How to get local search volumes?

Hi Guys,

I want to get search volumes for "carpet cleaning" for certain areas in Sydney, Australia.

I’m using this process:

Choose to ‘Search for new keyword and ad group ideas’.
Enter the main keywords regarding your product / service
Remove any default country targeting
Specify your chosen location (s) by targeting specific cities / regions
Click to ‘Get ideas’
The problem is none of the areas, even popular ones (like north sydney, surry hills, newtown, manly) are appearing and Google keyword tool, no matches.

Is there any other tools or sources of data i can use to get accurate search volumes for these areas?

Any recommendations would be very much appreciated.


Web Forwarding Old HTTPS Domain To New HTTPS Domain

Good morning all.
I bought a competitors domain name recently (nothing dodgy, they went out of business) and I am having trouble 301 redirecting their HTTPS traffic to my own HTTPS domain.
I have ownership of the domain in my registrar account and have set up web forwarding but this is only redirecting the HTTP traffic.
I have read somewhere that it has something to do with the SSL certificate.
Do I have to purchase hosting and a new SSL certificate for this old domain in order to get this working?

Goal flow – false data


I defined a goal for my ecommerce site including the goal funnel with the list of steps and when checking the goal flow report it shows the final step with a higher number of users then the steps before it.
For example:
Step 1 – Shopping Cart – 2.5k 99% of 2.5k
Step 2 – Checkout – 153 6% of 2.5k
Step 3 – Checkout Confirmation – 91 3% of 2.5k
Step 4 (the final goal destination)- Sale Success – 355 19% of 2.5k

How come the final step number is higher then the number in step 2 & 3?

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SEO site review help. Can’t beat Kijjiji!

Hi all,

So i have tought myself SEO over the years as i have worked in digital marketing. A few years ago i quit the rat race and started a wood mill. Over the last 3 years my site has gained ranking and organic traffic topping out at around 4k organic visits a month. A few months ago i relaunched my site but the site wasn’t coded very well. By the time i realized what was happening and fixed the issues my traffic tanked. My biggest keywords are:

Live Edge Wood
Wood Slabs
Live Edge Tables
Live Edge Countertops
Live Edge Lumber

My issue is that i went from being the first 3 links to being the 4-7 (for my top keyword Live Edge Wood). Nothing i do seems to put me above the 1-3 Kijiji links for that serch term… damn KIJIJI!

If you guys who have more experience in this could take a look at my website and provide feedback or suggestions.

Also is it worth to post on social media like reddit and pintrest to get traffic? My business is mostly local so traffic from around the world is kind of useless but i’m not sure if google takes into account social media referral traffic in its organic algorithm

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I plan to have a new page for live edge tables as soon as my woodshop is up and running.

Any experience or opinions on long lists?


I manage a domain which uses a very long list of product categories,
each category can have sub categories, and those sub categories can have further categories etc.

And the end of the day, once the code is generated into HTML via the browser, the list alone is over 2000 lines of html and js.

Keep in mind, the actual content is very short, 50 to 100 words so im a little concerned with [fluff], every page has the same
ridiculously long list and Im weary that this might effect the SEO standard of the website. Its basically the same duplicated list on every page,
However, the list is hidden with JS and only visible when you click/toggle something

I have been looking for an option where html can be included into the document without it being seen in the source code,
obviously this is not an option so this is what i am considering:

1. Only show the list if there is a valid session. Basically , hide the list from Google so they only see the core/product content.

2. Using Jqueries load function i could add the list on a trigger. so the html list doesnt exist until it is requested.

3. I could use ajax to fetch the data as needed but I really dont like this option, i
prefer having everything readily available and showing/hiding as needed.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with long menu lists or similar.

GA of "school" sub-domain is reflecting its own traffic as well as that of "bschool"

Hi All,

This is to bring to your notice that we just migrated our website and sub-domains from http to https, however in case of school Sub-domain the Google Analytics data is reflecting incorrect result, while rest of the other sub-domains are reflecting correct data.
While we checking GA, the "school" sub-domain is reflecting its own traffic as well as that of "bschool" sub-domain.

So just wanted to bring this concern to everyone’s notice so that we can address it at the earliest.

As per the view filters mentioned below, it may happen that due to the exact condition (except the word "b") the traffic "bschool" sub-domains is getting merged in "school" sub-domain.


See below the different conditions applied during migration;

Before migration home page URL


Before migration Subdomain URL


Kindly look into this and resolve the problem.