Reuse of text from Old site


I have some contents (original ones) that I have written for a website. The website is no more online since 4 months. I have another website that am planning to put online in a few days. Can I safely use the texts on my new website without being penalized ? Do I need to make Google aware about it ?

Many links from same IP + Subnet

Hello everyone,
I am looking at the link profile of a site I am working on, and things look a bit suspicious:
According to Majestic, hundreds of sites from the same IP are linking to it, sites like
Also, there are around 30 sites under the same subnet but somehow they look more related to what they do.
All these links combined account for around 500 out of more or less 14000.

I know that having poor links is inevitable, but since I am working on a link audit, do you think it would be worth it to disavow those crappy links?
Thank you for your opinion!

Unnaturally Low Bounce Rate

Hey Guys,

So, Ivan helped me determine that my site is firing off 2 page views every time someone visits a page – but we can’t figure out how to fix the problem? We think it could be something to do with the iframes, but are not sure. It’s really messing with my analytics because last month shows 44K unique visitors with 1.5 million page views, and a 0.47% bounch rate! LOL

I’m happy to share the site with you in private, if you think you’ve got to chops to figure this out. I appreciate the help!

Need Help With Sitemap.XML file

I have a client that is using Yoast for their XML file. Looks like it’s automatically created the master /sitemap.xml index file, which contains a bunch of other sitemaps. However, when I try to upload it to Search Console (because they didn’t even have SC set up), I’m getting errors because the other sitemaps within the index file look like this:


If I remove the \ after the www it works, but I don’t know why the \ is there to begin with, and I can’t figure out how to remove it from every other sitemap URL within the master sitemap file. Anyone know what this is?

Content above the fold

Hi all,

My website is mobile friendly according to the google checker tool.

However, at the moment the page link headings are taking up practically the whole screen above the fold and you have to scroll down to see the content. I am currently re-writing all the pages so that all the page link headings follow the usual convention for mobiles to have "menu" in place of the page link headings and all the links on the menu page. How much difference do you think this will make to a) userfriendliness and b) google ranking points?

I’m a little worried because I think that the page link headings are quite interesting and good content in themselves.

Cheers Chris

Mobile first index

Currently our website has a desktop version, and a mobile version. The mobile version is very basic and doesn’t have hardly any of the content of the desktop version. So I am worried that when the mobile first index comes into place we will be negatively effected. Would it be better to turn off the mobile site at the moment until we get a responsive website made?


Wanting Proof

Is it normal for SEO companies to say they can’t give out their clients due to NDAs?

That seems absurd to me. Why should a company care about. I mean if I were a company I wouldn’t give out my SEO company, but if another company finds them on their own, then why care if your site is given out. Clearly a potential new customer wants proof they know what they are doing.