Best Tools For Link Development

So here’s my story. I had a website that I invested a lot of time writing content and finding related sites that would offer me a back link. I hated the link building it was tedious and not much fun.

All was well until like a dope I let the domain name expire and I lost many of the back links.

Curious if theirs an easier method to acquire backlinks, even if their is a cost involved. Just would rather pay than waste my time.

Is Odesk a good option? Any legit backlink services? I’ve been scammed a few times already.

Any help or advice would be highly appreciated.

Acxiom and Data Axle

Hello, I helped a couple businesses change their address on line and ran into the Yext issue of scamming you for money to update your listings.

I found out that listing places feed off a few data aggregators like Acxiom and Data Axle for their info. So you can signup for these accounts and claim your business or add one.

Anyone have thoughts on this? Because the listing websites eventually find your site and business anyway this is a good idea because you have control and can make changes?

Can a de-indexed website that has server issues affect websites that link to it?

I have a website that is hosted with a hosting company that has had server issues recently. The hosting company gave me new nameservers which i then updated to but as a result i noticed this website had it’s pages de-indexed. it always was indexed properly before the server transition but ever since the server transition the website no longer is indexed. The website loads in certain locations but not others and more importantly when i link it to google webmaster tools, google says that it can’t connect to the server…. which means there is still some issue with the server. now, will the links on this website affect the websites that the links point to or does google separate spam penalised sites with server issue sites?

Duplicate content myth

Just over 3 months ago we setup a test, we (myself and Thomas Harvey) threw a site together using nothing but copied content.
OK I grant you there is a few sentences here and there that are unique but the majority of the site is just copied (with permission)

Well now after 3 months things have settled down and google reports 302,000 results in SERPS. using the site: operator.
431 keywords on page 1, 794 keywords on page 2.

Traffic to the site is now approaching 50,000 uniques a month and growing.

Now when I see duplicate content is bad and will I get a penalty for using this paragraph or sentence from xyz it just dont hold true.
The site has no backlink activity so besides letting a few people know what we was doing no external links have been built (mostly on here).
So the rankings have come mostly using onsite SEO techniques.

if you want to read how this test was done you can read more about it here…rs-487381.html

Very Poor Conversion Rate

As the title indicates, my e-commerce site has a very poor conversion rate. I assigned CPC Adwords and Facebook campaign management to the seo expert that I worked with in the past
for this holiday season. I was hoping to boost my sales through these ads campaigns, but ended up
spending as much as I made from the ads on both Adwords and Facebook.
The seo guy was very disappointed and surprised to say the least. My website had a conversion rate of 0.37% :( :(

So I am here asking your opinion about why the rate is so poor. Does it have to do the website’s design/layout,
color, product images, call-to-action button issue etc. What could it be?
Here’s my site:

Website Blog and SEO

Hi there,

I wanna know about the importance of blog in a website for SEO. I have read that it is good to integrate a blog in a website. How beneficial it is to have blog in a website?
I have seen it fluctuates rank so much. When you post something in blog your keywords start ranking with that post instead of website pages and after sometime they loose the position or fluctuates very much.

So what are your opinions about that?