SEO Friendly Domain Names?

Hi all,

Is there still a SEO score we can put on domain names at all?

I ask as somebody approached me offering me a service that included them finding for me:-

"Seo Friendly Domain Names"

Is there still such a thing? I know good URL structure helps in your SEO but bit hesitant on SEO Friendly Domain Names.

EMD’s were ruled out some time back I thought???

If I am wrong is there anywhere when I can score a domain name for SEO?

Thanks in advance Jason

how to check for separate sections in HTML5 (and multiple H1s)

Hi all,

I just saw John Mueller’s little snippet video on Youtube where he talks about multiple H1s being okay on a website, this is something I was aware of already.

However he mentioned that in HTML5 this is even customary in some templates and that sections often have separate H1s. How can I check this in the code of a website if there are multiple sections in it?

Thanks so much!

Thoughts on CTR being a ranking factor?

Through logic, I assume CTR and Dwell time would be a ranking factor – if Google could pull it off. Up to now, I’ve mostly seen people say "it is" or "it isn’t" with little to back their opinions up, especially in the "it is" side of thinking.

I was just wondering, from experience ranking your client’s sites – or maybe your own experiments, if anyone has any knowledge they’d like to share? Or even better, evidence.

I’ve seen the experiment from Rand at Moz, where he tweeted to tell people to click on his result which increased CTR, his ranking did end up increasing drastically; but with such an experiment you’d think it would’ve maybe got linked back too etc, so I’m not too sure how reliable this is.

I know this can become quite a heated debate, but I’d just like to see some form of evidence as I’m still on the fence

<H4> Ë, <H1> $h1 or empty header meaning

Hi all,

I am wondering if any of you know what these characters mean in headers:

<H4> Ë
<H1> $h1
<H1> (some pages also seem to have empty headers)

What do these mean? I am using a plugin called SEO meta in 1 click to view these and also MozBar shows me the above <H1> $h1.

For example on this page you can see the <H1> $h1 header. If I view the page source, I can however only see one ‘normal’ H1 header on that page.

Is this maybe a bug in the external tools I use for checking these things?


analyzing a few type of backlinks

I checked 100 top backlinks of one of my competitors.
it has 4 kinds of backlinks:
1. it has build some blogs on different blog providing services and published some articles that it has published on its own site with anchor text linking back to the site. is this method a good way to build backlinks?
2. in it’s backlink list there are some article pages that have a lot of "pingback" to different sites. one of these "pingbacks" is this competitor’s address. what is "pingback" and isn’t it a spam kind of backlink? example:

3. comments under articles in different sites. again, isn’t it spam?
4. it has signed up on some sites and it has put the site address in profile page.

it’s obvious that this site has paid for backlinks. if buying and spam backlinks are bad, how this site has good ranking in google?

my competitor address:


SEO for a online directory/portal website


What are the best/recommended SEO methods to promote a website which is a directory i.e. a website that provides
information of all the opticians and eye doctors in Germany. I cannot post this website in business directories as this is
an online portal providing information.

Please suggest the SEO techniques that can be done here; mainly off-page SEO.


Link Building for French companies/websites


I handle the SEO of few companies based in France (websites are all written in French). I normally
start with the on-page of the website and then start with business directory submission, local listing,
Web 2.0 profile submission, blog commenting (in English blogs), social bookmarking, CSS gallery
submission and submitting articles in (articles are in English & I give hyperlinks
to the french words written in the brackets besides its English word). Also, will soon be
shutting down as well.

Can anyone please suggest on how the link building can be improved here? As the target audience
speaks French, the above methods are not very useful. But the options available like guest posting,
using tools like can’t be done because of the language.

Please guide.

Thanks in advance!!