The continuing saga of my DJ website

Paris Creative ( as my DJ business has existed since late 2012 and with that I have seen a roller coaster of ups and downs on organic SERP. It seems over the past 6 months the dust has settled some with their latest round of updates to see some of my most basic but critical keyword searches take a hit. So I am trying to peel back the layers to see why my site has been slipping and see if I can remedy things.

As a preface about mid-2013 I decided to incorporate content that is not wedding specific but I am it towards wedding DJs and other mobile DJs in hopes that the added traction of more substantial content would "raise my stock" at Google. But it seems this has only helped me in some long-tail keyword positioning. And yes I realize that Google is taking a more local position on a lot of things, but even that has changed over time.

The big one "wedding DJ"
About 18 months ago wedding DJ changed over to presenting a map and/or cards depending on specific area. Searching in my hometown I do get top placement but really it seems because I am the only real DJ in my zip code. They display a map/1 title/detail card on the side. But my organic placement is typically between 8-10. Not so hot and I am not sure why. My address is prevalent on my page’s footer.

Another big one "hudson valley wedding DJ"
At one point I floated between 1-3, then 7-9, now it’s 10-18. So Google’s algo has placed less value on my site than others.

From there I get some ok traction on some long tail keywords. "wedding DJ prices" floats between 9-15 and "what does a wedding DJ do" has been a solid #2 for a long time now.

But I still can’t figure out if some of the content on my site is harming me. Some of the "for DJs only" articles are pretty large. Checking my top 10 page hits over 2 years:

Root: 15k
What Does A Wedding DJ Do: 8.3k
Soundcraft Technical Article (For DJs Only): 4.1k
Serato vs iTunes Music Management (For DJs Only): 2.2k
How I love Serato for Music Management (For DJs Only): 2.1k
Wedding DJ Pricing: 1.7k
Organizing Music (For DJs Only): 1.1k
Pricing: 1.1k
Vinyl Shootout (For DJs Only): 0.9k

I know of other peers in my market here and they do not have articles that come close to any of these numbers and some have existed for many more years than I. So I am just left scratching my head on what else can be done, if anything. PPC is quite costly for my market and I try to avoid that as much as I can. I spend less PPC for the food chemical distribution company I work for in the daytime than I do for my 50k/yr DJ business.

No traffic

I have started doing seo on this website for about 1 year and till now,the traffic hasn’t increased a bit. It’s still the same. Less than 50 visitors a day. Am i ranking for the wrong keyword?. Can anyone analyze my website and point out the areas where i need to work?

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My website result is not showing in even in the first 10 pages of Google


I have a website ( and it is optimised for keywords ‘office cleaning service in Melbourne’ , ‘window cleaning service in Melbourne’ , ‘End of lease cleaning service in Melbourne’ etc..
But it is not showing my website result in any of the 10 pages of What is the reason for this?

Please help me to find a solution

Automatically check if page is optimised?

Hi guys,

I have a massive list of URLs and want to check if the primary keyword for each URL has been optimised.

I’m looking for something similar to Moz on-page grader which grades the URL and primary keyword with a single metric e.g. grade a, b, c

However, Moz doesn’t offer an API to pull this score automatically.

I was wondering does anyone know of any tools which you can access their API to do something like this?


xMatters integration puts ChatOps into incident management

When there’s an incident, teams need two things: communication and urgency. The right players must be notified and brought up to speed—fast. xMatters provides a powerful solution that connects both the tools and people needed to resolve an issue. And it only gets more powerful with the new xMaters for HipChat integration that brings the right people together to discuss, make decisions, and resolve issues faster.

xMatters is there with your team all the way through an incident, from the initial alert, to assigning an incident manager, to creating a JIRA ticket and updating your StatusPage. The new HipChat integration amplifies the process by bringing together stakeholders in a HipChat room for quick discussions and decision-making. Using the principles of ChatOps, teams can flow through incidents swiftly, working as a team.

Creating a HipChat room within the context of the incident helps the people involved understand the situation and stay focused on its resolution. Bringing your tools and operations into chat (known as ChatOps) accelerates the process and gives each player clear understanding of the situation.

Once the room is created, easily invite people by clicking the “+” button, then “xMatters Invite to Room.”

Then simply choose who to invite, and send a message along with it.

Even more, after your team is done discussing, you’ll get a full transcript in your JIRA ticket for reference in the future.

While updating JIRA tickets and StatusPage are extremely important steps, we’re thrilled to bring HipChat into the flow so that teams can collaborate on a human level and make decisions swiftly.

The video below shows a great example of how xMatters and HipChat work seamlessly together to move through the incident lifecycle quickly and effectively, focusing on resolution and minimizing downtime.

HipChat is all about saving you time and effort by bringing your work, alerts, and tools into one central location. So xMatters is a kindred spirit, and together, we’re reshaping DevOps—making it faster, smoother, and functional within a human context—chat.

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Transferring Links to Live site.


I was wondering what the best practices were to change the links from to

Do you change them on the test site to what they will be, or do you change them once they’re live?

Also, is there a plugin that changes this globally within wordpress to save going through every single page?

With thanks


Duplicate Content Question

We’ve undertaken a PR effort to try to get the word out about our site which has grown very well by word-of-mouth over the past few years, but we feel that we need to take things to the next level. We spent time researching appropriate blogs, crafting our message, and personalizing each message for the site in question. I was a bit dismayed that the vast majority of sites are not willing to write about topics of interest to their readers, but instead insist on pay-per-mention. I’d be fine with 95 rejections and 5 that I have to sell my story to, but I was not prepared that like 80 of them would demand payment to even consider covering us.

All of that said, we might pursue some sort of "guest post" type setup with a few sites. My question here revolves around the SEO impact to us (the site being linked to) if we use the exact same content for the guest post on all of the sites. I’m assuming if the sites had all written an original post about us and linked to us, we’d get the maximum "juice", but not sure what happens if the post with the link to us on say 5 or 10 different sites is identical? Does that water things down, or does Google not really take that into consideration?

Thanks for any feedback/advice.