How do I track full behavior or funnel paths for thousands of pages?

I have a publishing website that has more than 50 category pages that leads to multiple subpages that has links to thousands of articles.

The category page and subcategory page has the main topic in the URL, but for the 1000s of article pages the main topic is not in the URL so I can’t track article pages to tie it into what main category it came from. The articles are just

I have ads on the pages, so if a manager asks for a report for pageviews for an ad that showed up on a category page + subcategory page + related article page (without the main topic in the URL) how would I go about doing this?

I know Google Analytics has goal funnels, but of course there is a limit and I can’t keep creating thousands of funnels especially when new content for articles are being produced every day.

Omniture SiteCatalyst / Adobe Analytics could probably track funnels without me having to create each funnel, but this is very expensive.

Is there a way to automatically track ads showing up on a page starting from the main category > Subcategory > articles (that don’t have the main category in the URL) using other software or tagging system? Maybe there is a way to do it in the free version of Google Analytics, but I’m not sure?

Any help with this would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!!

SEO & Readability


I know people read left to right and top to bottom but I also read that the first word of a site title gets weighted more than the second word. Second word gets weighted more than the third word, etc.

Should the site title read Suzuki Violin Lessons in Shoreview, Southern Maplewood, Roseville and Crystal or Shoreview, Southern Maplewood, Roseville and Crystal Suzuki Violin Lessons?

Also how should the above title be punctuated?

Thank you for answering my questions.

Multiple 301′s Good One – Your Opinion Counts

Hello All,

Question for a friend. Ok his company has a corporate website with 20 branches. Recently they pulled the 20 branches onto the corporate website.

Will it have any adverse effect to redirect those 20 domains to their page on the corporate site (in fact what about 100 domains for example, jsut curious)? They are GOOD domains with good traffic and links.

I know the positive effects (I know it will lose a little link juice).

What is everyone opinion on this? All of a sudden this domain gets say 100 domains redirected to pages on that domain.


Please review our website and SEO tool

We (Spotibo) just launched a new on-page SEO audit tool, which can evaluate dozens of SEO issues automatically.

The tool is officially released, but we are just at the initial stages, and we will be working on adding more issues in the next few weeks.
Therefore, I want to hear your feedback. Not only for the tool, but also web design or anything you have on your mind.

Thanks a lot.

Locations Googlebot crawls from?

I’ve read some conflicting resources as to where Google bot crawls from.

It seems their bots crawl from muiltiple locations, but which? In a project I’m creating, the hero image changes based on the users location – so knowing where Googlebot comes from is important to me. Does anyone keep tabs on this?

GSC still reporting duplicates after implementing canonicals/redirects


I am dealing with a funny situation.

Google Search Console reported some duplicate title tags, in the HTML Improvements sections several months ago.

I implemented 301 redirects and rel canonicals where appropriate to solve the duplicate issue for those pages. This is something I did several weeks ago, but those title tags are still reported as duplicates.

Later, I noticed I left both canonical and duplicate URLs in the sitemap.xml. Could this be the reason Google is still keeping the ULRs in its index? However, I removed the duplicates, keeping only the main, canonical URL in the sitemap.xml.

Could somebody please suggest me a solution for that? Should I manually submit the edited URLs (with redirects or rel canonicals) for crawling in GSC, or is there anything else I can to have those duplicate title tags removed from GSC?

Thank you very much

comparing my site with my competitors


I have worked on my site for two years now. I have done everything that i know containing seo, speed, creating articles an so on.
now I create a new article every 3 days and check all the guidelines.
i have good score on gtmetrix and google insight.

but still my site isn’t as good as i expect on search results.

the most important problem is that some competitors sites are not as good as our site, but they rank better.
check these two:


the second one just got above us in search results.

my site address is


targeting keyword: "فروش دوربین مداربسته"

I really appreciate it if you guys check my competitors sites and tell me what they are doing better than me.

Backlink strategy on initial stage

Just now started backlink for my site.
My competition is less than 30.

Shall I start backlink on high authority site
on initial stage or I need to wait some time.

High authority site like.Amazon, Moz and others.
Here I added link on Profile option.


I Need to start on social bookmarking, directory
, Business listings on initial stage .

Plz help me with backlink strategy ?