Ecommerce URL Structure


As I am preparing a clothing eCommerce portal, I want to know the Current URL structure for a clothing domain.

As i have realized that most of the brands working on Home>"product name for the product page URL".
(Dynamic URL)

Explaining through example : This is product URL :http://WWW.XYZ.COM/washed-tile-tunic…*&sc=N&x2=c.t2

And the Category URL is:

Now as per my knowledge in SEO world, we can’t do submission of dynamic URL’S then why these brands used this typ of URL’s.

One example is page). Newborn Girls Older Girls Younger Girls New In | Next India Category page)

Hope you understand my query!!

My next question will be about what should be the right URL structure for my clothing website product pages or category pages?

Please revert me as I am in process of making the URL.

Long title tags?

Hi guys,

We have product e-commerce title tags which are over 60 characters – around 80 plus. The reason we added them in there is to incorporate
more information for Google.

The format of these title tags are:

Name + Colour + Rug Type + Origin

Name = for people searching for the name of the rug
Color = people searching for a specific color
Type = The type of rug (e.g. normal or designer)
Origin = Where the rug is for.

So this title will cover people searching for: People searching for designer rugs, the specific colour and also where it comes from.

This then results in the title tag going way over 60 characters – around 80-90 characters.

Would it be wise to try and shrink it down to under 60 characters, and what would be a good approach to do this?


Pricing Structure

Hi guys,

I run a marketing company and am looking to partner with an SEO company.
One of the companies I have spoken to seem to stand out but I’m not sure about their services/prices (see quote below).

If people could please take a look and give me some advice (is it too expensive, too cheap, does it seem to cover everything etc) it’d be much appreciated.

This is their most expensive package….




Our best package includes monthly creation of diversified content, multiple site posts, and on-page optimization suited for businesses that have a bigger target market and needs to be more competitive in search

Account Research and Prep

Website Audit
Pages Optimized (40 pages)
Keyword Research
Keyword Grouping
Keyword Mapping

On-Page Optimization

SEO Road Map
Blog Creation
Webpage Copywriting (12 pages, 350 words per page)
Title Tag Optimization (40 titles)
Meta Description Optimization (40 meta description)
Meta Keyword Optimization (40 meta keywords)
Domain Redirect Optimization (40 domain redirects)
.xml Sitemap Optimization
Robots.txt Check
URL Rewrites (40 URL rewrites)
Broken Link Report
Google Analytics Check & Installation
Google Search Console & Installation

Rich Snippet Recommendations


Initial Off-Page SEO

Magazine/News Placement (4 articles)
Blog Post Outreach (4 articles)
Press Release Creation and Submission


We provide guaranteed blog outreach and magazine placement through our partner magazine sites and blog networks.
Each article placement and outreach is ensured to be contextually related to the client’s site to provide the most ranking boost.

On-Site Blog Post Content (3 articles)
Blog Post Outreach (5 articles)
Magazine/News Placement (8 articles)
Press Release Creation and Submission
PDF Creation and Submission
2 Video Creation and Submission


Does Google webmaster consider impressions & clicks of my IP address?

Does Google Webmaster show the clicks and impressions data from my IP address?

I have a Google Analytics account synced to the webmaster account. I have blocked/excluded my IP address in GA account. Will the IP be blocked automatically in webmaster account as well?

Creating meta title

Hello All,

While creating meta title we can choose keywords according searches and competition.
But i want to understand how we can create whole meta title bcz we can’t check difficulty of whole meta
Please guide me to create unique meta title which has less competition and more searches to increase


Ideal amount of content for Ecommerce pages?

Hi Guys,

Currently optimizing my e-commerce store which currently has around 100 words of content on average for each category page.

Based on this study by Backlinko the more content the better:

Would you say this is true for e-commerce pages for example: this page.

What benefits would you receive with adding more content?

Is it basically more content, leads to more potential long-tail opportunity and more organic traffic?

Assuming the content is solid and not built just for SEO reasons.