How to remove a webpage with no longer information? ("Soft 404 errors")


I have a website which used to show several hundreds of pages with information about digital cameras. I obtained that information from a provider, but I will no longer have access to that information.

I found that hundreds of visitors accessed that webpages through Google SERPs, and I decided to show "<meta name=’robots’ content=’noindex, nofollow’>" with a "No information about digital cameras" warning on the page, instead of a 404 error message.

Now, Google is warning me about an Increase in "soft-404" pages, and that this "can cause a bad experience for your users". I’m not sure if the best way to remove a webpage with no longer information is using the noindex-nofollow headers, the 404 error message, or even the 410 error message.

Thank you very much,
– T

Wrong Meta description being displayed


My web developer had added the meta description of a home page as "Meta Description"
and it has now being changed. However, when I search for the company or the domain name, the
meta description seen is "Meta Description". The website has two versions – NL & FR. In the
webmasters tool, I have added the links & in the URL Removal tool & selected "Remove page from
cache only" in google webmasters. However, the link being displayed after searching the brand or
domain name, is "".

When I add Domain Name Registration at Reputable Provider | Easy domain name search & lots of extras in URL Removal tool, I don’t get an option to remove
page from cache only. The below message is being displayed:

"Important! This will remove all Google Search results for all pages in the site Domain Name Registration at Reputable Provider | Easy domain name search & lots of extras for
at least 90 days.
To block a page from appearing in Google Search results permanently: remove the page from your
site; password-protect the page; or add a NOINDEX tag to the page and allow it to be crawled by

If I add "<meta name="robots" content="noarchive">" in the home page, will that help? How can the
correct meta description be displayed in SERP now?

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

Sub-pages affect SEO?

Hi friends,

Sub-pages affect SEO ranking?

I have a site by the following way

All the above pages are in good ranking.

But now i want to use sub-pages for SEO friendly URL. That is the above pages cover under the services folder like the following URL

If i am doing like this, is it affect my google ranking?

GlobalGiving relies on HipChat for disaster relief

GlobalGiving is the first and largest global crowdfunding community for non-profits, raising over $228M in more than 165 countries. Aiding everything from disaster relief to education, communication is a lifeline for GlobalGiving. For that, they turn to HipChat.

When a disaster hits, GlobalGiving launches into relief efforts instantly. This includes reaching out to partners across the world, connecting distributed teams, and keeping the website up and running at a time when individuals and companies are more inclined to donate.

A world of benefits

GlobalGiving recently relied on HipChat immediately following the earthquake in Nepal. The GlobalGiving team was able to quickly gather in their disaster response HipChat room to create a plan of action.

“We were using HipChat to communicate with staff, partners in the field, and our sister organization in the UK,” said Kevin Conroy, Chief of Product at Global Giving. “HipChat became the source of truth for the entire team.”

Sometimes making important decisions is more comfortable face to face. With the new HipChat group video platform, GlobalGiving can invite teammates to a group video chat by simply sharing a link.

“Being able to meet spontaneously without arranging for a full-blown meeting helps save precious time,” said Paige Creigh, In-the-Field Senior Program Associate.

When time is short, GlobalGiving uses HipChat to maximize every second, and we’re proud to be a part of their story. Watch the story above.


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Hidden content (for UX, not manipulation)

So I’ve always assumed that if your content was in the source of a page, Google would index it as normal – tabbed or otherwise.

Then I read this:
How Does Google Actually Treat Content Hidden in Tabs or Click-to-Expand? – Fresh Egg Blog

With expert comment from John Mueller and Gary Illyes and they’re talking about giving tabbed content "way less" value.

Who here has any experience with this?

Homepage dropped in organic search

Hi Guys,

Our homepage has suddenly dropped from organic search, even for branded terms.

We were ranking in the top 3 for ‘trouser braces’ and our homepage was certainly ranking number 1 for our brand name, British Braces, however it seems to have disappeared.

I can’t see anything out of the ordinary in terms of technical setup – just wondering if any of you guys have any ideas?

Trouser Braces & Suspenders for Men & Women | British Braces



Google picking up different description

Hi guys

My homepage is turning up on Google SERPS with a different description than our META Description.

I know Google say they do this when they feel their description is better but our actual description is 100% accurate. Theirs has a grammar issue.

Obviously I’d like to force Google to use our ‘real’ description.

Is there a way to manually ask Google to correct this?