What am I doing wrong? Local SEO

Hey guys,

I’ve started to see dips in rankings for our local keywords and pages. Our main goal and what we’d like to achieve is Top 5 for "Langley Roofing" for our site – bit.ly/1pjErvd

I guess I’m wondering if I’ve done a poor job internally linking the important pages. I’ve recently added more local pages and services for Langley, which they did not have before.


and so on…

This pages that were created now are ranking somewhere in the 18-21 positions, but are they conflicting with the keyword that we really want to be on top of? (langley roofing)

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Backlink is the KING and google have no LAW

After working over 3 month in Original Content creation and link building in Natural way i have no success in Ranking and this is what i do in this 3 month :

publish more than 50 original +1500 words articles for my keyword
redirect WWW to non www 301
Non index Tags
buy SSL
remove duplicate content and meta data
share content on social media
Set international targeting on my search console
and ….

but still page 6 !!! and i think i am moving backwards

today i try to check my competitors to see what they really have to rank higher than me

My web site is Persian and i search my keyword on google and this is the result :
1st ranked web site : 1.4 million backlink
2nd ranked web site : 1.3 million backlink
3rd ranked web site : 1.99 million backlink
4th ranked web site : 105K backlink
5th ranked web site : 900k backlink

I check their backlinks and articles and here is the result :
HOW Is this possible web site make over 1 million back links in natural way !!!
70% of backlinks are comment and wiki backlinks from English NON related web sites while their website is Persian so backlink from English blog comment is Bad for seo
Articles are around 400 -600 words with Keyword stuffing and this is kind of Black hat

I wonder How this websites are ranking FIRST in Google for over 1 year and Google can not catch them,I see that there is no law on google and in the front google tell us do not buy links, do not do black hat and…. but behind the scene google can not control websites and rank them like 5 years ago, More backlink,Better rank

Lucidchart for HipChat brings your flowcharts into your workflow

HipChat Lucidchart integration

You can type your heart out, but sometimes the best way to get a point across is to show a visual. Flowcharts help teams organize thoughts, projects, and organizational structures, and Lucidchart, an easy-to-use flowchart and diagramming tool, is your ticket to helpful visuals land.

Plus, with the new Lucidchart for HipChat integration, your flowcharts and your workflows are one. HipChat is where your team is working, so just like sharing files, now your team can share collaborative charts.

The integration works smoothly whether you’re working in HipChat or Lucidchart. In Lucidchart, you can post any chart to a HipChat room with the click of a button. In HipChat, teammates are able to see and visit the chart, where they can collaborate – yet again – in real time.

Here’s how it works. In Lucidchart, just share your chart into any HipChat room by clicking the blue “share” button.

HipChat Lucidchart integration

You can then find any person or room in HipChat, and share it.

HipChat Lucidchart integration

The chart will pop up in your room, and everyone in the room can click the link to join the collaboration process in Lucidchart.

HipChat Lucidchart integration

You can also create a new chart in HipChat with a simple “/Lucidchart”. Every person in the room can then join the collaborative flowchart.

By bringing in awesome tools like Lucidchart, HipChat becomes much more than chat for teams. It becomes your home base for all team-related activity. The Lucidchart integration is another example of how work tools can fold logically and neatly into your conversations in HipChat.

Install Lucidchart for HipChat

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Google Blogspot

in my shopping website i have many category like

1: Safety Equipment
2: Hand Tools

so i create the this category blog in google blogger.

1: Safety Equipment online shopping at best price, Safety Equipment online store
2: Hand Tools online shopping at best price, Hand Tools online store

and i post in product detail and back link , so it is good for seo result of not ?

Remove Low Quality Content to Increase Rankings?

The site I am working on still has old product pages indexed where the content is lower quality or thin.

Do you feel that the old low quality/thin content could be pulling the site down as a whole and if these pages are are not used anymore would it help removing them from the Google index manually?

Decided to return

Ok, it’s been a while, but decided to come back for some advise. First to get up to speed. I’d been working on a site for over a year with very little success. After a year I decided to design a new site. I put the new site on a new domain. This time fully https. So the first thing I did was notify Google about the new site. I was hoping this one would do better with or without links. It’s better optimised and a better site in general. After a week Google had only crawled a couple of the 48 pages and I panicked. So I got into a site that offered thousands of links hoping that with them my site would be crawled faster. Not quality links but about 17000 anyway I thought being crawled was going to be an issue. I assumed it was because of https. I set up redirects on a page level from old domain to new domain with new site and thought it was just a matter of time.

After this I noticed that my old site took a jump in rankings. It was now on top page. So I thought that finally I had done it and was on my way. The problem is that once the old site was replaced with the new one I lost rank. What I’m saying is that once the redirects were in place my old site on old domain jumped. Then when Google realised I’d changed domain they removed the old home page from search engine results and put the new sites homepage that’s on a new domain in search engine results. Only now I’m way down on page 3. My question is, do you think I have damaged the new domain with the spammy links even though they don’t show up in search console. Or do you think it’s just a matter of time before my new site gets the ranking the old site had. At the moment traffic is down and I was counting on it.

I’d heard that there would be no loss from 301 redirect to new site. But the old site on old domain clearly scored higher before the migration.

Does anyone have any experience of changing domains anecdotes at the same time, I know Google said to wait a couple of months to see the full migration through, but when I lose rankings I panic.

website missing

Help needed!!

My website sometimes appears on the first page…and some times on the second page and sometimes no results at all. what must be the cause? when i search for " 4ipnet dubai" our website applicom is displaying in the 1st page..for me and for my colleague. when another friend of mine tried searching for it ..it didn show up. is there any problem with that?? same problem associated with other keyword as well.