Google Bombshell!

Warning: Open mind required to read this post

Remember where you read it first: Reviews are the new links in Google’s algorithm. PR is hidden from us not because Google just feels like hiding it from us but because it’s calculated so differently now. Sure there are other factors that are important, including links but reviews are the biggest part of the algorithm now.

I have seen this trend happening for quite some time, but here’s an obvious one. Do a search for Jambalaya Recipe:
#1 rating 4.7, 457 reviews
#2 Food Network rating 4.6, 322 reviews
#3 FoodNetwork rating 4.5, 151 reviews
#4 epicurious rating 3.5, 96 reviews
#5 rating 4, 7 reviews

Feel free to disagree, I have been highest repped member for quite some time now, I can give up the throne 

Case Sensitive URLs Issue on Windows Server Website

One of my DotNet websites is having the mixture of upper case and lower case in most of the URLs (like.. /MyPage1.aspx, /MyPage2.aspx). Most of the pages are in search results same as the file name. But approx 10 pages are in results with only lower case URLs but their filename is as …MyPage3.aspx. For these pages, GSC is showing duplicate meta titles and descriptions in HTML Improvements.
Earlier canonical URLs was same as the running URL (URL working on both cases), but today canonical URLs is setup as their original filename(…/MyPage3.aspx). Means before today, 10 pages of my site which are on search results with lower-case URLs and having lower case canonical URLs, now has canonical URL as …/MyPage3.aspx. This will definitely resolve the issue of duplicate pages in GSC.
But I am worried about losing the rank of these 10 pages as their canonical is changed (/mypage3.aspx to /MyPage3.aspx).
Will it downgrade the ranking of these pages?
The website runs on the windows server and none of the URLs are on the search results with both cases till date.
Hope you understand the issue and suggest me the best possible way to overcome this issue.

Need SEO expert help

Hi Everyone,

SEO experts please check my website. How to improve my website traffic?

ENGINEER SCHOOL this is my website. Kindly check and help me.

Waiting for your reply…

In siteliner showing this error can you help me how to resolve this error…

sitemap.xml was found on your site, but it is not referenced in robots.txt.

Siteliner found the file "sitemap.xml" on your site, but in order to ensure that search engines find it as well, it is recommended that you add a reference to it in your robots.txt file:


Aggregating reviews onto your site… now a bad thing?…nes-22608.html

> Do not include reviews that are duplicate or similar reviews across many businesses or from different sources.
> Only include reviews that have been directly produced by your site, not reviews from third- party sites or syndicated reviews.

I am not quite understanding this change. Let me break this down into my terms. I direct people to leave reviews on one of four places, Facebook, G+, Wedding Wire, or the Knot when reviewing my site. From there I would republish the testimonial with attribution to that site.

Now if I am reading this right, this should no longer be the case? If so this does a real disservice to my business. I don’t collect the review directly on my site because I would rather clients place those reviews on a more authoritative location. My business, and many small businesses, are built of social validation and I am not sure why Google would start to look negatively on aggregating those reviews (as long as they have attribution). Hell my entire site ( is laced with review snippets on the main content, and full reviews on each blog post.

What do you all make of this?

How can I change the brand name in Google Shopping Ads?

Hi Respected Members & Experts,

I’hv recently started with Google shopping ads.

When I see my ads in Google search it appears like Omved Store however I need to change it to

I need to understand where can I find the option in google shopping ads to change the brand name.

Thanks in advance.

How can we boost ranking of our Website?

Hi Respected Experts & Members

I have got many pages of my website ranking on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th page in Google SERP for a long time.

I need to know how can I boost the ranking to get to the 1st page. What should I do with Onpage & Offpage?

What are the factors that are keeping them from 1st page? How should I overcome them?

Need to know step by step process to work.

Thanks in Advance