PPC Competition End-Of-Month


One of my clients we do some SEO work for noticed that they are getting a lot busier towards the end of the month than during the month.

Is there any research out there that suggests that because businesses PPC budgets might be running low towards the end of the month
that organic results may get more traffic?


How do you organize your working times?

I have no time:

- I need 3 hours to write an article and prepare the images
- 45-60 minutes to share it on the various social media (I prefer to do it manually)
- I train 5 hours each day (in 6 Dragons Kung Fu)
- I sleep 6-7 hours
- I eat 1 time in a day (1h)
- I have to follow my students (online and offline, 3-4 hours)
- I am starting to write books and prepare courses

I want to do more on social media but truly I don’t know how.
The question is: how do you optimize your times?

Google: What factors contribute to rank a landing page in a specific country?

Hi community,

I would like to know what is the criteria to rank a landing page in specific country Google search. For example, if we want to rank our landing page for "GDPR Australia", what are the factors which will impact beside writing the cotent related to the above mentioned keyword?