Weird Descriptions on Google

Ive just started work on another site, the source code is correct, but on googles SERPs they are not as they should be,
they are pulling through what seems to be a mix of content and what im presuming is some mark up

Now the reason I believe its pulling through a rich snippet is when i was talking with the developer and he said they had tried impliementing some
a while ago but never had any luck, he stated ‘we wanted to bring through the contact details and address but never had any luck’.

The page has also recently been cached but had no luck with our meta data.

Any Advice? Ive never had a problem like this.

side note, they work with a custom CMS, think this also adds to the issue.

Redirect or Removal from Google Index

Hey guys – hope ya all well.

Sorry if this has been asked earlier – linked me in that case.

My website has at least 100 web pages are indexed in Google, where in a result of restructuring most of them they don’t exist but indexed in Google (404).

What do ya think the best to do with them:

1. Get them removed from Google index/
2. Redirect them to their new page ( redirects to

Thank you!

backlinks for hosting company

I run a very small web design agency.

I’m in the habit of adding a link on every site I do at the bottom of the page as most designers do.

The question is, will Google or Bing see these as legitimate backlinks and improve my site’s page rank?

It’s been suggested to me that it may work against me.

Any info appreciated.


Browser Caching

Hello Team,

I have Website running on WordPress, using w3 total cache for browser caching. Our homepage will be dynamic as we keep adding new content to website, which is displayed on the homepage.

We are facing some issues with HTML browser caching. We have a problem analysing which cache control header is best for us. Our requirement is that the content should should be updated on the homepage, as well as the posts should quickly get indexed in google.
As of now we have browser caching enabled and the content on homepage is quickly getting changed as soon as its updated, However the posts (New Unique Posts) are not getting indexed in Google & Bing. Instead the posts which were indexed Previously are getting de-indexed. Also, when I manually go to Google Webmaster Tools and Fetch as Google the posts are getting indexed quickly. The crawl count of google bot is also less.

Below are the settings of Browser Cache (HTML & XML Settings).

Set Last-Modified header :- Checked
Set expires header :- Checked
Expires header lifetime:- 185 seconds
Set cache control header :- Checked
Cache Control policy :- cache with max-age ("public, max-age=EXPIRES_SECONDS")
Set entity tag (ETag) :- Unchecked
Set W3 Total Cache header :- Checked
Enable HTTP (gzip) compression :- Checked

Can anyone tell me what could be the problem here ? Help would be Appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

Google ranking veiw needed

Hello I have ranked a website on 4keywords on first page.
I have ftp details and details of all activity done.
Now from last 10days their is a rigging by a fake person claiming that he has worked
Certain things which bought website in top page in 10 days.
I know that is not possible if I have ftp details and website is designed by me.
So help needed

what all questions should I ask him to prove he is wrong.
How can he claim he did in 10days when I am working on
It from 6months.
UNUSUAL BUT TRUE:shock::black::o:rainbow1:

How I succeeded with Instagram affiliate marketing

Over the last 2 months, I’ve gone from making $840 to $9000 per month, and I’ve worked so god damn hard to get to my current level of income. But this short endeavor has genuinely changed my life.

The method I’ve used is largely my own, and I’ve been taking notes on what has been working well for me and what hasn’t.

Last week I started marketing my material at a price tag of $297 and it’s been selling surprisingly well. But it’s not really going out to the people who I want it to go out to. Hopefully by making it freely available here, I can help some people who have a burning desire to get started with something but who haven’t fully decided on what to get into.

You can view it freely here (it’s not something I can just copy and paste into this post):

Super keen to hear what you guys think. I’ve got exams coming up pretty soon, but I’ll see if I can answer any questions if anyone’s got some.

Would appreciate it if the mods moved this to the affiliate marketing section :)

Help me write a good website title


So I’ve been building a website for a client of mine on WordPress. This is a website for a hotel and he wants a good ranking with searches for "Hotels in <his location>" and another place close by which is a tourist hotspot so "Hotels in <the tourist hostspot>".

I am tempted to add both of these to my title tag; something like "Hotel name | Hotel in <his location>, Hotel in <the tourist hostspot>".

I usually don’t pay much attention to the title tags and most of my websites have "Name | Home page", but with this site I want to do the right thing. Adding what I’m tempted to just doesn’t feel right and that’s what I need your help with. Do I use the home page content to highlight these keywords? If yes, what the right way to do so?

Please help me not build another site with keywords stuffed into the title.


Disavowing Legitimate Websites due to 1 Spam Link?

17 year old site.

Over 900,000 backlinks. Probably about 10,000 domains.

70% are from a spam campaign someone did against us in 2014.

1) They created a thread on our forum.
2) They went around the internet to other forums / comments areas and linked to our thread on our site
3) We got seriously destroyed in Google as a result.

I had no idea it was happening.

Now we are disavowing everything. Already up to 3,600 domains where individual or multiple links had been placed on various sites.

My question: We are having to disavow thousands of legitimate websites, simply because some jerk went to their forum 2 years ago and put a spammy link there. So our disavow file is full of legitimate, possibly high domain authority websites that just happened to have a spam problem at one point in the past.

Is Google going to look down on us for disavowing sites that it deems legitimate?

Or it doesnt work that way …