete beginner and pagerank is what I’m after. Where should I be looking? Is a google search a good judge of popularity. I’ve been following a few blogs relevant to me on twitter for a while but finding someone that will work with me is a little more difficult. I want it to be relevant aswell. Which is, again a little difficult as there is zero interest in my field. Any advise would be appreciated.