Ranking images in google

how do i rank images in google, i know the basic things alt text, captions and title of images, but here i want to know something more.

if i need images that’s isn’t available on google images then its good to rank them while using in your website.


i want to add hog/pig animal images on my animal walls site and also want to rank these images for hog/pig animal query.
(when i search this query in google images, i already found some top ranking images of hog/pig)
I can’t rank the image if i use any of them on my site.
I tried to find other images, i simply go to many site get the image and search it in google they are already available.

Now question is that’s how can i find images that not available in google images but they are relevant to my query, if there is place to buy them please mansion it. or any way to get them free.


Home Page gone. Forums Top-Ranked

Hello everyone,

Have run a website for 17 years now and have enjoyed all the challenges and rewards of doing so. We enjoyed #1 ranking on Page 1 of Google for nearly 10 of those 17 years by doing everything "authentically" and "manually". I never got "creative" with my SEO or tried to skirt any rules, and Google rewarded us (I assume) for just building relevant, unique content.

Then Google started doing algorhythm updates around 2012 and we started to drop. By 2015 my home page was completely gone from Google altogether, and I hadn’t done anything new. Most of the site was not updated for many years, and this may be a huge factor, but our Forums continued with new content due to user-driven activity.

Today running a search for our key phrase: "hair loss" reveals that our home page has been literally deleted and is found nowhere. But our forums come up for many search phrases near the top.

In the last 4 months I have engaged in a massive cleanup of any duplicate content, dead URLs, and even begun a disavow file as we have nearly 17 years of "clutter" to clean up SEO-wise. Our site wasn’t even mobile friendly 6 months ago, so we completely redid the whole thing and became SEO experts, fine-tooth-coming the entire site the best we knew how.

But despite massive improvements and changes, our traffic and rankings have not budged an inch. Not a single bit of movement.

I found this thread where someone reported a similar problem, and with the suggestions given, saw the home page return to top ranking only a couple days later:

I am hoping someone can analyze our situation and try to identify what might be going wrong:
hairlosstalk.com is the site.

Thank you.

Google Business Page

Hi all,

Before few month I have created a new google business page but currently that page is not showing in business page list. There showing only old business pages but I am able in open our new business page directly (https://plus.google.com/+JosoftTechn…sPvtLtdLucknow). Anyone can suggest me, how we can find our new created page?

Social Media Manager

I am a full time firefighter with a small web design company with about 15 customer which we mostly build website and do on page
optimization,some link building, and local citations. We have a couple of customers looking for us to do their social media for them but
don’t have the time and don’t want to lose their business, can anyone recommend any white label or reseller company we can use
that might be within a lower budget for plumbers, construction industry.
We have google it but with so many company it hard to try and not get results or bad social media.

Searching for broken links and buying their domains as a primary strategy

At the moment I’m looking for broken links on sites I want to link from. Then my VA checks them on archive.org and marks a completeness rating based on how much of the text content can be rebuilt from the archive. once we have this planned out, we will be buying domains, rebuilding them, adding little things to make them look like decent sites again, and slipping in a link here and there. Only one link back to the money site per PBN site.

What has your experience been with buying domains for their past link profile? Is this a good enough strategy to form the foundation of an SEO plan for a somewhat low competition site? My current money site is locally targeted.

Website Change with SAME Domain

My client needs a new website, but doesn’t want to wipe out their history and link building. I gave them all the 301 redirects that would need to happen but they are still afraid of traffic loss.
So their solution is to use the same URL.
"How are you going to have the same domain on two different servers?" I asked.
"We are going to use a different domain while it is being built, then discontinue the website on the original server, then switch the domain on the new server back to the original domain."
I know onsite SEO and link-building practices, but this is getting into an area that I do not have much experience with. Something tells me that it’s not possible or there must be a better way. I’d like to gain your thoughts on this please.

Alt text in Images

Someone asked this question in the comment section of a blog post, but the author didn’t answer it. Just curious to know the best practices for Image ALT text.

Here is the question:

"I am currently busy with a blog consisting of 121 topics.

My question is, can I upload pictures for every single topic, so 121 images?

Also, if I use my main keyword in every image alt tag and title will that be overboard and will I then be penalized?"

Thanks in advance.