Does this indicate poor internal linking?

Hi guys,

Have a large e-commerce site 10,000 pages as a client and they are currently not getting much organic traffic to their level 3 sub-category pages, the URLs are like:…-category-type

These pages have been on-page optimised, category content added, yet hardly any traffic. However the site level 1, level 2 pages do quite well.

So this suggests this might be an internal linking issue?

The site is definitely not penalized and as enough authority for these level 3 pages to rank.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated!


Email in URL?

I’m auditing a site, and Screaming Frog is showing a bunch of 302 URLs, where the client’s email is in the URL. It looks like this:

I have no idea what these could have been for, since they’re being redirected to an error page they created…Has anyone seen something like this before, and what would be the reason?

1 sitemap.xml files have format errors

Hi Guys,

I ran a site crawl on semrush and it says "1 sitemap.xml files have format errors "

When I open my sitemap from semrush this is displayed at the top: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
Would you say this is reason my sitemap has format errors?

And one last question regarding my sitemap, I have given my homepage <priority>1.00</priority> and then most other pages have a <priority>0.80</priority> Did I do it right? Any other tips?



When to release a client

I thought long and hard before posting this ….just goes to show that some clients are totally out of touch with the SEO world today !

I received this email 7 days ago.

I have since tried to explain to Joe, my client, first names can’t hurt here, especially since his is Joe. I have told him repeatedly that this will burn his site.

What followed was a phone call. The conversation went basically as follows…..
Hey I have done sites before and it is all about tags… I am sending you this work because I don’t have time to do it my self. I don’t care what you think you know about seo but it’s all about the tags. Believe me I know what I am talking about.

Joe I don’t recommend the use invisible text of any kind on your site. It will lead to your site being penalized. These are old black hat techniques that no longer work. I can not in good faith proceed with your request to include invisible text any where on your site to game the search engines

This call proceeded on for a few minutes along with some more suggestions to use backlinks from PBN sellers on BHW. Wow ,,, I am thinking how long have you been out of the game. Now because I am refusing to comply with his request to use "his guaranteed" ranking methods, he thinks I am a horse’s patute;
I asked him, Joe if it is that easy, why did you come to me… was I recommended or did I call you and solicit your business in any way. No Joe . you were referred to me as you told me I had been recommended by no less than 4 different folks that you know I have done work for.

In any event after refusing to implement work that I know to be wrong and would do ill-reputable harm to the site and get it penalized, and also taking the time to politely explain it, he is even more impatient, and it all boils down to fact I will not follow his SEO directions.

My question, do I just simply terminated the work I am doing for him, billing him for a couple of hours or would any of you attempt a second time to educate the poor soul as to why this is not a good idea. Me I am leaning towards terminating the relationship and letting him go and eating the loss !!

Adwords Sitelinks

So now we get 8 sitelinks in our ad instead of 4. This along with call out, location, call, schema, price, and all the other extensions makes ads even bigger and pushes organic ranks even farther down the page!!
I didn’t put this in the Adwords forum because I am curious about how you think this will effect SEO.
Google AdWords doubles the number of Sitelinks on search ads

Want to Increase Traffic on My Website

I want to increase my hospital portal traffic to double any suggestion would be great help for be. & most important i want traffic from organic source or any changes in website. I am already posting Blogs, Social media activity & other off page activity. but still my traffic not increasess.
Please help me. Thanks in advanced !!