Is this directory ok?

We are a company that sell whiteboards and notice boards, a major part of our customer base is schools. I’m always nervous about directories because they can be seen as spammy. But I understand that if its a good quality relevent directory then it is ok. What do you think to this directory? – The School Procurement Portal

In your opinion would this be a good directory to be listed on on Google’s eyes?

Optimal URL structure for items in cities

I’m trying to figure out what kind of url structure to use for a site that combines a keyword with all the world’s cities.

I’ve looked at hotels as the competition there is huge.

Let’s say the search term I would like to rank for: hotels in San Francisco

My way if doing it would be: in this case:
or with a keyword

When looking at how the big players (TripAdvisor, Trivago, Expedia, and does it, they all seems to use an URL structure with their ID of that city and the name of the city, like this:

I know that back in the days, the most common name to look at this from a site owner’s point of view was that with every folder in an URL, the relevance dropped. But my gut feeling is that stuff like that shouldn’t matter anymore, neither should a keyword insertion.

I’m also guessing that the URL structure of the top-10 ranked sites mentions above is a legacy from old days and just that they haven’t changed it.

So my questions are:
1. What is the best URL structure for ranking with hotels in every city? (all technical aspects aside)
2. Should I bother with keyword insertion today, like /hotels-san-fransisco/ or /san-fransisco/hotels/ or is that in the past as well?

Looking for views on B2B and B2C SEO promotion

I have a website or you can say an App. I want to invite/register business owners to sell their products or services through my website/app. In the mean time I also want to attract consumers to buy the products/services using this app/website.

What will be the effective to achieve my goal?
What should I do to promote this app/website?

The website/app is almost ready to launch. We are working on pre-launch promotion using social media, e-mails and a few SEO activities like forums, comments, Q&A, blogs etc.

What else can we do to get effective results?

Please share your creative thoughts.

Local vs International SERP – differences without a reason

I use www isearchfrom com to see my SERP from main countries my customers are coming from.
There is a thing which is pretty strange to me:

Lets say, i run a website, business in Thailand. The language of my website is only EN (we clearly focusing on foreigners).

If i check my ranking from USA or EU for my keywords, i can be quite happy about SERP but from the Thailand i am way behind expectation (and it hurts business bc most expats, tourists coming to website, have a presence in Thailand already).

What is causing this? My competitors which are ahead of me have anything what would explaining this except multilingual site with Thai / EN language. But many times has been said that another (/local) language will not help SERP.

Synonym Keyword Ranking Failure

guys, can you explain me another non-sense thing happening to me done by google?

My website appears on the first positions for my main keywords i have optimised the website – lets say "(city) buy flowers" whilst my competitor xyz is on the 2nd page.
But for "(city) purchase flowers" i am ranking on 5th page (landing to subpage containing that "purchase" keyword) whilst the competitor xyz is still on 2nd page (landing to mainpage) and his site doesn’t contain that keyword at all especially not that landing (home)page!…

And again, this is obv not just one case but many, tens, hundreds…

If the reason for this is not (somehow) a domain age, what is it?

OLD URL for new members go to page not found

I have noticed that there was the link for new users that was…479293-55.html. Recently it had been removed by forum admin or technical person. I understand this happened just because we have another following URL that is solving the same purpose.…me-488983.html I pointed to Mark as he mentioned the old URL on…ad-485711.html and him replaced it with correct URL.
Today I was reviewing Clive posts and noticed that he mentioned the OLD URL in his signature link, that goes to page not found.

Can put 301 redirects in OLD URL that would be direct to correct URL? So our new members would be less discarded from this forum.

Would Google-AMP hijack my URLs?


I am considering implementing AMP on my website (I’m noticing a slight drop on my visits from mobile Google SERPs).

However, I’m a bit worried. When I access a website from the mobile Google SERPs, I see that the URLs shown are:

I see that some of my friends are sharing this ‘’ URL format on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. What if Google one day decides not to redirect to the original site’s URL? Would it be possible?

Thank you very much.