Valuing domains

I have a few old domains with MOZ DA in the 20′s.

What’s the best use for these domains?

  • Redirect these to my current sites?
  • Set up a landing page with links to my current sites (and some content describing those sites)?
  • Sell them? (Is there a market for domains with moderate MOZ DA? Wha could I expect to get for them?

Which Schema plugin is best?

There’s several wordpress plugins that have emerged for Schema mark-up. I don’t mind paying for a premium plugin but that still leaves a handful of options. It’s hard to determine which is truly the best/most robust. What are your thoughts/experiences with the below plugins? I’m leaning toward WP Rich Snippets or Schema App Structured Data.

WP Social
WP Rich Snippets
WP SEO Structured Data Schema
Schema App Structured Data

Page Speed

Ok, I have been involved in a few threads here about page speed and my comments about it not being a significant factor haven’t been so well received :wink:

But here are some comments from Mueller about it. He states that Time to First Byte is in no way used in the ranking algo.…yte-24847.html

BounceRate for Direct traffic

My website has almost 60% of direct traffic and but of late, since last one month bounce rate of this category has been rising from 60% to almost 90%.
Does this impact my SERP position?

Note: for my target keyword SERP has been pushing my position back from last 15 days.

Experts do share your views…thanks in advance.

Sub domains take away the pagerank/link juice of main website?

Hi all,

I would like to know how sub domains will be collaborated with domain or main website in terms of authority, backlinks, link juice, etc…Link juice will be passed to sub domains from domain or vice versa? If there are large number of pages in sub domain, will that going to impact the ranking of main domain? Backlinks of sub domain are going to be a deciding factor for website ranking too?


SEO Migration Dev Question

Hi Guys,

We are in the process of migrating our website and are moving to: AWS/Elastic Beanstalk hosting and the only way to do a custom domain with a third-party (not Amazon) DNS Service is by setting up a CNAME that points to the EBS Instance.

Do you think this will impact SEO performance in any way?