How to cool down from bad customers

I don’t actually know why I’m making this post…

I own a little business which searches for driving tests…

I’ve worked very hard over the past 10 months, I work 18 hour days… reply to every customer within a minute or so, break my terms and conditions to please the customer if necessary. I decided to link up with a third party review company…

Loads of 5* reviews, happy days… Then I had two clients say something along the lines of "excellent service, wouldn’t change a thing!" then 3 star me… I mean?

Today, a client filled out their information completely wrong, and because of this, we booked a date which they didn’t really want, but – they filled out that they did want this date, so it actually their error. First thing they do is write me a 1* review, due to their mistake.

Firstly, I’m very nice about it… say I’ll do everything I can to fix their issues! I’ll find an alternative appointment for them etc etc… get nothing but rudeness back, despite the fact it was their fault. Called the software "stupid" for not "figuring out" that they didn’t want this date.

My inexperience got to me and I lost my professionalism for one email. Wish I didn’t, it my reponse wasn’t too bad, but I shouldn’t have done it. It now feels like months of licking licking my clients A… priding myself in excellent support has now gone down the pan because of a client with an IQ of a pea. My rating has now fallen loads…

Just really annoyed… What do you guys do with troubled clients?

Which Doc type HTML element to use?


The previous developer used <!DOCTYPE HTML> at the top of all my site’s pages. Google tells me I should be more specific about language. The site is written by a brit (me) but it is aimed at all English speakers and has a .com URL. What is the best element to use to reach all English speakers in terms of SEO? Or does it not really matter?

Cheers Chris

Page Not Indexed

My website is very popular in India & International. 3 Week before we changed theme of the website (Website in PHP) We also removed some pages of the website. Now we are facing that website not coming on Google Index even single page Neither from Brand name. I alredy submitted Sitemap, Robot file, Already done Fetch work from Webmaster, done lots of off page but still no result.

What will be the reason for not Indexing my page??? Already checked server that’s also allowed no blocked !!

Please help me !!

Is that Redirect (www to Non WWW) cause the issue??
or i also create a OG tag for home page ??
or something else?? PLease please help me out !!


does google ignore site with no new posts?

My wordpress blog has a few dozen posts, it used to show a few search queries in google search console. I haven’t posted in a while and see no queries. Google doesn’t count my older posts? Will they start searching my site again once I make new posts, or do I need to do something different?

Thank you,

Site structure question

I would be thankful to hear your opinions about next situation.

The current website is made in custom CMS that was never planned to be SEOed.
But changing complete website with integrated payment module and the established system seems like too much work.
I am aware that it would be the best option.

So the alternative is to leave the site as it is and create a new section that will target related keyword. Based on WordPress, for example.
Question is: will and how the "old" part of the site affect SEO performance of optimized pages in the new section?


Redirect old pages on new site

Hello, does anyone have any advice on redirects when moving a site to a new one but not all the pages are being moved?

Should the pages that are not being moved get redirected to the homepage? About 150 posts that are not coming along on the new site.

Or should the URLs be added to a disallow list in the robots.txt file?

Thank you

Why this page ranks rose than competitor’s?

Hello everyone,
this looks like the typical question a beginner could ask, but please, I am no beginner and I am seeking your advice on how to explain that a strong page like this:

Ranks in 14th position for "Christmas sheet music" whereas this one:

Ranks first, and similarly, 12 pages after that one rank better than the first page above.

If you check all the metrics, the first page above would deserve a much higher ranking.

Why do you think is so penalized?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

asoKey parameter

Hi everyone

I have the canonical tag in my pages and in the google console I have set up asoKey parameter to tell that it does NOT change the content of the page. The parameter is used to track back filters on rent apartments website.

The problem that I got it is that google seems not to read the canonical and indexed pages with the asoKey parameter

How can I tell the spider that URL with the asoKey parameterit is the same URL that the canonical tag?


Viewing your full link profile

What is the best way to view links to your site? I use search console, Moz and AHrefs. But I understand that none of these tools actually can show you all the links that are pointing to your site. And even if they could they don’t update in real time. For example AHrefs only just discovered a link that was created back in 2013.

So when doing link building how can you tell if you are actually being successful?