Need to know registration details of new domain book

Hello Friends,

I am going to ask you a good question guys and its interesting also…

See, suppose if anybody is booked a new domain today for their business so can i know the details of him
is there any software or tool so that we can get easily and we can contact him…

If anybody knows that then please let me know….

Waiting for you reply…

Thanks in Advance


Adult website keyword research & SEO


One of my client’s website is into escort services. This is a directory wherein people can find the
nearest agency via this website. The target market is Europe.

Now, when I do a keyword research in keyword planner and type in "escort agency london" or
"escort services", or anything related to "escorts" there is a "–" in the Avg. monthly searches
which I believe is not possible. Can anybody help me know why this is happening?

Also, what should be the ideal method to do an SEO on such website – as far as link building is

Please guide.

Thanks in advance.

Table of Contents: Best Practices?

Hey everybody.

I’d like to begin adding Table of Contents to my posts. I think Google values this, correct? But it also improves navigability and organization.

Of course, a TOC in a book comes before all things. But should the TOC come before the first heading and image of a post? Or can it come after the first image and H1 title and paragraph? In other words, you would see the image (which gets your attention), read the h1 title and intro, and then the TOC would be there to present a bird’s eye view of the rest.

This makes the most sense to me, in a post, since the image, title, and intro are supposed to hook the reader before they lose interest.

Any feedback?

And are there other TOC best practices to follow?

Thanks for enlightening me.

Split website: new domain or subdomain

Good morning to all contributors,

Our business has growned. Years ago we were only offering a specific service. Overtime, we added new services and also products so we are diversifying.

Our main and only website which has a very high reputation now needs to be split and I am wondering what would be the best way to do it.

I am seeking advises from the professional here.

Obvious way would be to create a completely separated website and make permanent redirect but I am also wondering if the subdomain way would be better.

If ever I create a subdomain (, would it be a good strategy and if so, is it possible and is it a good idea to create a permanent redirect of the newly acquired domain name to the subdomain site?

If this is possible, if ever clients type in my business name, would they see the subdomain URL or the new website domain in their address bar? Ultimately my goal would be for users to see newdomainname URL even if site is physically standing on a subdomain of our main site.

I am sure many would suggest to keep one main site but this was well thought. My wife is a musician for special events and over the years we opened a music store and school. Now the site is more focused on the store/school and we would definitely need to separate the musician from the store/school.

Thank you very much in advance for your help with this.