Change page for a determined Keyword Ranking


I am facing the following problem:

I have the homepage of a store and a category page for "cups for tea".

When I search for "cups for tea" instead of showing my category page for the product, Google shows the homepage.

There is a way to tell Google that I want my category page ranking instead of the homepage? Or I will need to earn links for the category page so this way it will outrank the homepage for the keyword?

Thanks in advance.

Google plagiarism penalty?

Hi All,

I’m the webmaster for a small community service organization. We’re overseen
by a larger organization that has their own website separate from ours. The boss of our
small group wants to repost a blog post from our larger parent organization. I told the
boss that would be risky cuz google could detect it as plagiarism and penalize our
website. We could easily get permission to repost the article but I’m still worried about
google slamming us with a plagiarism penalty.

If I include this text "This article reposted
with permission from __" will google see it clearly and not give us any penalty? Or could we
still get hit with a google plagiarism penalty even with the disclaimer text?

We’ve worked hard to get good rankings and I’m very nervous about anything that
could damage our good SEO.

Your feedback most appreciated. Thanks!

(grrr, no text wrap… :-) )

Google Indexed Pages are not Showing in Search Console

Hi Guys,

This is my site:

addictivemedia (dot) co (dot) in

I am seeing only 1 indexed URL in Google Search Console (earlier Google Webmaster Tool)

See screenshot here:

Indexd pages start dropping dramatically after 20-Aug-2017

See screenshot here:

XML site also submitted many times after 20-Aug-2017 but indexed pages could not be increased (You can see it in 1st screenshot above)

I checked robots.txt file but could not found any issue.

See screenshot here

No blocked URL in in Google Search console

See screenshot here

When we check indexed pages through google search (eg. site:google . com) we can see 131 pages

See screenshot here

if we check total indexed pages in Google through some SEO tools then we get different results:

seochat: 76

pingler: 97

northcutt: 106

Can anybody help me out ?

What else I can do?

how can I see all pages index in Google Search Console?

Google showing duplicate content issue for my blog section

I have a blog section on my website i,e and we have appended our website to .html so it automatically appending .html at the end. So google treating /blog and /blog.html as two different web pages an showing error as duplicate content. what should I do? Is canonical tag is good option along with redirect, plz suggest Thks

Google Analyitcs/adwords help!

We are launching a new website soon and our plan to test it is to run the new site along with the current site but on a slightly different URL. Then Noindex the new website to avoid duplicate content issues.

The I will run an experiment in adwords that will send half the traffic to the new website and half to the current website so I can compare conversation rate etc. But to get the conversion statistics for the new website we will have to add a tracking code to it i think?

But what code do I add to the new site to it will be tracked in adwords experiments? I will have 2 different URLs in the same adwords account so i’m not sure how to track both.

Content or Back Links

Hi Friends,
For an e-commerce site, what does google give more priority to, a good content or back links?

For example,
Site A: Lots of relevant content and information about the site and the products sold on the site. But no back-links at all.
Site B: Lots of back-links but very few to none content on the site.

For Google, which site wins?

Creating an FAQ section for a popular post


If I want to add an FAQ related to a high-ranking blog page, is it better to create a separate blog posting for this or should I just stick it at the bottom?
My fear is that if I create a separate page perhaps I’ll be cannibalizing my traffic, but I also don’t want the original post to be absurdly long!