SEO Private Influencer Network

I found a way to double your effectiveness with half the effort.

Through the use of a Private Influencer Network (PIN) [read more here: PIN’s: The Future of Private Link Building], most of my rankings have moved up and It has only been one week.

For those who are interested in joining a PIN, I just started a Slack channel that is open to a limited group to start (50 spots).

If you would like an invitation to the channel, fill out this application: and I will add you to the Slack.

NOTE: Only apply if you own a legitimate Marketing Agency.

Huge traffic drop after migrating site to new domain

I moved my WordPress site from to with new branding. It had used the branding of before, which is still running as a separate site (it’s not a duplicate of the new site).

The Google search traffic tanked.

893 visitors on day 1. It dropped every day, to a low of 194 on day 9. Slowly climbed up, 239 on day 14 (yesterday), which is a tad bit encouraging, but it may be due to ongoing site content efforts too.

I’m concerned about whether this is long term.

Incidentally, has also suffered a 40% Google search traffic drop from losing its subdomain traffic. Apparently the SEO for was relying heavily on backlinks to Or at least I think so? I’m not sure if subdomains share SEO value.

I have done the following relevant to SEO for the new site:

  • Purchased the new domain 3 weeks prior to the move. It was never used in the past.
  • Changed my old htaccess to a wildcard 301 redirect for all pages. They are redirecting fine.
  • Cleaned my new site of all references to the old domain and old name
  • Updated all my other website links to point to the new site
  • Registered new social media profiles for the new site, worked on building them
  • Created a new Google Analytics property. It’s recording traffic fine.
  • Added Search Console site, submitted change of address from old subdomain to new site, submitted sitemap and target country. Search Console shows no significant issues. Also added non-www and http versions just in case, although my site is entirely https://www.
  • Updated backlinks on authoritative sites and some other non-spammy sites

Anything I’m missing?

Any idea how long I am likely in the dumps, on average? Could this be a permanent demotion from moving away from the trusted domain?

How long before new adgroups see impressions?


If i create a new ad group, how long would it usually take for it to get impressions? An ad group I made has been live for aprrox 24 hours and has seen no impressions so i’m not sure if the bid is too low or Google just hasn’t reviewed it yet.

Also how do you normally decide what your max cpc is when adding a new keyword? I find it hard to deicde the value to input as I have no idea where it will rank for that amount.

He was looking for links

Hello everybody,

Just posting to show you what you should NOT do. On one of my clients website I just moderated the following comment. (by the way it a law website)
I moderate comment spam a lot like everyone by this one is one of a kind.


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Email: *******
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This is the perfect exemple of a comment that will never get approved by anyone…. I hope I don’t have to state all the reasons why.

Blog-posts pages are dominating in search console "Internal Links". Only home-page!

Hi all,

Ours is WordPress website and we have a blog… All the important pages in the website are well linked from top and footer menu. But in our webmasters…internal links section, only homepage is at the top. Blog-posts are others followed by homepage. I wonder why blog pages are dominating our website pages. Please give your suggestions on this. Do you think Google will give more priority for the blog-posts than website pages as they are more linked technically?


Sessions on error page

Hello Guys,

I am getting same kind of errors for all of my websites. I am getting 100+ sessions on /error page from direct source.

Can’t understand it’s like any spam or what. I can’t analysis the traffic where it comes from because it’s showing not set.

How to filter them out. please help. Here is the images of that errors. Please check .

Please help me how to remove this spam from analytics?

What is Wrong With This SEO Client/Ad?

Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the appropriate thread for this but it’s about SEO so I’m putting this here.

I saw this ad on my email about performance-based SEO. I’m not sure what to make of it. I’m sure many of us have SEO clients so I’d like to get your input on "what is wrong with this client/ad?" Or probably I’m the one wrong by thinking that something is wrong with this ad. Here it is:

We would like to hire an SEO specialist who is willing to do SEO where the payments are made in milestones based on performance and not monthly fees. In other words, when our keywords hit certain levels is when we make payments. We will structure the payments so there are larger payments when milestones are hit than if we were paying a monthly fee.

The website is ***.com and the three keywords we are interested in are:

Wireless Sensors

We would propose the following:

All three in the top 50: $500 payment
All three in the top 40: $1,000 payment
All three in the top 30: $2,000 payment
All three in the top 20: $4,000 payment
All three in the top 10: $8,000 payment