Want to know the transaction ID after clicking the event

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Can u please do me a favor in Google analytic. I have placed event tracking in my websites to track banner clicks. Now I want to track the trasanction ID’s as

well for those banners (People click those banners and place an order).

It will be a great help if you can guide me how can i do that.

Panda recovery question

I know it unusual for me to pop questions in here but this is not my area so thought I would ask you guys a question for a change :) .

Someone on here fired me a email to help out with their site. It’s a quite a large site (over 100,000 pages)

A while ago, 2014 they believe they got hit by panda and has ever since seen traffic and SERPS drop steadily. I am unsure if it was a panda issue or not as I would have thought the drop would have been more cliff like and not a steady decline as they are seeing.
I had a good scan of the site and noticed they had a massive amount of outbound links that where all follow. So I instructed him to make them all nofollow as it looked like google had lost trust in the site and could be confused with being a link farm. .

He has changed majority of the links, got rid of a hell of a lot of thin content pages and also discovered a lot of 404 pages while doing site audits which he has been removing. There has been also a lot of smaller onsite issues which are now fixed or improved.
So all great news and the site is now looking in far better shape although still working on it.

The traffic / SERPS is showing no sign of recovery,
I have been monitoring his SERPS for him, before it unstable and was jumping around, since the changes its become much more steady but he is telling me the traffic is still falling.

Personally I think its still too early to draw any conclusion as its only been a few weeks but he is under a lot of pressure (understandably) to fix what ever it is. There are a lot of people jobs on the line with this so you can imagine how everyone is getting nervous.
Going forward I know I can help him a lot as I have owed a site very simular so can feed him ideas on how to build it into something far better but that is more for when its on a stable footing.

He did ask for help off our Dr Marie but she is currently too busy to take on more clients but the issue is the more this site fails the less they have in terms of funds to try find and fix the issues so we are on a ticking time bomb here.

Assuming it is a Panda issue does anyone know what to expect going forward ? any ideas of time scales or anything to give this guy hope ?

All in the Atlassian family: JIRA, Bitbucket & Confluence integrations

HipChat integrations with Atlassian's JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket

Atlassian makes a whole suite of team collaboration products, and HipChat is a member of this family of solutions. From issue tracking in JIRA to document sharing in Confluence, HipChat’s sibling products help teams work at an agile pace and manage projects successfully.

Being a part of this family has many benefits. Amongst the best, the amazing fusion between products. HipChat integrations with JIRA, Bitbucket, and Confluence show the power of the Atlassian suite when used together.

JIRA integration

JIRA, the flagship product of Atlassian, provides agile task and project management for teams. With JIRA Software, JIRA Core, and JIRA Service Desk, teams of all kinds – from software development to marketing to IT – can manage projects in an environment tailored for them.Atlassian integrations with JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket
JIRA administrators can find the JIRA integration for HipChat in their admin settings under System. It takes just 30 seconds to configure!

JIRA notifications in HipChat provide clear details on your issues. Send notifications to HipChat whenever a JIRA issue is created and updated for the issues that matter to you. This way your entire team can easily grasp the status of their JIRA projects.

Need more information on a specific issue? No need to jump into JIRA. Just mention the issue key (or paste the URL of the JIRA issue) into a room, and HipChat will give you the lowdown.

You can also create a new HipChat room for a specific issue from JIRA. Or map the issue to a current room so you whole team can keep tabs.

And it’s only getting better! We’re currently building a new JIRA integration using the HipChat Connect API that will allow you to see all your open JIRA tickets and their current statuses in the Glance view (right side panel).connectto_hipchat

Bitbucket integration

For a DevOps team, roadblocks are costly. One blocker could delay shipping important features and updates that your users need. Keep your team moving at the speed of agile by setting up the processes between Bitbucket and HipChat to ensure no one is blocked.

The new Bitbucket integration using HipChat Connect and the Glance view not only brings in pull request information but also allows you to “Poke Reviewers” to give them a reminder to review your pull requests.

Atlassian integrations with JIRA, Bitbucket, Confluence Atlassian integrations with JIRA, Bitbucket, Confluence
Atlassian integrations with JIRA, Bitbucket, ConfluenceThis way you can bulldoze through any roadblocks and get on your continuous delivery way.connectto_hipchat

Confluence integration

Confluence is document sharing for teams. Using Confluence, teams have a place to create, store, share, search, and view all documents. We call this a team wiki.

The Confluence integration with HipChat sends alerts into your rooms when there are new pages and blogs created in a designated space.
Atlassian integrations with JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket
Transparency is key for teams to work at their most productive pace, and this Confluence integration gives just that. Team members will always be aware of what teammates are saying, thinking, and working on.

Stay tuned for a new Confluence integration using our powerful HipChat Connect platform coming soon!connectto_hipchat

Learn more about HipChat integrations with Atlassian products and hundreds of other services.

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Over optimised SEO


I was wondering if anyone has had experience of over optimisation.

I have a site, have been building quality, relevant backlinks, post regular blog content have optimised all the important on page elements etc etc but it seems to be stuck at no.6 on
Google’s first page. More links don’t work.

Although the page authority/domain authority of my site is higher than the sites above, it seems that nothing is working. I have also massively
speeded up the site, so it is now faster that those above.

One thing which might be an issue is over-optimisation. My target keyword appears 8 times in the source code. In addition to it appearing
in the tile, H1 etc, it is also being used in the alt tags and image file names.

Has anyone else had issues with over optimisation? Does Google put a brake on SERP performance if it sees over optimisation?

Be good to hear what this community thinks about this issue.



homepage not ranking

I am working on a site from the last two months but the problem I am facing is the homepage is not ranking for the primary keyword and an internal page is ranking for that keyword. The homepage has good amount of links from the inner pages and internal blog posts and also some back links from external relevant niche websites with varied anchor text. What could be the possible reasons and how to resolve it. Thanks

My Keywords Ranking is Not Improved Since 2 Months

Hello Friends please help me i chose competitive Keywords and Its monthly Searches was 2400. My web Page is Rank on 3rd Page with (Online Cricket Betting ) Keywords and My Website is 24sevenbet.com

Please Help me to improve my Keywords ranking. Please Suggest me On Page and Off Page Activity that will help me to Rank in a First Page of Google

I Do lots of off page Activity Like Micro Blogging, Blogging, Article Submission, Bookmarking, Directory, Image submission, PPT Submission and More Off Page Activity But My Keywords Ranking are Still on Third Page What Can I Do To Take it in First Page.

Wrong language displayed in SERP


I have a website which has Dutch & English versions: http://www.example.com/nl/home and

In all the pages of Dutch & English pages, for example in http://www.example.com/nl/contact, I have
added the below hreflang tags:

<link rel="alternate" href="http://www.example.com/nl/contact" hreflang="nl-BE" />
<link rel="alternate" href="http://www.example.com/en/contact" hreflang="en-US" />

And in the Dutch pages, I have added <html lang="nl-BE"> and in all English pages, I have added
<html lang="en-US">

In google webmasters tool, the link added is www .example.com and the link to the sitemap is
http://www.example.com/sitemap.xml which has all the NL and EN pages.

The issue here is, when I google any NL page, for example, http://www.example.com/nl/contact, the
title tag and meta description shown is of the English page (http://www.example.com/en/contact).

In google webmasters, when I fetch and render any NL page, the code in the fetching section has
<html lang="en-US"> instead of <html lang="be-NL"> and the title tag and meta description is of
English version and not Dutch version.

Where am I going wrong here and how can I rectify this? Please guide.

Thanks in advance.